Indian Bridesmaid Dresses-24 Latest Dresses Designs for Bridesmaids

Indian Bridesmaid Dresses. Best Indian bridesmaid dresses styles and ideas to look like the classiest bridesmaid ever. Have a prolonged look at these amazing collection of dresses from only the best of designers, while some gold-worthy inspiration from your very favorite celebrities. Some astonishing makeup ideas are here to do the rest and some downright glamorous hairdos for that extra bit of perfection to add to your attire.

These bridesmaids dress designs will come in handy for you to decide what colors and style to go for in a particular season and which makeup look will be your ultimate guide. Plus, some killer hairstyles are here for adding that extra bit of class you need for your perfect dress.

Latest Wedding Fashion for Indian Bridesmaids

polyvore sample

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#24 – A Stunning Designer Dress

A stunning designer dress of the Indian style will work perfectly as your bridesmaid pick up. The shades and the design will be most suitable on your friend’s big day.


#23 – Sea Green Maxi Style

A gorgeous and idyllic looking sea green maxi frock comes under the choice of some very unique wedding colors to date.


Try the hot glossy eye makeup that is just meant for the brown eyes and a slightly darker skin tone. We can assure you that you will only look your best.


Bridal hair always goes hand in hand with the dress and needs to be just equal as perfect.


#22 – Bipasha Basu – Wondrous Lace Frock

Bipasha Basu in a ravishing lace frock seems to take over all we know about bridesmaid looks and styles. If you want to lose a few pounds before the big day then get some celebrity weight loss tips here: Bollywood Celebrities Workout Outfits-20 Top Actresses Gym Style



One of the best-rated makeup looks to go perfectly with that white dress.


#21 – Long Anarkali Dress for Bridesmaids

Anarkali dresses have made their way into lives of celebrities. Let’s make it a part of your life too.


#20 – A Gorgeous Frock Style

A gorgeous frock style from the Bridal Couture Week features a magnanimous and classiest looking dress of the year, giving a strong individuality and branded look to all the bridesmaids.


Try something hot and dark for your makeup look to go matchlessly with this dress.


Don’t miss your chance for a glamorous hairdo for fancy occasions.


#19 – Sonam Kapoor – A Ravishing Outfit

Her dressing rarely ever falls into people’s concept of acceptable but when it does, it is something absolutely mind-boggling.


A classic pretty makeup will be just what you need with this dress.

makeup look

#18 – A Decent, Simplistic Style

A decent, simplistic style of a long dress makes it quite the most ideal-looking option for bridesmaids. Go all light and moderate on makeup and a glossy hairdo would do. Don’t miss out


Try amazing makeup (lip color and eye liner) tips — only the best.

makeup styles

#17 – The Classiest Style

Never could you underestimate the power of an extremely elegant style.


Don’t forget a killer hairdo for the dress!


The hairstyle would also be perfect for a saaree. Nothing looks better than a bridesmaid wearing a saaree that complements the bride’s dress. Here are Latest Bridesmaid Saree Designs-20 New Styles to try in 2016


#16 – The Most Cultural Look


Try this glossy lip color with this pink dress.


#15 – Parineeti Chopra in a Flawless White Dress

Parineeti Chopra’s look in a flawless white dress makes it the most comfortable and catchiest of a dress to be worn on your friend’s special day, and also depicts how absolutely thrilled you are about it. Here are 20 Ways to Wear All White Outfits Like Celebrities this Year

Bollywood Celebrities in Designers Anarkali Suits (5)


Know what will work awesomely with this bright white dress? A gorgeous makeup package. Have your try with this Kylie Jenner’s hottest makeup look ever.


#14 – Maxi Dress for Weddings

The most iconic looking and gold-inspired dress will surely make bridesmaids the center of all glamor on the wedding day. The dress looks amazing over a lehenga as the lehenga creates an elegant fall, here are Latest Bridesmaid Lehenga Designs-22 New Styles to Try in 2016


This makeup look is inspired by and for all the stunning darker skin tones.

#13 – Latest Asian Designer Style

The latest Asian designer style with such mesmerizing of an embroidery will be your sleekest look yet.


#12 – The Fairytale Look

The fairytale essence of the dress cannot be condoned. A wondrous choice of makeup and some luxurious pick of a hairdo will do miraculously with this dress.


#11 – Second to the Bride’s

There is no doubt in the fact that this dress will come in second to that of the bride. The phenomenal embroidery, the limitless choices of makeup and lip colors that can go with it is just simply mind-blowing.


For a flawless makeup look:

makeup looks

For an even more flawless fancy hairdo:


#10 – The Millenial Style

The millennial style with unique silver embroidery, some light and beautiful makeup and fluffy hair will be just as good as impeccable.


#9 – Gold-inspired Designer Dress

The gold-inspired designer dress takes the value and class of a branded designer and that’s just about enough. Wear high heels for a better look.



#7 – Kareena Kapoor-inspired Outfit

You surely want to stay inspired by a fashionista celeb that you love, and when comes your best friend’s one day, this becomes even more important. Here are some spectacular Kareena Kapoor outfits-25 Best Dressing Styles of Kareena Kapoor to Copy

Bollywood Celebrities in Designers Anarkali Suits (4)


Below one features top best makeup look of 2016 inspired by Cara Delevingne with cherry red lip color.


For hairstyle, refer to:


#6 – A Lovable Look

A lovable look created with this such a magnificent of a dress will be your most magical look ever. Leave your hair long and flowing and your classy dupatta all show-off. The outfit would look amazing on a dholki or sangeet event, here are Dholki Outfits-20 Ideas What to Wear on Dholki/Sangeet Night



The kind of times when makeup just seems possibly the most gifted thing in the world.

good makeup

#5 – Pakistani Bridesmaid Gown Style

The ravishing silvery dress with terrific silver-shaded jewelry will be enough for you to create the look you need. Check out these 30 Latest Indian Bridal Gown Styles and Designs to Try this Year


#4 – Urwa and Mawra Hocane in Beautiful Bridal Dresses

The star sisters take a walk on the ramp with flawless party/fancy dresses, with each and everything intact from hair, makeup to jewelry.


#3 – Deepika Padukone Maxi Dress

Who would not want to try something that our favorite lady in the Bollywood has tried? Well, this is something you might want to go for. For some more amazing outfits, have a look at Deepika Dresses–20 Best Looks of Deepika Padukone this Season


#2 – Alia Bhatt’s Cutest Frock Outfit

Alia’s cuteness and Alia’s excellent outfits can never be opposed. The elegance of the frock and the lace sleeves are a way to go, and a bit much far. Alia Bhatt’s hairstyles too are always on point!



#1 – Alia Bhatt’s Simplistic Dressing

Now something for all the simplicity-inspired ladies happens to be a fan of. Even the hair can be copied as a sign of aiming for perfection!



Bridesmaid smokey eye makeup to follow — for a simplistic look:


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