13 Pro Secrets to Sweat-Proofing Your Summer Makeup

Keep Your Makeup Sweat-Proof. Your wardrobe are not the only thing that needs a change when the temperatures rise. Summer is full of beautiful things — but melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and sticky lipstick are not among them.

Every summer, women rush to their computer screens to search for how to avoid getting their makeup messed up in the heat. And often, it is hard to find all the great tips in one place. So, we asked top makeup artists to spill their best tips for keeping makeup looking fresh and pretty, even when the weather was working against you and compiled them all together here in this article only for you. These tips will keep you looking fresh no matter how much heat or sun you encounter. You will be left with makeup as fresh as the second you applied it till nightfall.

 The Best Summer Makeup Hacks

Don’t worry about messy and cakey makeup anymore as all your summer worries are about to be taken care of. Just keep reading on to find out everything you need to get the ultimate look you need without causing perspiration to shine through and ruin the whole show because we want dewy, not sweaty!

13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup

↓ 13 – Start with the Proper Base

The way you tend to your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply to it. Make sure the soaps and face washes you use are free from harmful chemicals and suited for your skin type. Don’t use a highly drying formula multiple times a day, especially if you have oily skin. This will make your oil glands release extra oil to fix the dryness, and the point of using a drying face wash will diminish. Makeup artist Fiona Stiles says tha you should always use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning, adding that you should go for an oil-free foundation formula to match. Make sure you use sunscreen or unblocking cream to protect your face from all those harmful UV rays. Putting on a layer of foundation does not prevent those rays from reaching your face. Some foundations come with UV protection, but its always safer and better to apply a flyer of sunscreen before you use any other makeup, for double protection.

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↓ 12 – Invest in an Effective Primer

You won’t grief the few minutes it takes to apply a primer, which goes on after moisturizer but before foundation. Primers are definitely what you need in summer, says NYC-based makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff. Although they’re an additional layer, they don’t feel like it at all and help hold makeup in place. Primers help lock in your makeup and keep it from slipping while also getting a soft base ready so your foundation doesn’t crack or appear cakey.

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↓11 – Let Bronzers do the Magic!

Bronzer can make your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter — everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin, says NYC-based makeup artist Troy Surratt. To keep the results looking natural, he recommends applying bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun automatically hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. Covering every part of your face is what gives you that fake baked look. Powder bronzers are the simple to apply; look for one with varying shades — they’ll blend for the most natural-looking results. You can also dab a little bronzer onto your neck and earlobes if you have short hair or are wearing a pony­tail.

13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup


↓ 10 – Keep Things Light & Neat

Less is the key when it comes to keeping your makeup from creasing and caking. Stile says that it is better to use a tinted moisturizer and a concealer where you need it. Makeup likes to shift when it’s hot, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it. Nowadays, no-makeup makeup looks are trending anyway, so this is your chance. All you’ll need to do is enhance your natural beauty and let the rest go. Caking up your face with ten layers of foundation or five layers of concealer never did anyone any good. Keep the blush to a minimum as well as the heat will give you a natural redness to the face soon after you leave your house. Lighter and fresher lipstick shades look great in the summer, so go for light pinks and browns. Try to avoid using eyeliner as that’s the one makeup product that tends to make the biggest mess during summers.

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↓ 9 – Skip the Shimmer

Everyone loves a subtle dewy glow, but there’s a big difference between a healthy radiance and an excessive shine. Avoid cream foundations or anything too gleaming, as the humidity will make you shinier and sweaty-looking if your skin is glistening too much, warns Stiles. You should only use a little bit of highlighter on your cheekbones as using a lot will only make things worse later on. It would be ideal to avoid using any highlighter at all if you’re planning on being in the sun. If you’re going to a barbeque or a music festival like Coachella, then don’t use any highlighter as the sun and sweat will make your face glowy naturally within minutes. Go for matte foundations than dewy finish foundations so you can hold off the shiny look for a while. If you use a dewy foundation, to begin with, you’ll end up with crazy shine by the end of the day.

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↓ 8 – Go Sheer!

Surratt says that deep colors are nice, but they can appear too heavy in summers. To soften up your look, switch to sheer versions of your reliable lip and eye colors. Pre apply your lipliner if you need extra definition but go for a nude shade to keep that simple look, or try “invisible” lipliner, which deposits a clear, waxy film to stop the color from bleeding. The bonus to sheer colors is that they are subtler, so you can almost never go overboard. You can also invest in a sheer foundation, especially if you have naturally clear skin. Get a low coverage foundation or trade-in BB cream as a foundation to even out your skin tone and texture. This will prevent your skin from appearing cakey and also give you a simple and uniform finish.

13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup


↓ 7 – Give your Eye Shadow Power to Stay

For longer-lasting shadow, don’t use eye cream on your lids as it can break down makeup, and put on an eye primer instead. Seattle-based makeup artist Sharona Schweitzer says that the eye primer minimizes creasing and creates a base for the shadow to cling to. For the ultimate all-day wearability, layer a powder over a cream. Doubling up works for the liner, too. Schweitzer tells you to apply your regular pencil or cream eyeliner, then use a small cut brush to press dark shadow over the eyeliner to set it for longer wear. The powder will reduce the moisture in the cream and prevent cracks and unwanted creases. Make sure your eyelids are as moisturized the rest of your face as well, as dry lids can crease very easily. A primer can help you with that. A foundation or cream base will cause cracks to appear in your eye shadow that no one wants, so avoid your lids while applying foundation. Or just apply it after you’re done with your eye makeup as most beauty gurus do.

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↓ 6 – Forget the Powder Blush

Blush adds balance and life to any look, but if you’re still using the same powdery formula, your flush might be getting cakey faster than it takes to get out of the house in the morning. According to Stiles, stains are great for longevity in hot weather. She instructs to use a gel or blush stain, then blends a touch of cream blush on top of it. Want to increase its wear? Dust a light, invisible setting powder over it. Just be sure not to get too extra; you want to lock your look, not mattify it. You also avoid creases in your foundation by not using a powder blush. A cheek tint might be your best option, especially if you’re going for a dewy look that is natural and slightly matte at the same time. Cream blushes are also a great option if you’re looking for a long-lasting effect, which is often necessary as makeup gets runny in summers.

13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup


↓ 5 – Stop Unwanted Shine and Add Glow

To eliminate unsightly shine in seconds, nothing is better than blotting papers. Follow up your blotting with a pressed powder that has a hint of luminescence as, according to Surratt, you want to get rid of shine but still want to look glowy in the summers. The matte-r you go, the more shine you’ll end up producing. When you over dry your skin and makeup, your brain alerts your oil glands to produce extra oil to compensate and keep your skin from getting too dry. This leads to increased oily skin and hence runny makeup. So dab and don’t wipe. Dabbing way at the sweat and oil allows enough moisture to remain on the skin that it doesn’t feel the need to make more.

Summer Lipstick


↓ 4 – Swap Out Thick Lipsticks

Get rid of your heavy matte or shiny lipsticks for the summer and try this season’s prettiest trend: stains. These long-lasting formulas offer light coverage that can be built up, making them super versatile. Stile says that stains are lovely because you can always add a lip balm to add moisture without worrying about the color traveling. Try light pink or peach shades for a summery look, or go bold with grape colors for something more daring.

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13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup


↓ 3 – Wade into Waterproof

Love to swim? Don’t worry about getting crazy raccoon eyes — there are lots of amazing beauty products out there these days that can help. Stiles advises to invest in a good waterproof mascara, or if you’re blonde, get your eyelashes tinted. Even if you do not hope to take a dip in a pool or at the beach, it’s safer to use waterproof makeup to combat against sweat and maybe even tears!

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↓ 2 – Setting Spray Will Be Your New Bestie

If you don’t own or have never used a setting spray before, we only have one question. What are you doing, girl!? Setting sprays and setting powders are the ultimate holy grail product that keeps your makeup in place and lets you shine your way through life without having to worry about your make running off. Setting sprays are ideal as they are easy to put on and you can never overdo it. Just hold the spray bottle around 6 to 8 inches away from your face and do a few quick sprays while moving the bottle in such a way that the spray covers your whole face. This will help lock your makeup in place. If you think sprays don’t work well for you, you can also try out some setting powders. They’re just as effective but slightly harder to apply as you’ll have to make sure you’re using the right burhs. Use a big fluffy brush you only apply the powder, and not take off any makeup from random spots.

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↓ 1 – Keep Touch Up Items in your purse

Never look oily in a picture again by staying prepared with products that are so perfect for carrying in your purse. Every person who does makeup knows that having pocket-sized products to freshen up your look is absolutely necessary. Stiles advises everyone to carry blotting papers as they’re great at whisking away sweat and oil without piling more products. Blotting papers are something you MUST keep in your purse. You can also keep a few necessary items like face powder, mascara, and lipstick in your bag using a small makeup bag, so you can do a quick touch up in the lady’s room and get instantly freshened up.

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13 Pro Secrets to Sweat Proofing Your Summer Makeup


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