15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

Midi Dress Outfits. Midi dresses are dresses that end halfway between the ankle and the knee. These have been a popular choice of clothing for women all across the world, but if you have just come to know about this gorgeous take on dresses, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out all the ways you can style these beautiful dresses.

Midi dresses have been around for quite some time now. These have been very popular in the west for centuries and has recently gained popularity in the local scene. The great thing about these dresses is that these are appropriate for all occasions and weather. You can rock these during the summer, spring, fall and even the wintertime. The fact that you can dress these up or down makes these dresses all the more desirable. There are many different midi dress styles that you can wear depending on the season and the occasion, so before we get into the details of midi dress celeb inspiration, we want to help you decide the right midi dress for the right occasion. We have gathered everything that you need to know about midi dresses here so you can start your midi-dress journey. Keep reading to explore how you can do that.

How to Style Midi Dress Outfits in Pakistan

Midi dresses are a great piece of clothing to have since they can be styled in more ways than you can count. If you can’t decide on an outfit, you can easily rely on a midi dress to save you from all the trouble and still look your best self. Pakistani celebrities have their way around fashion, which is why we will be including these fashionistas in our list so you can get the fashion inspiration you so need.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

Are you interested in investing in cute midi dresses but don’t know the first thing about them? Well, don’t worry because we have got your back. Before we dive into all the ways you can style your midi dresses, we will give you a few fashion tips that will surely help you put these outfits together hassle-free.

What is a Midi Dress?

A midi dress can end anywhere between your knee and ankles, it should ideally lie just above your mid-calf to make the entire outfit appear more flattering. This creates an illusion of a longer dress and makes your legs look sleeker. The mid-calf part of the leg is the thickest, so we recommend that you end the hem of your dress just above it, or below it so the fabric can distribute evenly and give you that glamorous look you are trying to achieve.

Tips To Style Midi Dresses

There are many ways you can style a midi dress, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few tips in mind before you actually get into it. But before we give you these tips we want you to know what your sense of style is. In our humble opinion, we firmly believe that what works for someone else might not work for you, so it is essential to know what you feel looks good on you. Once you have that figured out, you can move on to these tips that are sure to elevate your style.

  • Heels For The Win: Heels can be a complete lifesaver. Not only do they make the legs look longer than they actually are, but they can also add a sexy vibe to the entire look. If you’re looking to add sleekness to your look, we suggest you choose strappy heels instead of something that looks chunky. Strappy heels tend to give height without the added weight of chunkiness. Midi dresses work great with sleek looking heels. But if you like to experiment with your look, you can try playing around with chunky pieces.
  • Dress Fabric Matters: Dresses are all about getting the right fabric, styled in a way that makes the body look its most flattering self. If you are looking to get a midi dress, we recommend that you look for one in a lighter fabric. Lighter fabrics allow for layered midi dresses that give the dress an airy feel and make it appear more glamorous.
  • Accessorize Your Midi Dress: We love using belts and other accessories to define the waist and make the dress appear flowier than what it would look like without it. If you aim for a midi dress look that makes your waist more defined and gives that airy feel, we would strongly recommend you to incorporate elements such as belts into your midi dress outfits.

Now that we have covered the essential styling tips to keep in mind when styling those gorgeous midi dresses, we want to go over all the celebrity midi dresses; you can take inspiration from. Please keep reading to explore the list of our favourite celebrity, midi dress moments.

We’ll start with our favorite midi dress outfits from our favorite Pakistani bloggers/influencers:

↓ 15  – Modest Midi Dress Outfit

If you feel like Midi dresses can’t be worn modestly, you have to follow Areesha as she styles them effortlessly in a modest way. Here she’s seen looking as elegant as ever in a Midi dress from Pakistani brand Ethnic while she takes a vacation in London.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 14 – How to Style a Floral Midi Dress

Hira looks radiant in this floral print Midi Dress from Generations which she has styled in two different ways here:

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 13 – Desi Midi Dress

Urooj’s modest midi dress outfit as she has paired it with a white dupatta and trouser, a perfect look for work as well as casual get-togethers.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 12 – Vacation Outfit

And the Pakistani Boss Babe, Safaa who is often seen in Midi dresses on her trips and makes us want to get on a plane ASAP!

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

If you enjoyed the above looks, don’t forget to follow these Top 10 Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. Now, let’s look at how our Pakistani celebrities style Midi dresses.

↓ 11 – Zoya Nasir in Floral Midi Dress for her Engagement

Recently the talented Pakistani actress, Zoya Nasir, got engaged to vlogger Christian Betzmann and she was seen wearing a beautiful midi dress in Thailand for the occasion.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 10 – Black Midi Dress Inspiration

Black is the one colour that will never go out of fashion. We love how Armeena has styled this beautiful midi dress. The crisscrossed top part of this dress is wrapped tightly, while the bottom part of the dress sits straight making it perfect for a formal night out.

The length of this midi dress is ideal for all formal or semi-formal occasions. A dress as elegantly simple as this can either be dressed up or dressed down, so you don’t have to worry about looking too “simple” if there even was such a thing.

To get this look get your hands on a flattering black fabric, designing it into a dress that on the surface looks like it has separates but is in actuality joined at the center. Pair the look with dangly earrings and strappy heels to complete the look.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 9 – Midi Dress For Date Night

Mehwish looks like a vision in this gorgeous black midi dress. The beautiful net around the arms gives such elegantly sleek vibes. But the thing that really pulled the entire look together is the beautifully done hair with long chunky earrings- that seems to be riding high in the trend department. Minimalistic makeup look with glossy, shiny heels made this look pop.

To glam up the ramp like Mehwish, we would highly recommend you pay attention to the little things. This is one of our favourite glam night looks and if you’re looking for a midi dress look to take inspiration from you don’t need to look any further!

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 8 – Glamorous Midi Dress

Doesn’t Mahira look like an absolute beauty? We love everything from the choice of colour to the make of the dress to how she has styled it. Mahira is a fashion icon that many look up to. Her fashion sense can be best described by words like simplistic, elegant and minimalistic. She likes to keep the makeup look natural while making use of colours as necessary.

This beautiful night-blueish midi dress is definitely one of our favourites. We love how the shimmery goodness is balanced out by a very simplistic makeup and a no jewellery look. She has paired the outfit with gorgeous Mary Janes to pull the look together. If Mahira’s fashion sense speaks to you, we would highly recommend you take inspiration from her fashion motto. This dress is perfect for a fancy night out with the ladies.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 7 – Midi Dress For Daywear

Mawra is an absolute fashionista. She has made a name for herself in the industry in such a short period of time, and we are proud of the gorgeous fashionista she has evolved into. Pakistani celebrities have really made a mark for themselves in the Pakistani fashion scene. Mawra can usually be seen serving looks on Instagram with her gorgeous traditional and western dresses.

This summer dress is a gorgeous blue shade that will stand out in any fashion or non-fashion setting. Confused about what to wear because you’re not entirely sure what the flow of the event is? A dress like this that stands in the middle of formal and informal dresses can really come handy in situations like that. Mawra is a queen, and we love how she is getting the attention she so truly deserves from the fashion world.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 6 – Bodycon Midi Dress

Red is a head-turner, and so is our very own Ushna Shah. This tremendously talented woman has made a mark for herself in the Pakistani drama industry as being a versatile actor. We love how her outfits are a depiction of her true self- bold and beautiful.

This talented young woman does not hold back from speaking her truth, and we absolutely love how her fashion statements are in line with her true personality. Understanding and owning your true self is crucial when it comes to fashion, and Ushna gets that! If that is something that you resonate with, then we don’t doubt that this dress is something that you would like to get your hands on.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 5 – Cute Printed Midi dress

Iqra Aziz is the sweetheart of the Pakistani drama industry. She likes to experiment with her hair as well as her looks. This clearly shows that this woman is not one for monotony in life. We love this long flowy midi dress which has been tied in the middle with a belt. Belts can really define loose dresses and can add a whole new dimension to the outfit.

We love how she has played with different colours in her outfit while keeping her hair up. A simple watch and neutral coloured heels have really pulled the look together. You should also check out the Journey & Transformation Of Iqra Aziz.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 4 – Sass It Up Like The Lollywood Queen

Saba Qamar is not only known for her out-of-this-world amazing acting skills, but she has also has an amazing sense of style. When it comes to looking for dress inspiration, it would be a sin leaving Saba Qamar’s sense of style out of the list. This gorgeous woman makes everything look good. She doesn’t shy away from trying on new styles and experimenting with different clothing. We love this interesting take on a midi dress styling.

She has opted for a silk midi dress in a gorgeous blue shade and paired the look with leather boots. We love how she chose boots instead of heels for this look because the boots alone have added character to the entire look. We are absolutely stunned by this woman’s talents. We would definitely recommend you to follow her on Instagram for the freshest trends on the block!

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 3 – Midi Dress For Formal Events

This actor-model has always stunned us with her fabulous sense of style. If there is one Pakistani celebrity that you can rely on to serve looks, it is Sadaf Kanwal. Here she can be seen rocking a gorgeous neon slit midi dress, with a black satin bow in the middle to add a new dimension to the look. If you are looking for something simple that would glam you up for the night, then this is the dress for you!

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 2 – Perfect Night-Out Midi Dress

We don’t know about you but if there were one wardrobe that we would like to get our hands on it would definitely be Ayesha Omar’s. If we are talking about fashion and dresses, we have to include Ayesha Omar because we don’t think it would be fair to exclude the queen herself from the discussion.

Ayesha Omar likes to experiment with all kinds of looks. She is notorious for glamming things up for the gram, so if you look for everyday style inspiration, we definitely think you should look the queen of fashion up.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

↓ 1 – Glam It Up Like Maya

Maya looks like such a doll in this smocked midi dress. We love everything from the colour of this dress to the way it flows so flawlessly. Maya’s personality is more on the bubbly side where everything is all rainbows and unicorns, but that does not mean she can look like a glamorous woman straight out of the 60s. If this sense of style speaks to you, we highly recommend scrolling through her Instagram to get the midi dress inspiration you need. Considering her impeccable style, I highly recommend that you go through our collection of the best ever Maya Ali Outfits.

15 Best Midi Dresses of Pakistani Celebrities & Influencers

We love everything fashion and dresses that are close to our hearts because what can be more versatile than dresses? If you ask us, there is no other piece of clothing that can make you appear as flattering as dresses do. We hope we were able to bring you all the attention you came here seeking. Your feedback helps us grow. Please don’t shy away from letting us know what you think about this blog. Leave a comment in the comment section below, and we shall get back to you. Till then, we wish you happy midi-dress shopping!

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