Tips for Women for Wearing Heels without Pain

Tips for Women for Wearing Heels without Pain


If you are looking for advice on how to wear heels without pain, here the right place. To know how to choose right shoes and avoid typical mistakes, read the article below.


Tips for Women for Wearing Heels – Gain with no Pain


You always look beautiful wearing high heels. The higher, the better. Though you might object: the higher, the harder. Whatever your size is, wearing high heels is not a walk in the park. When practicing this “activity” on the everyday basis with no special knowledge, you may feel pain in ankle and legs. Wearing heels is a sport on one side and art on another. So, let’s look at some tips for shoe-loving women for wearing heels.


Know your size


One of the most common mistakes which many girls do when beginning to wear heels is choosing a wrong size. If you selected too tight shoes, the legs would swell, if too loose, your muscles with hurt.

There is a trick we want to share with you. When doing shoe shopping, do it in the evening when the feet are swollen. Your foot size will change with time. This tip is even more important if you are going to buy some expensive and qualitative pair.


Choose shoes with thick heel on the platform


When choosing the right pair for you, be careful and know your strengths and weaknesses. When just beginning to wear heels, buy shoes with thin heels and on the platform. It gives you a sense of stability and helps to balance on it when walking. Also, avoid thin soles as it can make the feet hurt very much on the bottom.


Take a break


No matter are you experienced in wearing shoes with high heels or just learning how to do it, after a hard working day at work or a college you need to have a rest. By the way, if you need some study help, you can ask for it from So, when you feel tired, do the following:

  • sit or lay down
  • take your shoes off stretch your ankles and toes pointing them down and pulling up
  • do some exercise.

It is recommended to make some breaks every few hours doing these especially if you are wearing heels every day.

Work your way up


Once you have got a pair of your favorite heels, you need to practice walking before wearing them at work or college. To start out pick some not very high heels, then continue with the super-high heels. Keep in mind the thought about good posture that should help you to maintain your health and learn quickly. Remember to stand up straight though it may be hard. Walk confidently with a head up. Begin your practice with slow and small steps raising the pace gradually.


Invest in good shoes

The investment shoe shopping will help avoid you a lot of problems related to feet, for example, a danger of varicose veins. Don’t buy the painful heels if they just look cute or stylish. The investment-worthy heels may even not look brightly or provocatively, but they will help you to build your style. Avoid making cheap and instant purchases as they usually such pieces have nothing to do with comfort and quality.



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