Abaya with Jeans-10 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

Can you style your abaya with jeans? We all know that abaya is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women. But there are many ways to style the abaya with different techniques to look stylish. We have talked about many options to wear with hijab but today we are going to discuss ways to style jeans with abaya modestly. This post is specifically for those girls who wear abaya but want to change the look by wearing jeans.

How to Wear Abaya with Jeans

There are plenty of options to style  abaya with jeans. Whether you are heading out for shopping or attending an event, you can always choose to wear jeans. A nice pair of shoes, heel and little accessories can enhance the look. The hottest trend these days is skinny jeans with heels. Wearing long heels will look amazing. Wear an abaya that has a little embroidery or crystal work if you plan to attend a party. Don’t just go for the plain black abaya because that is the mainstream fashion. Experimenting with new designs and looks will do good. Below are the images with descriptions that will help you decide the kind of jeans you would want to wear with abaya. Hopefully you won’t have to worry then. Scroll down below to have a look.

18 Ways to Style Jeans with Abaya Modestly

10- Straight Black Jeans

A formal and decent way to wear straight pants with an abaya. Very professional to wear at an event. The golden embroidery on the abaya also makes it a great choice for parties so don’t forget to take a look at these [highlight]Hijab Party Style-22 elegant ways to wear hijab for parties[/highlight].

How to style abaya with jeans? (1)


9- Fitted Pants

How cool does this lady look in black fitted pants. The abaya and hijab look super with this look.

How to style abaya with jeans? (2)


8- Long Abaya Style with Jeans

Girls who like to wear a coloured abaya with jeans, here is a great way to style it. In the picture below the girls looks very comfortable in this look.

How to style abaya with jeans? (3)


7- Gorgeous Black Abaya with Jeans

One of the most beautiful look I have come across. This lady really knows how to keep up with the abaya fashion. Black abaya and jeans pair up to make this gorgeous look.

How to style abaya with jeans? (4)


6- Long Front Open Abaya with Jeans

Perfect way to wear an abaya that looks stylish and decent. The long shirt inside looks great with the jeans. The open front abaya makes it look stunning. To learn about which shoes would look best with these styles, check out [highlight]25 best shoes to wear with jeans for different looks.[/highlight]

How to style abaya with jeans? (6)


5- Floral Abaya

Black pants and floral abaya are complimenting each other pretty well. This is a perfect way to dress up at a day time.

How to style abaya with jeans? (7)


4- Stylish Jeans with Abaya

Wearing jeans with abaya is the hottest trend this season. Look how stylish the heels look with the jeans and abaya.

How to style abaya with jeans? (8)


3- Side Open Cut Abaya

This girl looks very graceful in the side cut abaya with jeans. A great way to flaunt the style modestly.

How to style abaya with jeans? (9)


2- Loose Aabaya Style

Simple and modest look. Perfect to wear with jeans or straight pants.

How to style abaya with jeans? (10)


1- Stunning Abaya Style with Jeans

This is the most beautiful style. The girl carries the look very well. Matching brown heels look amazing here. To learn about different styles of hijab to wear with this look, check out [highlight]Hijab with jeans-19 modest hijab jeans outfits this season.[/highlight]

How to style abaya with jeans? (11)


We hope you liked the post. Don’t forget to experiment with these looks and follow the hottest trend.


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