Belt Outfits For Women-20 Tips On Wearing Outfits with Belts

Trending Belt Outfits For Women. Ladies of the 21st century have grown out to be very conscious about their outfits. They want to and have to look their best. At such times, a belt comes to the rescue. It is that one addition that completely changes the way you are looking. Moreover, belts are the one accessory that can either make or break your look. If you wear it properly it makes you look like someone with great fashion sense. However, things can go wrong pretty easily making you look like a disaster.

A belt transforms a boring or dull outfit within seconds. As soon as it hugs your waistline, gives your body some shape, and accents your curves you can immediately feel the difference. Certainly, it serves the same purpose as that of a period at the end of a sentence. You look classy, glamorous, out-going, confident, and whatnot. As you step in front of the mirror in a belt outfit you are stunned. It is not only you but everyone else also who gets a glimpse of yours.

How to Wear Outfits with Belts?

Previously belts were only worn to serve practical purposes like holding baggy or loose clothes. But now there is a lot more to it. From statement buckle belts to woven ones, it uplifts the fashion game of a woman. Furthermore, With time many influencers and celebrities have started including belts in their daily outfits and have brought them back to life.

Belt outfits for the ladies should be a go-to option now. It is not only handy but also makes any casual dress fabulous within seconds of wearing it. Surely, it is one of the most resourceful accessories that you can pair with almost anything. Be it your casual jeans or your favorite jumpsuit, it brings everything together and gives a sense of sophistication.

Belt Outfit for Women

Tips and Tricks to Accessories Outfits with Belts like a Stylist

  • Get a Versatile Belt: Foremost buy an all-rounder belt, one which goes with most of the dresses you own. This lets you get the most out of this accessory. Undoubtedly, a classic belt is the best option. Either it is black or brown, it will go a long way. The simplicity of the belt allows it to be used on multiple occasions without giving the feeling of repetition.   
  • Choose the Perfect Dress: Certainly, belts can be paired with almost anything. But, some clothing items are like a match made in heaven. Shirt dresses, fit and flare dresses, and maxi dresses are the three best options that you may style with a belt to accentuate its beauty. 
  • Buy the Best Fitting Belt: There are various reasons to add a belt to your wardrobe. It gives shape to your waistline, upgrades your look, and allows a dress to fit perfectly, etc. Though all this is possible only when a belt fits you flawlessly. Know that the size of a belt worn over the pants is 2-3 inches larger than the one you wear on the waist.  
  • Go for a Different Color: In previous times belts used to be of the same color as the dress is now far gone. They are an addition to your outfit that deserves separate attention. When the color is contrasting to the attire it makes you and your belt outfit stand out in a gathering. 
  • Store it with Great Care: Unquestionably, belts are an item of frequent use and tend to wear out fast. They need utmost care to last a long time. Clean them with a wet wipe and dry them completely before storing them away from the sunlight.  

↓ 20 – Belt Outfit Like The Boss Lady

Michelle Obama is known for her great dressing sense and statement looks. Being the center of attention she had the responsibility of looking the best and she never let go of one. Undoubtedly, her striking solid purple outfit with a big buckle belt left everyone in awe. The bold choice represented her strong and determined personality.

Belt Outfits For Women



↓ 19 – Classic Way to Rock a Belt Outfit

Belt with basic pants and shirt is the best combo to exist in the fashion world. Surely, a belt is a necessity when it comes to pairing it with classic pants. Certainly, it completes the look and makes you look smart within no time. It is a go-to outfit that you can wear almost anywhere. Be it going for groceries or a school meeting. Also, have a look at All White Business Wear Outfits- 20 Best White Formal Outfits.

Belt Outfit for Women


Leather Belt – $17.99

↓ 18 – Glamorous Belt Outfit for Teens

Teenage is something where we all want to be in the spotlight. It is a natural feeling to have all eyes laid on you. Unquestionably, it is possible when you opt for a stunning belt outfit. As it cinches your waistline and accentuates all your curves you feel the change in yourself. Moreover, it gives the perfect proportion to your body shape. 

Belt Outfit for Women

Short Sleeve High Slit Solid Maxi Dress with Belt – $34.99

↓ 17 – Street Fashion 

It’s not been long since street fashion came into existence. But, with increasing popularity ladies are more conscious before stepping out. Here a belt comes to the rescue. Throw on some denim shorts, a white tee-shirt, and complete this look with a leather belt. I can already sense that people are admiring you and your outfit.

Belt Outfit for Women


1955 Horsebit thin leather belt – $450

↓ 16 – How to Wear it on a Casual Hangout 

Your friends just planned a casual picnic in the park and you only have an hour to plan what to wear. What can look better than a floral shirt? It not only complements the weather but also the occasion. Furthermore, you can pair this with denim skirts and a white woven belt to set off.

Belt Outfit for Women


Women’s & Plus Elizabeth and James White Woven Belt – $24.00

↓ 15 – Cold Day and A Belt Outfit

It is shivering cold out there, but the weather is captivating. You can not resist going out and want to look equally fashionable. This is when you try a belt outfit. In addition, go on with the basic colors, brown has to be your best friend in winters. Wear a printed coat with a brown leather belt and a wool cardigan over it. 

Belt Outfit for Women


Round Buckle Suede Belt – $9,836.18

↓ 14 – For the Chic and Chubby

A belt is a savior for people who are a plus size. It tends to give shape to the body while accentuating the curves. Furthermore, as the belt grasps the waist it redefines and recreates the look. It is the best addition to an outfit for oversize ladies.  Belt Outfit for Women


Grommet-detail Belt – $12.99

↓ 13 – Perfect Brunch Outfit 

Brunch is something where ladies mostly prefer maintaining their comfort level while looking their best. Jumpsuits make a perfect match. Moreover, jumpsuits and belts go a long way. They break the single color or pattern of the attire and make it visualizing enough. Surely, it cinches the jumpsuit giving it a more flattering fit.

Belt Outfits For Women


Knot-detail Waist Belt – $17.99

↓ 12 – What to Wear to the Office

Undoubtedly, a belt over a blazer is an elite formal outfit for any official meeting or seminar. You not only look up to the mark but also feel confident. There is a sudden boost in your self-esteem. Subsequently, you will notice that people start taking you seriously.  

Belt Outfits For Women


GG Marmont reversible thin belt – $ 530

↓ 11 – Metallic Touch to an Attire

There is a diverse range when it comes to the designs, patterns, material, color, etc of a belt. As everyone has their preferences they can pick out a belt outfit as per their liking. A metallic belt is something that stands out among all. It gives a glamorous look and uplifts the styling game.   

Belt Outfit for Women

Plus Skinny Metal Waist Belt- £7.20

↓ 10 – Play Dress Up in the Fall

While it starts to get a little cold and you feel like covering up. Make a combination of palazzo or boot-cut pants along with a long flowy coat. Experiment with colors to complement the surrounding. Add a wide belt to make the coat flawlessly fit you and flaunt your amazing shape effortlessly.

Belt Outfit for Women


Wide belt with embellished square buckle – $ 950

↓ 9 – Cinch your Waist on a Date Night 

It is the right of every lady to look the perfect version of themselves on a date night. They wish to look hot while maintaining their elegance. In such a case, go for bright tantalizing colors like red, purple or burgundy. Give final touches to your outfit by opting for a classy metallic belt.

Belt Outfit for Women


Belt – $3,925

↓ 8 – The Slim Jim 

Corset belts are a great option for skinny people. It highlights your waistline and draws attention to the accessory rather than your slim figure. You can pair them with almost anything. From a jeans shirt to a midi shirt dress, everything goes along well. Surely, you will end up making a remarkable entry that people will remember forever.

Belt Outfit for Women


Leather Corset Belt – $28,341.55

↓ 7 – When to Wear it to a Wedding 

Certainly, belts are a staple of wedding dresses. From holding the long maxi dresses to giving them a proper shape at the waistline, these belts help a lot. The heavily studded belts are full of gemstones and pearls. The look is so heavenly and divine that you can not take your eyes off it. Also, have a look at 12 Best Wedding Guest Outfits For Skinny Girls.

Belt Outfit for Women

Morilee Bridal Distinct Beaded Satin Bridal Belt with Crystal Accents

↓ 6 -Belt to the Club 

Belt outfits to the club are a deadly choice. After all who does not like to look flawless and party simultaneously. A full black leather outfit with a wide belt makes you stand out in a gathering of hundreds. All eyes are laid on you and every detail of the attire you are in. Add a silver choker and damm girl.    

Belt Outfit for Women

faux leather pu belted corset crop top black – £43.00

↓ 5 – For a Lady above 50

Who said being in style is only for youngsters? There are many ladies out there who are in their 50’s but are full of life. For them, a skirt with a plain shirt accessorized with a statement belt is an outstanding option. They feel comfortable and lively at the same time. 

Belt Outfit for Women


Falcon Woven Belt – $15,837.93

↓ 4 – Ethnic Touch to The Belt 

Certainly, fusion outfits are the new trend. Mixing things and experimenting not only produces a new look every time but also depicts what a great creative mind you have. Similarly, wearing a belt over a sari is the best way of combining desi with western. Furthermore, add on some oxidized jewelry with bold lipstick and ta-da.. Also, have a look at Top 25 Saree Styles of Pakistani Celebrities and Influencers.

Belt Outfit for Women


Triple Chain Belt – $7,502.18

↓ 3 – Statement Accessories 

Though a belt is itself a classic and versatile accessory you still need some pair of jewels to complete your look. Throw on some chunky bracelets particularly Bohemian style to match with everything. Moreover, a long chain necklace with a statement pendant is also a good choice.

Belt Outfit for Women

Boho Bracelet Sets – $14.45

Belt Outfit for WomenLONG NECKLACE – $2425 

↓ 2 – Footwear Complementing the Belt Outfit 

You can wear almost everything and anything with a belt outfit. It complements all. Be it pencil heels or wedges, whatever makes you feel good has to be your choice. We will suggest you try on aesthetic leather sneakers to complete your attire. Also, tie up sandals are a good option if you are opting for a skirt with a belt.

Belt Outfit for WomenEco Leather Sneaksen’s Sneakers – $118.28

Belt Outfit for Women

Tie up Greek sandals- $67.06 

↓ 1 – Where to Buy the Best Belts? 

Belts have been around for a long time now, but they were not given much attention previously. However, with increased interest in styling outfits with belts, multiple clothing brands have introduced them. Designers now give attention to detail and design them in various ways. Some popular brands are;

  1. GUCCI: They are known for their over-the-top belts in different designs and patterns with the staple Gucci logo. 
  2. CHANEL: Though Chanel also has belts in different material the most preferred ones are their chain belts that instantly make any outfit glamorous.
  3. MARKS AND SPENCER: The most popular ones among all are their leather belts. Either textured or not they are still loved. 
  4. NORDSTROM: It also has a huge belt lineup categorized according to color, material, size, and whatnot.


Q. Are there any dresses you should not wear a belt over?

Dresses with a lot of fabric and volume are something you should avoid wearing a belt over. This is because the cloth will get bulky and ruin your look.

Q. Do belts make you look fatter?

Women who wish to look slimmer should avoid wearing wide belts or those with horizontal lines over them. This only adds bulk. Moreover, a wide belt of contrasting color makes you look broader. 

Q. How do I make my belt not stick out?

There is a simple hack to it. Take an elastic band or hair tie and put it through one end of the belt. Once you wear it, insert the part sticking out of the belt into that band and you are good to go.

Q. Are belts in style with jeans for women?

Belts and jeans can be dated back to the past. This match can never go outdated. You can mix and match in various ways to execute your inner fashionista. As long as it fits perfectly nothing goes adrift.

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