Abaya with Jeans- 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

Can you style your abaya with jeans? We all know that abaya is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women. But there are many ways to style the abaya with different techniques to look stylish. We have talked about many options to wear with hijab, but today we are going to discuss ways to style jeans with abaya modestly. This post is specifically for those girls who wear abaya but want to change the look by wearing jeans.

The modern western world has convinced the world into attaching negative connotations to the idea of dressing up in modest clothing like Abayas, which have been around for over 1000 years now because of the idea behind this amazing piece of clothing. Women wearing Abayas have been looked down upon ever since the western revolution took over the world because they are deemed as being pressed by a culture they have no understanding of. So if you’re someone who does not understand why women opt to wear this piece of clothing, keep reading to find out the top reasons why Abayas are the best!

How to Wear Abaya with Jeans

If you thought you could not make a fashion statement with an Abaya you are wrong and we are here to show you all the ways you can style different Abayas with different pants to make a bold statement which reflects your modest values but also brings to surface the fashionista in you. If you have been nervous to try these trends out, fear no more because we have got your back. Now that we have gone over why you need to consider wearing an Abaya if you like convenient fashion and are also trying to keep it modest. The best thing about this piece of clothing is that it can be paired in so many ways. Here we are going to show you ways to pair your stylishly convenient Abayas with Jeans.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

Reasons Why Abayas Are Great

It would not be fair to expect people who come from the western world and have no understanding of Islam to not be taken aback by the every so frequently Abaya by Muslim women all over the world. Abayas are famous for a reason and we are going to elaborate on all the reasons that make this particular outfit stand out and make this a popular choice among Muslim women. Here are a few of these to show you why Abayas are the absolute best:

  • No bad hair days with Abayas. Most women(and we don’t mean all women) take a lot of pride in their beautiful manes that they spend so many hours every week taking care of it, making sure it looks it’s absolute best all the time. But for most of us, it is anything but practical to do so, because life keeps us busy. Whether it is our busy schedules keeping us from styling our hair or something else, we all have bad hair days. With Abayas, however, you can say goodbye to this problem forever. All you have to do is tie your scarf around your head and you are all set to go out.
  • Don’t feel like picking out clothes? Abaya has got your back. It is literally is the most convenient piece of clothing. All you have to do is put this on and you are all set to go out and conquer the day. Doesn’t matter if you have to go to a fancy place with your friends to meet after work. This outfit is perfect for all occasions and it is so low maintenance we love it.
  • No more spending ridiculous amounts on clothing. Abayas are not only convenient in terms of all the trouble it saves you but it also helps cut out other expenses related to “beauty upkeep”. Covered hair allows for you to not spend on styling serums and you can save all that money to spend on things that will last you a while. Since Abaya is a whole outfit by itself, so you do not have to spend hefty amounts on overpriced shirts and other clothes that you are going to be wearing under your abaya. This will allow you to spend on other things that will show; such as makeup(which I think we all agree is very expensive) and shoes!

Modest fashion is the new trending thing that undoubtedly has gained recognition over the past few years. Popular brands are now hiring hijabi models and we are now seeing women on the runway wearing abayas. Social media has played a huge role in restoring the image of this outfit with women appearing everywhere wearing fashionable Abayas. This has entered the mainstream and we are here for it! Head over to Top Modest Fashion Designers From Around The World.

Is it a Good Idea to Wear Abaya with Jeans?

Oh yes, it is! A wide variety of options are available everywhere in jeans. They come in just about every shape and size and this is why we chose this piece of clothing to pair with your stylish abayas. It is comfortable as well as fashionable and can be worn all year round, on all occasions. And the best part of it all is, you do not even need that many because no one will even notice if you’ve been wearing the same pair.

There are plenty of options to style abaya with jeans. Whether you are heading out shopping or attending an event, you can always choose to wear jeans. A nice pair of shoes, heel and little accessories can enhance the look. The hottest trend these days is skinny jeans with heels. Wearing long heels will look amazing. Wear an abaya that has a little embroidery or crystal work if you plan to attend a party. Don’t just go for the plain black abaya because that is the mainstream fashion. Experimenting with new designs and looks will do good. Below are the images with descriptions that will help you decide the kind of jeans you would want to wear with abaya. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry then. Scroll down below to have a look.

↓ 10 – Straight Black Jeans with Abaya for a Casual look

Abayas make a casual day-out look the easiest thing to pull off. For this look, all you need is an Abaya with a belt tied around the center to make it a little flowy in the middle. You can also tuck the middle of the abaya in the belt to make Abaya appear more A-line and wear straight black jeans to put together the entire look.

This look is perfect for busy modern-day women who are running errands on a daily and want to look fashionable by doing the bare minimum in styling their outfit. You can pair a cute set of comfortable shoes that will not make things harder for you and allow you to do carry out your responsibilities without causing you any inconvenience. This casual look is perfect for just about every casual setting and is sure to fetch you a few compliments.

It maintains modesty while also letting you experiment with your look. Choosing different abayas such as ones having embroidery on them also makes it a great choice for parties so don’t forget to take a look at these 21 Prom Outfit Ideas with Hijab.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


↓ 9 – Skinny Jeans with Abayas

It is the simple things in life that bring out the true color in everything else. Fitted pants as simple as they may seem, in actuality bring a lot of definition and character to a look when they are paired with the right outfit. For this look, you can go ahead and pick out your most casual abaya and pair it with fitted pants. You can either pick black fitted pants with a black abaya or pick these out in another color to achieve a monochromatic look.

Monochromatic will never go out of style and though it looks reasonably simple, it is anything but that. You can pair this look with a bold colored scarf and matching shoes, with statement piece sunglasses to stand out of the crowd. You can choose lighter colors for the summer and darker colors for the winter. This is the one look that never disappoints. How cool does this lady look in black fitted pants? The abaya and hijab look super with this look.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


↓ 8 –  Jeans with long Abaya

If you like to change things up and are big on colorful abayas, this one is for you. You can maintain your modest look by pairing a colorful embroidered or printed abaya with plain jeans that will highlight the color of your abaya. You can also wear a neutral-colored scarf to make your abaya the star of the show. This look is very minimalistic and takes minimal effort, so it’s perfect for those of you who like to keep things casual at all times.

Girls who like to wear colored abaya with jeans, here is a great way to style it. In the picture below the girls looks very comfortable in this look.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya ModestlyAbaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


↓ 7 – Chiffon Abayas with Jeans

The summer heat is very off-putting and sometimes even the diva in us doesn’t want to put in the effort to put an outfit together. Chiffon Abayas are perfect for humid, hot weather. They maintain modesty while also allowing for the abaya to be breathable. You can pair this abaya with a comfortable pair of jeans and cute heels to complete the look. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or for a lunch date with friends or family. You can also choose dainty pieces of jewelry to make a statement.

This is definitely one of our favourite looks. This lady really knows how to keep up with the abaya fashion. Black abaya and jeans pair up to make this gorgeous look.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

↓ 6 – Kimono style Abaya with Jeans

Kimonos have been around for a while and they seem to never go out of fashion. If you’re a kimono girl who wants to look stylish then this is the one for you. If your abaya has patterns on it, we would suggest you get jeans that are either neutral colored or have the same print as your kimono style abaya. To complete the look you can carry cute stylish accessories such as a bag and a cute necklace if you’re going to a party setting.

This is the perfect way to wear an abaya that looks stylish and decent. The long shirt inside looks great with the jeans. The open front abaya makes it look stunning. To learn about which shoes would look best with these styles, check out  best shoes to wear with jeans for different looks.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


↓ 5 – Floral patterned Abaya with Black Jeans

Florals will never go out of fashion. These abayas are perfect for the spring season. Since floral patterned Abayas are very colorful we suggest you pair these with neutral tones pants and scarf to highlight the beauty of your abaya. You can, however, play with the look by choosing bright colored shoes and lipstick.

Black pants and floral abaya are complimenting each other pretty well. This is the perfect way to dress up in an abaya on a cool spring day.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

↓ 4 – Stylish Jeans with Abaya

Wearing jeans with abaya is the hottest trend this season. Look how stylish the heels look with the jeans and abaya.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

↓ 3 – Side Open Cut Abaya

This girl looks very graceful in the side cut abaya with jeans. A great way to flaunt the style modestly.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly


↓ 2 – Loose Abaya With Straight Jeans

Simple and modest look. Perfect to wear with jeans or straight pants.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya ModestlyAbaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

↓ 1 – Stunning Abaya with Jeans

This is the most beautiful style. The girl carries the look very well. Matching brown heels look amazing here. To learn about different styles of hijab to wear with this look, check out Abaya Styles for Teenage Girls For Modest Look.

Abaya with Jeans 10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

We hope you liked the post. We made sure to research the topic thoroughly to bring these latest trends to you. Don’t forget to experiment with these looks and follow the guidelines. We love recommendations and would love to hear from you in the comment section!


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