15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You’ll Love

African mother and son matching outfits. Are you a fashionista mom who loves twinning with her kid? Among most fashion-forward mums, twining outfit styles have become a widespread trend that they share with their sons and daughters. This trend of mother and son matching outfits is quite famous among celebrities as well.

You will see celebrity mothers like Tika Savage, who has rocked matching outfits with her sons. This trend is also followed by well-known mum and their daughters such as Beyoncé, and her cute little daughter, Blue Ivy, has followed this twining style, and many other celebrities sharing this Ankara matching outfit trend with their kids.

Matching African Outfits for Mother and Son

If you are a mother of a cute son who loves slaying like a queen, you must go with this matching outfit trend to rock the parties and gatherings. It is quite a tender moment for a mum when she sees her child in a similar outfit as she is wearing. You cannot help but blush about their cuties.

Being a mother, you should also try this trend of matching outfits of mother and son. Believe it or not, you will look stunning with your cute son in matching African outfits.

Team branded girls cares about the fashion-forward mums, and therefore, we have brought some really gorgeous and awe-inspiring African mother and son matching outfits for you. Our enlisted matching outfits for mothers and their sons are super cute.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

Twinning is an expression of unity, love, and style shared by the people who love each other to bits. For all mums out there, specifically, those who haven’t started following this twinning outfit style, you miss out on something really adoring. By wearing matching outfits, not only you are going to slay the event, but also your little one will look good when he wears the same outfit as her mom’s.

So, try these adoring African matching outfits, explicitly made for mothers to twine with their sons and pull off their best looks. You can wear these African mother and son matching outfits proudly, and your little one will look super cute yet stylish at the same time! You’ll love reading more about Father and Son Matching Outfits.

Some Basics of Mother and Son Twinning

  • Mums should select matching outfits that not only suit them but also their cute little son. More importantly, mothers should keep in mind the comfort of their little ones.
  • The fabric should be soft so that your little son could easily wear it without getting annoyed.
  • When it comes to wearing matching outfits, mother and son don’t need to wear the same designs. You can go for different styles for yourself and your son.
  • You can also mix and match your African-style outfit with some western dresses to show your creativity and enhance your elegance.

↓ 15 – Mummy and Me Goals of Tiwa Savage

Look at this perfect mother and son duo!

Famous Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage always keeps setting fashion trends with her unique style. She loves twining up with her son Jamil. Both are looking so adorable in this African staple jut outfit to match her son’s outfit. Tiwa knows how to manage even the men’s dress. This twining style gives African mothers cool motherhood goals. To give this cool outfit some vibrant look, Tiwa is wearing red heels.

Her Outfit Details

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love


↓ 14 – Too Adorable to Wear

Rock any party that your family is invited to by wearing this matching African outfit. Mothers who love black color, this matching Ankara print outfit will surely meet your fashion taste. Use these adorable duos of mother and son outfits as your inspiration and draw the attention of everyone at the party. Nude-colored heels will look just fabulous on this Ankara print outfit. Take a look at Patched African Jeans Outfits.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 13 – Perfect Combo of African and American Outfits

Who said you cannot bring creativity to African outfits? Mix and match the African and American style to create your unique outfits that enhance your charm and elegance. Look at this beautiful combo of mother and son matching outfits. You can style your African print outfits in any way you like.

Show off your African-style robes by matching them with your white shirt and jeans. It’s time to create some exciting outfit styles with your existing Ankara outfits and achieve your mother and son goals.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 12 – Matching Party Outfits for Mummy and Me

Needless to say, Ankara or African wax prints are the most adaptable fabric all across the world. Another interesting fact about African outfits is that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

All women want to look just perfect for all occasions, and when such women are mothers, they want the same for their sons and daughter. That is why wearing matching outfits can be the most viable option for them. Wear this red and yellow off-the-shoulder Ankara jumpsuit and let your cute son wear the same print pants to catch the attention of party attendants.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 11 – Oh! So Cool Twining Outfits 

Ankara prints or African outfits are not supposed to be worn only in traditional style. You can give it a western touch as well.

If fresh and simple is what you are looking for, go for these matching outfits giving chill and cool vibes. This mother and son wearing this cool Ankara outfit with blue denim are the evidence proving that how cool it will look.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 10 – Twining Outfits for Parties

Hot weather is surely the best time for a family to celebrate holidays on the beach. Fashion-forward mums know the trends of beach fashion to look stylish. If you are a fashionista mother who loves twinning with her son, wear these matching outfits to look attractive. Bright-colored Ankara outfits are appropriate ones to be worn at the beach. You can also go for Ankara sundresses, shirts, tunics, and swimsuits as your beach fashion.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 9 – Wedding Dress code for Mum and Son

Do you love making a lasting impression wherever you go? If yes, try this matching African outfit for mother and son. Wear it on formal occasions such as a wedding to slay the event. This matching outfit for mother and son is eye-catching, and you are surely going to receive compliments.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

Mother and son love is quite a beautiful thing, and you can call twinning outfit styles motherhood goal. Fashionable mothers will often be seen wearing similar outfits now and then.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 8 – Motherhood Goals

The relationship of mother-son is one of the most extraordinary and inexplicable bonds to express in words. Wearing matching outfits is one of the adorable things that fashionista mums often do to express their bond with their child. Matching outfits of mother and son never fail to attract the attention of others.

Not only they attract attention but also bring a bright smile to others’ faces. Wear this beautiful and vibrant African outfit and let your son wear the same print to bring a smile to people’s faces.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

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↓ 7 – Ankara Yellow Peacock Outfit

Match your little one in this amazing Mommy, and I Dress Set!

Take your motherhood and twining goals to a whole new level with this cute Ankara outfit for mom and son. This gorgeous peacock printed outfit is best for parties. You can also wear this to beach parties as it is fun and quirky.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love


Check out these Ankara outfits which are well crafted to make your event a special one. The beauty of these matching outfits is going to impress everyone while making you feel special as a wife and a mum of your cute little one.

This African outfit for the kid is a little different from the mothers’ version; however, both outfits are made from the same cloth and print design.  Mums can keep their clothing slightly mature and flattering on their curves, while your kiddos can enjoy child-appropriate cutting in the matching outfits.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 6 – African Outfits for Evening Events

Matching outfits for mother and son can make your occasions more memorable and of course, adorable. Your son is going to look more loveable in this matching outfit as yours. Everybody is going to appreciate your twining of black Ankara outfit with your son. It’s time to recreate your fashionable state of mind for all the stylish mums out there with this beautiful Ankara outfit. Take a look at Top African Blogs To Follow.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love


↓ 5 – Royal Purple Look

Do you want to make your motherhood more stylish, funny, yet lively, you must adopt this twining style. This vibrant purple Ankara dress for you and your son is all you need to make your parenthood sparkling. This matching African outfit will give you and your lovely son a unique charisma.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 4 – Classy Look for Casual Gatherings

When mum and son decide to rock matching outfits, it gives beholders a pleasant sight. This matching white African outfit for mother and son is the perfect dress for casual family occasions.

This beautiful and vibrant colored print at the neck and sleeves has amplified the beauty of this outfit. Mothers can wear any vibrant color like red, or orange-colored heels with this dress to give this African outfit a unique charm.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love


↓ 3 – Go Wow with this Red Vibrant Dress

African print designs are quite popular among Africans. Most of the ladies rock their occasions by wearing African print outfits in several designs including gowns, blouses, skirts, jumpsuits, and many other styles.

Look at this beautiful celebrity mother, Adunola, and her loveable son. These oh! So stylish matching African dress looks so adorable on both of them. You can also amaze your beholders by wearing red matching African attires. You can wear matching Ankara fabric outfits at the same party. For more ideas, do check out these African Dress Styles for Kids.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 2 – Celebrate Summer Party with these Cool Outfits

Another sweetest combination of African mother and son outfits is this yellow and white dress which is perfect for your summer parties. Show off your swag with this matching mother-son outfit. Share your little prince the matching African print shirt and let the world know he is your precious part.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

↓ 1 – Twining with Family

Sharing is caring…!

This adage has the same meaning when it comes to wearing matching outfits. It is also kind of a perk for mothers to dress up their little ones in matching outfits that, for sure look adorable. And many fashion-forward mums like this matching outfits trend. If your family is arranging a party, wearing similar outfits lets other people know about how strong your bond is.  Look at these beautiful matching Ankara outfits for the entire afro family.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

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Some other Matching African Outfits for the Whole Family

Well, this twining craze has taken over the world. This trend was actually started off as a fashion statement, specifically for twins. Now you will see even couples flaunting this statement style. Not only this, mother and son, mother, and daughter duos also love and follow this trend. This trend embraces trendy Ankara prints, synchronized colors, designs, styles, and matching outfits.

For all the fashion-loving mums out there who love their families to bits are acing this trend of matching outfits. Look at these vibrant African outfits giving cool vibes.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

Have twinning-style moments with your family!

You cannot help but love mother-son matching moments. Look at these matching African outfits for the whole family. You can elevate your fashion game even more with these matching outfits.

15 African Mother and Son Matching Outfits That You'll Love

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Wrapping Up

All in all, wearing matching outfits with your son is a great way to bond with him. The twining style fosters a sense of family unity and strengthens the mother and son bond. While your cute little son will be best-dressed, wearing clothes similar to him will make you feel younger and fresher.

I hope these matching attires mother and son will help afro fashionistas in dressing up cool and elegant. You can also do it better and the way you like. Take the above-mentioned African outfits for mommies and sons as your inspiration. So, which of these matching outfits you liked? Which of these African outfits are you going to wear with your son? Let me know in the comment section below.


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