Famous White Muslims-15 Prominent Figures Around The World

Famous White Muslims. Here are top 15 white Muslims of US, who converted to Islam long enough to be known with a transformed identity. Some of these contributed much more to their new religion while some changed in the aspects of Islamic culture. Have a look!

List of Most Famous White People Who are Muslims

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#15 – Shohreh Aghdashloo

Starting from Aghdashloo, who is also one of the most prominent Muslim figures there are, who are also American. She is an Iranian American actress who have had the opportunity of uncountable stage roles.


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#14 – Aminah Assilmi

Aminah Assilmi who was a broadcast journalist and distributed a significant amount of her living years to promote Islamic culture and activism.


#13 – Cat Steven

Cat Steven happens to be only his stage name, while his actual identification is by Yusuf Islam. He is a British singer and songwriter and comes under the most prominent Muslim American personas.


#12 – Casey Kasem


#11 – Dean Obeidullah

Dean Obeidullah is an American comedian of Palestinian descent and makes up the list top, most famous American Muslims list on Wikipedia.


#10 – Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz, the executive producer of the Dr.Oz show and also one of the most popular American white Muslims there are.

He once said, “I have struggled a lot with my religious understandings, but now I define my beliefs as being an absolutely mystical form of Islam”.


#9 – Ellen Burstyn

Burstyn, who appeared in many exceptional films of Hollywood like The exorcist, says, “I believe in many aspects of major religions”. But she appears to follow a certain aspect of Sufi Islam.


#8 – Everlast

Erik Francis, known to us by his stage name “Everlast”, is a rapper by profession. And makes up the list top US white Muslims on Ranker.com.


#7 – Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe happens to be a poet, author, and president of the Unity Products Foundations and also a convert to Islam.



#6 – Dr. Gary Miller

Miller is a Canadian mathematician and lecturer of Islam. His lectures are considered of the utmost importance while pointing out the contribution of Muslim Americans.


#5 – Jeffrey Lang

Jeffrey Lang is a professor of mathematics at the University of Kansas. He is a convert to Islam and is also the author of several Islamic books.


#4 – Liam Neeson

If one asks if Liam Neeson has really converted to Islam, then a very interesting phrase is received from the actor himself:

“Islamic prayer got into my soul, while I was filming in Turkey. The call to prayer happens five times a day, and for the first week, it just drives you crazy, and then it gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful thing!”.


#3 – Nancy Ali

A former catholic church nun turns to Islamic religion as her permanent conversion.


#2 – Shirin Neshat

Also, one of the converts to Islam, residing in the US. Neshat is an Iranian visual artist and is known merely due to her endeavors in films.


#1 – Lewis Arquette

Late Lewis Arquette, also one of the famous celebs who make up the list white Muslims in the US, of its film industry.



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