23 Latest Indian Wedding Saree Styles to Try this Year

Latest Indian Wedding Sarees. No matter how advanced the fashion gets, the culture will never get old, as it is timeless. And so are our favorite Indian sarees. Women in India, still happen to be dire adorers of their native and ancient fashion of saree. Even today’s Bollywood movies, features dancers and the lead actress draped in a wonderful and old times classic Indian saree, that takes over the screen.

Here is a classic list of all women’s favorite, old as well as modern designs that will take away your breath for making up and planning of this year’s wedding season. Have a look, and pick yours! The collection bears both bridal wear and something that you would want to wear at someone else’s wedding. So go ahead!

Best Saree Designs for Modern Indian Wedding

polyvore sample

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#23 – Stunning and Royal Design

A stunning design like this, make it an absolute knocker for women who love to experiment with different colors and designs, something that is rarely an element of Indian weddings.


Try this light and lovely makeup and a blissful hairdo with this!


#22 – Indian Fancy Look

Whether it is yours, or a loved ones, this style will add all the glamor to your occasion and show how absolutely thrilled you are about it. Pick some light jewelry to go with, to bring out the decency and mildness.


#21 – The Loveliest Look


Try some lovely bridal makeup with this.



#20 – The Traditional Bridal Style

This design surely has all the beauty, the class, the brand prestige and will absolutely make you the diva of your day. For more traditional stuff, have a look at 23 Latest South Indian Wedding Sarees To Try This Year



#19 – Spring Wedding Wear

The dynamic colors of this saree are surely the most offsetting element of this design and is the source of the whole class emerging from it.


Smokey eyes makeup for perfection.

smokey eyes

#18 – Gorgeous Bridal Saree

The gorgeous saree with the heavily flowing pallu makes it one of the best kinds. Many women across the world, go for something like this for their festive gatherings, particularly weddings. Don’t miss out Latest Bridesmaid Lehenga Designs-22 New Styles to Try in 2016


#17 – South Indian Wedding-wear

This one makes it quite too typical of what usually women are fond of wearing in India, because of its distinct style of the pallu and blouse cut and the many layers at the bottom.


#16 – Tea Pink Hotness

Fond of going for rare colors in occasions where everything seems so mundane? Then this one is made for you!


Try makeup tips for the best.


#15 – The Conservative Style

This unique and modest style of the hot pink saree will give you the dynamism, charm, and beauty of what regular brides may lack.


#14 – The Vintage Saree Style


#13 – For Tall Brides

You can see why this design makes up our list, and it is not just the fact that it reflects so much of culture and modesty, but also the delicacy.


For makeup ideas:


#12 – Kanchipuram Saree Design


#11 – The Best Bridal Designer Ever

Saroj surely sells what you did not even imagine. That’s his customer service approach. Well, this one of Saroj is no less and will make an absolute hit for a wedding.


Try gorgeous bridal makeup with this.


#10 – Meena Bazar’s Saree Designs

Meena Bazar also makes an intellectual option to go for when you want your wedding to be mild but beautiful. It tends to sell some of the most decent and gorgeous designs to women everywhere. We can’t say that its work is simple, but is rather is immensely unique.

We can’t say that its work is simple, but is rather is immensely unique. Below shows a woman draped in a luxurious saree, but the decency and mildness are intact.


#9 – Something Oddly Pretty for Weddings

If you happen to be a color rebel and would go for your favorite color no matter what the occasion is, then this one is for you. And baby pink color for weddings? Yes, because it is quite unique on the whole.


#8 – The Most Royal Saree Style

Surely royalty is something you would want on your big day. So going for a design like this is a good choice.


#7 – The Typical Desi Style

If you wish to stick your cultural ideals and believe that’s what you for your day, then you very well may do. This one features a rather traditional design and scarlet red that is a timeless element of Asian weddings.

It would be a nice addition if you pick some mildly gold-colored jewelry to go with and all good.


#6 – The Magic in Scarlet Red

Scarlet red has not yet, and never will go out of style. The design below features a gorgeous and fiery red saree coated with pale gold design and embroidery and brings out so much class in comparison to those typical designs.


#5 – The Combo of Pink and Black


#4 – The Absolute Indian Style

Yes, silk does indeed bring out so much perfection than we can comprehend. And if you want to look confined and calculated on your day, then this will do nicely.

This is the type with which you can pick that luxurious set of jewelry to go with. The lesser the embroidery, the heavier the jewelry! And vice versa of course.


#3 – The Love with Gold

You or someone you know, at least, much have a cultural attraction with everything gold, let it be their very own wedding dress. And if so, then recommending this would be a milestone.

The below design features a classic combo of gold-colored saree with a dark blue blouse and accurate amount of embroidery. The light jewelry is perfection unachievable!


Try golden glamor eye makeup.


#2 – The Pleasing Net Sarees

Nothing beats sexiness in any case. Get this hot pink saree with a decent set of jewelry and all great! To choose the best hairstyle with your saree, have a look at Hairstyles for Saree -20 Cute Hairstyles to Wear with Saree



#1 – Oddly Attractive Style

Then again, your favorite color breaks the boundaries of society and set a foot apart. What you should know, is that this is your day to look anyhow you want to, let it be a completely un-wedding-like dress.


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