18 Short Dashiki Dresses For Plus Size Women To Wear In 2022

Dashiki Dresses For Plus Size Women. Dashiki, traditional wear, is a great way to get your groove on. You can wear them with anything and on any occasion. Dashiki outfits are well-known for their vivid colors. These fabrics depict African culture and tradition. But they are everywhere, from celeb shows to red carpets.

Moreover, Dashiki clothing is much more than a statement piece. The Dashikis have an unbelievable feel and are extremely wide, making them ideal for summer. But It’s also a good choice for fall as it is easy to combine with other types of clothing. It can be worn in so many diverse contexts, so there are almost no restrictions on what kind of pants or skirts you can cross-dress with the Dashiki. With these lovely dashiki outfits for plus-size women, you can flaunt your curves.

How To Flatter Your Dashiki With Your Curves?

Being fashionable and stylish is not just for slim and skinny women. Being self-assured is essential for looking smart. Here is a selection of dashiki dresses that will flatter your curves. The list below can serve as a source of inspiration for you.

dashiki dress for plus size women

Tips To Style Short Dashiki Dress

Dashiki dresses are appropriate for almost any occasion. You can wear dashiki dresses as a couple or with your family at any other formal event. Dashiki shirts suit plus-size women perfectly, whether it’s a school holiday or a business meeting. In either case, they are appropriate for any occasion or daily wear. However, following some of the tips listed below will assist you in rocking your dashiki short dress.

  • It is best to keep your accessories to a minimum when wearing a Dashiki.
  • Simple sandals in a solid color or metallic work best dashiki dress.
  • If the colour scheme of your dashiki short is muted, you can accessorise with a variety of cosmetics and jewellery.
  • Make sure the colours of your dashiki don’t overlap when wearing it with a skirt or pants.
  • If you choose an inward flowy stipes dashiki dress, it will make your waistline appear slimmer.
  • It is best to choose bold prints for a plus size dashiki dress. When tiny prints are worn by plus size women , they usually disappear.

18 – Short Dashiki Dress For Plus Size Women

The traditional dress concept is heavily influenced by this simple, short, and stylish blue dashiki dress. This dress is extremely flattering, and the half sleeves allow you to experiment with various wrist accessories. You can also keep your look as simple as shown in the image because the colors of this Dashiki are vibrant enough to catch the crowd’s eye.  Don’t you think that this dress will be perfect for your next road trip or dinner date?

17 – Latest Dashiki Dress Style

This figure-hugging dress is a variation in the dashiki dress style, famous for formal wear throughout Africa. It is also appropriate to wear to social gatherings, church, and, in general, to work. This dashiki dress is a self-statement because it is an easy go-to if you want to make a statement about your affinity for the dashiki look.

16 – Modern Short Dashiki Dress

Plus-size women can look gorgeous and fantastic in a dashiki Wrap Denim Dress. The half denim, half dashiki print look great together. Nude heels with matching statement earrings are a worthy addition. Go ahead and rock your favorite and most fashionable dashiki dress.

15 – Hooded Dashiki Shirt For Plus Size Women

This hooded shirt is one of the best short dashiki outfits for women. The shirt is ideal for various weather conditions due to its light fabric. It pairs well with a trench coat or jacket for a casual yet stylish look.

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14 – Lush Pals In Dashiki Dress

Dashiki mini dresses are a sophisticated take on the fabric suitable for everyday wear. As these buddies are rocking together, the most common way for women to rock the Dashiki is in a mini dress. Moreover, it is a perfect way to color coordinate with your family to make the perfect family photo. This short dashiki dress for plus-size women is the best way to express African culture.

13- Mini Dress Style Dashiki

This is the most basic way to wear a dashiki. Wearing the dashiki top as a dress or simply shaping the top as a dress has made it popular for beachwear. As an additional accessory, the lady opted for a minimalist white pair of stylish sandals and a beautiful jewelry headpiece, which she is still rocking.

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12 – Kaftan Dashiki Top

This mini kaftan Dashiki top is stunning. The elastic is performing two fantastic functions; the dress fits perfectly to the body, regardless of size, and makes it so simple to chuck on, irrespective of the situation. Moreover, you can style it with a pair of pants or any other bottom you like.

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11 – Full Sleeves Pencil Dashiki Dress

Long sleeves are featured on the most recent Dashiki styles. They are appropriate for cooler climates or as a fashion statement. With this elegant full sleeves short dashiki dress, you can highlight your strengths by drawing attention away from your weight. Choose a straight-fitting number to give your body the recognition it deserves.

10 – Dashiki Top With Denim Shorts

This Dashiki for women can make any woman look adorable, regardless of her appearance. Dashiki’s bright color emphasizes its traditional appearance. This simple dashiki dress is a must-have for any summer festival. Whether you’re curvy or skinny, there’s a dashiki for you.

9 – Flaunt Curves With Dashiki Dress

If you have curves, don’t be afraid to show them off! These days, many curvy women have embraced their bodies and are doing magic with them regarding fashion. This Dashiki shirt design is meant for women who aren’t afraid of flaunting their curves with cloth designs. In this Dashiki shirt dress, the plus-size lady exudes fashion and style.

8 – Vibrant Bodycone Dashiki Dress

Be chic and casual with this dashiki dress. It is simple and well-fitting to the body and hugs the curves and also ideal for holidays, reunions, outdoor parties, or simply a pleasant day out with friends. It is suitable for wearing anywhere.


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7- Traditional Dashiki Dress

If you want a more casual and comfortable look, just put on your dashiki T-shirt. A t-shirt dress is a cute simple option for summer weekends and beach days. Slip one on and wear it with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals.

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6 – Kaftan Style Dashiki Dress

This kaftan dress is ideal for women who prefer a simple modern casual look. It is a perfect fit for everyday dressing, wearing at home, or traveling. You can dress it up with your favorite accessories. This blue Dashiki Kaftan dress is designed to make you stand out. This beautiful and lively kaftan dress will add a vibrant pop of color to your closet.

5- Modern Short Dashiki Dress

Show off your hourglass curves in a unique summer mini dress with a matching Dashiki printed belt tied around the waist. The Dashiki shirt dress is designed to be just short enough to be both decent and alluring. You can wear this dress to demonstrate your style and attitude.

4 – Be A Mesmerising Queen

You probably want to attend a party in a dress that is simple, decent, but dramatic enough to draw attention; the queen’s style is ideal. This bright yellow elegant and sophisticated dress, paired with traditional African jewelry, is unquestionably stealing the show. How beautifully these jewelry pieces complement the dress while balancing the focus on your frame!

3- Latest Dashiki Dress Styles

Nothing beats a pair of fitted faux leather pants paired with a pretty off-the-shoulder top, showing off some skin in a flattering way. Begin a casual look with a couple of straight-leg pants that lengthen your lower half. An off-the-shoulder dashiki top flatters curvy figures, while a vibrant print and half sleeves attract attention upward and help smooth your proportions.

2 – Going Out On The Town

Women wear these latest Dashiki styles without skirts or trousers. They are usually at least knee-length or longer. They are free dresses that you slip on and pair with sandals, flip-flops, or sneakers to go. Stay comfortable while looking stunning in a pretty print dashiki short shirt.

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1- A Stunning Sundress

A fit-and-flare dress defines your figure, while a lovely print and fresh color palette add lovely feminine touches. The gorgeous pink striped sandals are suitable for a day out. The dress is also ideal for any occasion. You can wear it to casual events such as an outdoor picnic or a social gathering.


Q: Why do people dress in Dashiki?

Ans: The Dashiki has evolved from its Yoruba male working shirt origins to a fashionable celebration of African heritage for both men and women. Dashiki, however, has become popular worldwide and is worn by people from various cultures. It is now also worn as casual attire and is quite fashionable. They are great for everyday wear because they provide both comfort and style.

Q: Is Dashiki dress on the rise?

Ans: Although many African dresses have gained popularity, the Dashiki remains the all-time worldwide preferred choice for various reasons. During the summer, it is a light garment that is very comfortable and airy. Dashiki outfits are available in unisex sizes and styles and can thus be worn by anyone. This stylish apparel originated several centuries ago, but it is still popular and many designers.

Q: What Dashiki styles are available?

Ans: Dashiki dresses are available in two styles. One of these is the dashiki suit, consisting of a shirt, Sokoto pants, and a brimless cap. The other is a robe, also known as a kaftan. It comes in a variety of lengths and designs.

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