Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women – With Price

Wig Brands For African Americans. Gorgeous and stunning wigs are the new trend of 2021. People who are not exactly fond of their natural hair always have the option of buying an equally flawless wig for themselves. Wigs help our gorgeous sisters look even more perfect and love themselves further. So brace yourself – all the classy African American ladies, because we are about to reveal the top best wig brands for you.

Have a look at the top 10 best wig brands for African Americans so that you never have to meet a bad hair day. These brands sell absolutely gorgeous wigs for all, and you will surely be able to buy a wig that will best match your looks. So, get ready to look beautiful!

What are the Best Wig Brands For Black Women?

Although the need to wear wigs for black women began when they were prosecuted for not having perfectly straight or wavy hair, today, the community has taken this tradition and turned it into something empowering. Wigs are a big part of the beauty routines of many black women. Whether it is due to choice or necessity, wigs have always been a part of black beauty culture. Hence, it is pertinent that African American women have access to the best hair brands out there so they can decide where to buy their wigs from with ease. This is why we have compiled this comprehensive list to expose you to the top 10 wig brands for African American women.

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

How did we decide:

We’ve ranked these Top 10 Black-Owned Wig Brands based on their popularity, user reviews, and Instagram followers:

10 – Conscious Curls Hair

9 – Vivica Fox Hair Collection

8 – Motown Tress

7 – Latched and Hooked

6 – Kinkistry

5 – Outre

4 – Janet Collection

3 – Heat Free Hair

2 – Mayvenn Hair

1 – Wig Dealer

↓ 10 – Conscious Curls Hair

About: Conscious Curls Hair is also one epic wig brand that all African Americans will love. With their sexy and stunning wig styles, they have captured so many great customers. Check out some of the mind-blowing wig styles for all the fabulous ladies out there, and never again will you be facing a bad hair day when you are off to a party!

Conscious Curls Hair allows you to browse through their wigs by texture, so you can search up exactly what kind of hair you want. This allows you to try out different kinds of hairdos or stick to the one you are most comfortable with, with ease. They also have sales on their website from time to time, which can be great if you want a good quality wig but do not want to spend crazy amounts of money on it.

Best Seller: Quick Crown – Power, $275. 

Price Range: $100 – $300

Instagram: consciouscurlshair

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 9 – Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection 

About: Vivica A. Fox – as the name sounds, is one of the most fabulous wig brands out there. Vivica A. Fox is a well-known actress who took it upon herself to make a brand that provided women of color, especially black women, with high-quality wigs that they could use for any occasion. The brand has been built in collaboration with  Amekor Industries that have been in the wig manufacturing industries since 1979, which proves the level of quality.

Check out the catchy and fascinating wig styles below to give all African American ladies a glowy and brand new look. The website has a special style finder tab that allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want in your products so that you can get a wig designed only for you!

Must-Have: Amelia 21″ LAYERED LOOSE BODY WAVE W/SIDE INVISIBLE PART (only available in stores all across the United States. Store locater can be accessed on the website.)

Price Range: $25 – $70

Instagram: vivicafoxhair

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 8 – Motown Tress

About: Motown Tress is another unique wig brand that you should keep an eye out for. They, too, have a very sexy range of wig styles that all women are awestruck by! Check out their very gorgeous and very diverse range of wig styles that will look best on you.

They have real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, giving their buyers an option to opt for what they want. They offer hundreds of different styles and colors for their wigs. The wigs are produced with intricate detail, which allows them to be of high quality.

Check out these 18 Latest African Fashion Styles 2019.

Best Seller: Human Hair Wig H. Volta By Motown Tress, $34.99. 

Price Range: $11 – $60

Instagram: motowntress

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 7 – Latched and Hooked

About: Latched and Hooked is a brand owned by women of color alone. The wigs are made with synthetic fibers but give the feel of real hair. Hence they are ideal for those that might feel that wearing someone else’s hair is a little creepy. It was founded by Tiffini Gatlin, who worked in a bank before she decided to start her own business. Tiffini has managed to create this brand with her utmost hard work and a lot of research in the field. Hence it is without a doubt that the quality of her products is top-notch.

This wig brand is also bound to make your heart stop with its dainty variety of wigs. If you wish to buy these crazy wig styles, then go straight to this website! Check their phenomenal plaited African hairdo wig for ladies who are still a bit attached to their culture.

Best Seller: THE EVERYDAY WIG, $99.

Price Range: $60 – $100

Instagram: latchednhooked

Their everyday wig is pictured below, and we must say it looks ravishing and completely natural!

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 6 – Kinkistry

About: Kinkistry is also one of the world’s best wig brands that awe so many African American ladies everywhere. At Kinkistry, they believe that all women deserve the best hair. Founder Angela Fite says that as the black community spends 9 times more on hair products than other communities, it is essential, they get the best quality and at affordable prices. Hence Kinkistry is the best brand for you!

You can shop for not only wigs but also clip-ins and closures to give you whatever look you desire. Whether it is adding more volume to your natural hair or getting a new hair look altogether, Kinkistry is your best bet!

Best Seller: Kurlgenics LACE FRONT Wig, $350 – $475.

Price Range: $275 – $500

Instagram: kinkistry

This stylish and impeccable wig style will be best suited for teenage girls because it really brings out a youthful look on a person!

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 5 – Outre

About: Outre has been in the wig-making business for over 4 decades. Hence they are pros at manufacturing these hairpieces. They sell basic and traditional pieces as well as intricate designs. Outre is the kind of wig brand where you will find a whole lot of modern wig styles. From simple styles to long weaves, all options are present.

And from blonde to brown to black – a variety which is good because all African American women prefer different hair colors. So, here you will have a lot of chances to get a wig that you really be able to pull off. You can find wigs of all lengths on their website as well, allowing you to try out different looks before you decide to settle on one. They even have wigs with streaks and ombre hair colors. The possibilities are endless!

Best Seller: Soleil

Price Range: $15 – $65

Instagram: outre_hair

Check out this straight, slender, and gorgeous long wig style!

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 4 – Janet Collection

About: Janet Collection is owned by Beauty Plus, who have been in the wig-making business since 1991. They produce synthetic as well as human hair wigs and have many loyal customers worldwide. They have sellers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

Janet Collection is also the one wig brand that you have got to remember as it is loved by thousands around the gobe. They have fabulous wig styles for women with diverse tastes and a great range of wig styles including straight, curly, wavy, bob, long, and many more. Check out the fascinating wig style below, and if you want to see more, then go to their website to browse wigs online from Janet Collection.


Price Range: $25 – $60

Instagram: janetcollection

This synthetic wig looks a lot better than many people’s natural hair!

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 3 – Heat Free Hair

About: Heat Free Hair is another amazing wig brand that is swarming with stylish and appealing wig styles for all. And surely, African Americans can find a wig style most suitable to their taste. Since 2012 the brand has been working endlessly to provide wigs that give the most natural feel. The brand started once Ngozi Opara realized that even though going natural often meant living with what you were given, adding in a little volume in the form of natural hair extensions and clip-ins were also part of the same ideal. She believed that going natural didn’t mean not enhancing your natural beauty and feeling good about yourself.

Soon the extension brands also started selling wigs when they realized that some women like to see a different look on themselves without committing to a new hairstyle. Hence women could try out different hair cuts and colors without destroying their natural hair with endless products. This is why they produce the most natural-looking wigs that make you look flawless! We know these mesmerizing wigs from Heat Free Hair seem a tad expensive, but they surely will be worthy of your money and end up giving you a one of a kind style.

Best Seller:  “FLO” WIG, $399. 

Price Range: $249 – $849

Instagram: heatfreehair

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 2 – Mayvenn Hair

About: The brand was founded by Diishan Imira. Mayveen was started when Diishan noticed that his mother and aunts were spending a lot of money on hair such as extensions and wigs but were all produced by white folk. He hence decided that if the black community is spending so much money on synthetic hair, then they should also be the one producing them. Hence Mayvenn was born.

Today, Mayvenn Hair is a stunning and authentic wig brand that is loved by so many African Americans out there. This brand has been a blessing for so many women with cherishable looks, beauty, and a sense of poise. That is why it’s loved and preferred by all.

Best Seller: VIRGIN BRAZILIAN LOOSE WAVE 360 WIG, $135.99. 

Price Range: $100.99 – 195.99

Instagram: mayvennhair

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Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

↓ 1 – Wig Dealer

About: Wig Dealer is surely the most modern and sensual brand when it comes to hair. And their wig collection is even better. Check out some of the top best wig styles from Wig Dealer that are bound to take your breath away. They provide affordable wigs for beginners so that you do not waste money if you end up not liking how wearing a wig feels. However, this does not mean that their products are of low quality.

With the highest number of Instagram followers, raving reviews online, and tried and tested high-quality products, Wig Dealer has made its name in the hair product world due to its immense hard work. There are several YouTube reviews that sing the praises of the brand. You can easily find these reviews with a single search and find out for yourself why this is the brand placed at number 1 on our list!


Price Range: $150 – $300

Instagram: wigdealer

Top 10 Wig Brands for African American Women - With Price

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you make a wig with 2 bundles?

A. Usually, wigs are made out of 3 or 4 bundles, but if you are someone who wears between 8 and 18 inches, you can make a complete wig out of two bundles easily. You can use lace closures or a simple closure to bring it all together.

Q. What is the best density for a wig?

A. The best density is 120%, so make sure that you look at a wig’s density level before you buy it. You should also consult with your hairstylist before making the decision, as best density levels usually vary with each person. However, 120% is usually the best level that you can go for!

Q. What is Remy hair?

A. Remy means that the hair is unprocessed and completely unused. Remy hair is usually the most high quality and best to buy if you want a natural look that helps you look flawless!


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