11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

Chic Ways to Style Angrakha Outfits. Angrakha outfits have been fashionable since forever. They are exquisite, and they can make any person wearing them look extraordinarily royal. If you are looking to explore the world of desi fashion, then this is a great place to start.

For those of you who have just stumbled upon the concept of what an Angrakha is and are curious to find out what it really is, we have your back! In this article, we are going to cover the background of this royal piece of the garment before we dive into the different ways you can style it.  Keep reading to find out what makes Angrakha so timelessly fashionable.

Latest Angrakha Outfits

There are no limits when it comes to fashion. Angrakha has managed to stay relevant through the different decades of fashion. It is extremely versatile, with both men and women pulling it off effortlessly. Desi fashion is extremely inclusive, and Angrakha is a statement piece that both men and women have worn over the decades. To show you how in love we are with this statement piece, we are going to go over the background of this piece of clothing and cover all the different ways you can style it.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

An angrakha is an asymmetric top with ethnic designs. There is an opening to the front, which is closed by the use of threads and loops. It is a clothing option that is available to all ages of all genders. It looks super cute on younger people and extremely sophisticated on adults. Over the years, different designers have tried their hand at innovating the basic angrakha design without altering its structure, and many have successfully done so. It is available as a kurta that can be worn by both men and women. This piece of clothing, although has its roots in India, has made its way to Pakistan and has gained an astounding level of appreciation from the general public.

Where Did Angrakha Design Come From

The place of origin of Angrakha is the desert state of India, namely Rajasthan. The region’s climate remains hot and dry throughout the year. To keep cool in such harsh weather conditions, the locals designed a light and easy to wear piece of clothing that will allow for ventilation while also protecting them from the sun. This piece of clothing is called an Angrakha. Due to the high intensity of heat, the clothing material used in an Angrakha is usually cotton, which is highly absorbent and can withstand heat.

All genders can wear it, but for those of you who still conform to society’s standards, if you want to make your Angrakha look either more masculine or more feminine, you can differentiate your piece by pairing them with appropriate pieces of clothing. Men, for example, can opt to wear turbans and dhotis with this, whereas women can opt to pair a salwar, churidar pajama, or a lehenga with this. Dupattas also look very elegant with Angrakhas.

Angrakhas can be styled depending on their use. If you plan on getting one for daily use, then a knee-length Angrakha should suffice. However, if it is a collectible and you’ve been meaning to get one for celebrations, then a  frock styled Angrakha should do the job.

What Set Angrakhas Apart From Other Designs

Things inspired by nature have an unmatched beauty. This particular design of clothing is uniquely beautiful for this very reason. Having been inspired by nature, it has the components of the place of its origin. The design usually comes with a tied and dyed cloth, which is embroidered heavily with mirror work. The embroidery patterns are abstract and include different geometrical shapes.

Angrakha is made with bandhani, which is basically tied and dyed cloth. This is achieved by wrapping and tying a string around the cloth to make different shapes and shades on the cloth. There are many different shading styles available that you can choose from. The shaded fabric is then embroidered with abstract patterns to give it a whole new dimension. Mirror work is then added to the cloth to further accentuate the look of the piece of clothing. This fabric is then made into an angrakha by either hand or machine.

Here we have a list of all the ways you can style your angrakhas. Please keep reading to find out how Pakistani celebrities style it to get inspiration.

↓ 11 – Pastel Colored Angrakha

Pakistani blogger Hemayal looks ravishing in this powder blue angrakha by designer Bisma Akbar.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 10 – Ayesha Omar’s Black & White Angrakha

We love how glamorously Ayesha has pulled the Angrakha look off. Black is a colour that never goes out of trend. An added touch of modern style by the use of beads and an embroidered lace in a contrasting color has really made this look pop.

To get this look, get your hands on a piece of cloth of your own choosing. It can be net, cotton, or organza even- like Ayesha chose net for her outfit. This outfit is perfect for festive occasions where you can dress it up with heavy jewelry or dress ut down with dainty earrings.

You can pair this top with a wide-legged trouser or a lehenga styled skirt. We suggest keeping makeup and hair simple with this look. But if you like extra, then that is exactly what you should be doing.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

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↓ 9 – Urwa Hocane Rocking The Angrakha

Wedding season coming up, but you don’t have anything to wear? Looking for an angrakha to rock this festive season? Look no further because this is it! Beautifully embroidered angrakha with heavy embellishments are all you need to glam it up.

We love everything about this outfit. Everything from the tie and dye to the bead embroidery on the angrakha looks perfect. The use of two separate pieces of clothing for the top is a genius idea for those of you wanting to add a whole new dimension to your outfit. The heavily embellished top is paired with a lehenga without embroidery.

This is a perfect balance because when both the top and the bottom are heavily embroidered, it might set off the balance a little bit and ruin your look. The gorgeous dupatta only adds to the look and makes this entire angarkha an outfit most can only wish to have in their wardrobe.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 8 – Off White Glamorous Angrakha

What colour comes to mind when you think about serene? It is white for us. That is exactly what we think about when we look at this dress. If you are looking for an angrakha that is not too over the top with its colors and embroidery, then this is the look for you.

To get this look, make use of white with a light shade of gold. Add a new dimension to the outfit by adding beaded buttons to the angrakha, and you are set. This is a flowy angrakha look that pairs well with everything from trousers to churidar pajamas. If churidar pajamas are not your style, then we would highly suggest you try pairing this look with a sharara. Keep the makeup and hair simple to let your outfit do the talking for you.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

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↓ 7 – Sana Javed Keeping It Classy In An Angrakha

This outfit is definitely a love at first sight for us. The color choice in this angrakha is not very popular and is not commonly seen in stores. This is what made this particular angrakha stand out for us. The color combination is beautiful, and we love how Sana has kept it simple with no heavy embellishments on the dress.

The flowy look of the angarkha and the gorgeous lace on the outlines put the entire look together. If you are looking to get a simple angarkha that is not heavily embellished, then this really is it. This is perfect for a casual day out with friends and can even be worn to a formal event.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 6 – Sajal Killing It In White And Pink Combo Angrakha

We adore a good contrast. This simplistic looking yet so chic angrakha is perfect for all occasions. Tie your hair into a bun with middle-parted hair like Sajal to achieve this look. We love how she has kept it classy with a minimalistic look in angrakha. This is the perfect example of dressing down an outfit. Angrakhas are popular for how royal they look, but this shows that it can also be made to look like your everyday kurta but with an additional dimension.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 5 – Maya Ali In Yellow Angrakha

Yellow is the happiest colour there is. You just can not go wrong with yellow. We love how Maya Ali chose a mustard yellow Angrakha to look like her fabulous self. This is perfect for all you brides to be looking for the perfect Mehandi outfit. This is also perfect for other formal events- like a fancy dinner, for example. Rock a smokey eye with a light lipstick to let your angrakha do the talking for you. This is definitely one for those who really want to be the star of the party. Here are some of the best Maya Ali Outfits.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 4 – The Ever Fashionable Sadaf Kanwal Rocking An Angrakha

Sadaf Kanwal is a Pakistani fashion model who has also tried her hand at acting. She is known for her great fashion sense. We love her in this angrakha which, although it is not heavily embroidered, it seems to be doing its job- which is looking ridiculously fancy. To get this look, you can opt for different cloth options in this peachy shade of pink. Pair the knee-length angrakha with wide-legged trousers and heels to complete the look. The choice of earrings are also great. Less really is more sometimes.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 3 – Zara Noor’s Sheer Elegance

The noor coming out of this picture is unreal. Zara looks like an angel, and we love how well put together everything from her hair to her shoes is. For those of you who like to stick to the originals, this one is for you. This is an ankle-length lightly embroidered angrakha that Zara has paired with a gorgeous flowy dupatta. The colour choice for this angrakha is also great and would well for all formal occasions. Nikkah brides can opt for this angrakha style if they are looking for something that is extremely traditional looking but has a royal touch to it. Slick back hair would look best with this look, but you can also leave your hair open with beachy waves. A red lip and a pair of jhumkas are all you will need to complete the look.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 2 – Royal Angrakhas For The Princess In You

Pink has always been a personal favourite of ours. If you’ve been looking for an angrakha option that is something that is out of the ordinary, this is definitely one you can try replicating. This color combination is a treat to the eyes, and we love how Ayza has paired it with minimalistic jewelry and a light net dupatta to complete the look. Check out our blog about Ways To Wear Traditional Prints in Everyday Outfits.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

↓ 1 – Pakistani Influencers Looking Cute In An Angrakha

Hania Aamir has taken over the Pakistani industry like a storm. She is incredibly talented and incredibly cute. Gaining popularity in such a short time is a great achievement that not many have been able to accomplish. Still, Hania Aamir has stunned the Pakistani crowd and has made a name for herself as a great actor in the industry.

We love everything from the choice of the color of her outfit to how she has paired her angrakha top with a sharara. This is lightly embroidered, but the choice of colors make the entire look pop. Gorgeous traditional earrings and a beautiful flowy dupatta are all the things you need to complete the look. Her pink hair is completely in contrast with her outfit, and that is something that, as people who like to experiment with hair color, stands out to us.

11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers
11 Angrakha Outfits From Pakistani Celebrities Influencers

This is all we have for the Angraka styling list. We hope you enjoyed looking through these as much as we enjoyed collecting these amazing inspiration pictures of stunning Pakistani celebrities for you. Your feedback helps us do better. Please leave comments in the section down below to tell us what you loved most in this fashion article!

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