14 Best Girls Beach Trip Gifts for a Memorable Trip

Best Girls Beach Trip Gifts : Gifts are the best way to remind your loved ones that you appreciate them and are grateful to have them in your life. Gifts can range from something as small as a pebble and as big as a car but they all have the same purpose: showing love and affection. No matter what they are, as long as they are thoughtful and genuine, they will be worth more than a thousand hugs. They also help with strengthening the bonds between the giver and the receiver and above all, puts you in a good light.

Now when we combine gifts and beach trips, we get the most unforgettable duo. Beach trips are a girl’s best friend, especially if you go with your friends. They relieve your stress and give you countless memories to be thankful for. Beach trips are full of sunshine, warmth, and bliss. They are a perfect way to remove the toxins from your brain and body. You are at the right place if your girlfriends are ready to go on a trip and you want to gift them something unique and useful, something that they can remember you by in the most precious times.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Girls Beach Trip Gifts:

  • Gift them something that will come in handy for the girls on their trip. Not something that will add no value to their trip.
  • Try your best to purchase a unique or customized gift. They will stay with your best friend for a lifetime.
  • Durability and high quality are the topmost things you need to keep in mind when buying a gift.
  • Do not be afraid to give handmade gifts. They will always be appreciated and loved more!
  • Do not be afraid to ask your friends if there is something specific that she needs. This way you will know that you’re getting her something to satisfy her needs.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts

14 Best Girls Beach Trip Gifts For This Year

Giving gifts can be tricky. But do not fret, we are here to assist you in picking just the right gift for your girls this summer. Our unique gift ideas will light up your friend’s beach trips with happiness.

↓ 14 – Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a permanent piece to have in your wardrobe all year round. No outfit can be complete without some cool shades. Whether you are male or female and be it summer or winter, you should have your sunglasses on you during the day because they provide immense protection to your eyes from harmful sun rays, sand, dusty wind, and snow. They can transform your whole look and give it an effect that no other accessory can.

Therefore, we would suggest you gift a pair of cool shades to your girls, packing her bags for a beach trip. You can get sunglasses with vibrant frames, matching them with some cute hair accessories. They will become a perfect look for her beach outfits.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


↓ 13 – Hats

Summer hats are also not only chic accessories but the perfect way to keep the sun out of your eyes. They not only look stylish and complement all your outfits but also protect your face from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, they are available in a wide variety of textures and materials, making it easy for you to choose just the right one for each of your friends, fitting their style and choice.

Summer hats can surely be a valuable gift for your beach girls as they will be a permanent part of their vacation.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


Le Danna Vanille Summer Hat – £49

↓ 12 – Fun beach Trip Gift

No trip to the beach is complete without some cute and colorful floaties! Although initially introduced for toddlers and children, allowing them to safely float on water without the risk of drowning, adult floaties have become just as popular.

Your girls will definitely have some fun on their beach trip if you gift them an inflatable Floatie. They can use it for just lounging around on the water when they are tired and do not feel like swimming. Whether it is in the shape of a flamingo or a donut, get crazy and creative with your Floatie gifts! They will surely make for great Instagram pictures. Also, have a look at 20 Beautiful Beach Outfits for Skinny Girls to Try This Year.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


Bubba Float Friend Seahorse Unicorn – £38

Inflatable Lilo Chair Glitter – $75

Luxe Ride-On Float Flamingo – $70

↓ 11 – Sunscreen

Sunburn isn’t the only side effect of overexposure to the sun; it can also deepen pigmentation, create lines of aging, and lead to skin cancer. It would be a pain for your girls if their precious trip gets ruined by their tomato-red sunburnt faces! 

Therefore it is extremely important that your friends carry sunscreen with them on their beach trip. You can gift them a few bottles of your favorite sunscreens to remind them that you care about their skin just as much as they do. Even if they have already packed sunscreen, gifting them a few more bottles would still be advised since they would need to apply a lot of it to almost their whole body. The recommended amount of sunscreen needed for your body at one time is a shot of glass, thus, the more sunscreen they have, the merrier their trip will be.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


↓ 10 – Floral Scarves

Scarves can also be an awesome beach day gift for girls. They are dazzling accessories that you can use for multiple reasons. It can be a perfect gift for your modest girlfriend to wear on her head while it can also be the right gift for your friend with a hot body who will tie it around her waist to attract maximum attention towards herself. Either way, it makes for a must-have accessory for the beach.

They can also spice up the look of your plain bikini set or add a bit of glamour to your outfit in general. We can truly never have enough multi-purpose floral printed scarves.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


↓ 9 – Water Bottles

Water is essential for our survival and for sustaining a healthy body. Therefore, you need to ensure that your girls stay hydrated on their beach trip in order to have the best time ever. Surely they will not enjoy getting headaches or body aches due to lack of drinking water. One way you can help them out with their healthy water intake is by gifting them valuable water bottles.

Speaking from our own experience, we find it easier to drink water out of a cute glittery water bottle rather than out of a glass. They motivate us to keep drinking.

You can gift your girls this trendy water bottle which is not only classy but holds a lot of water too. Another praise-worthy element of this bottle is that it has a timeline on it. This is to remind you to keep drinking water every hour as your bodies will shut down without it. Furthermore, the transparency of this bottle allows you to prepare yourself detox water by putting slices of citrus fruits and vegetables, motivating you to keep drinking the freshwater throughout the day.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


Healthish WB-1 Bottle – $25

↓ 8 – Jewelry Items

This gift is for your girls who cannot live without jewelry. As your friends will be going on a beach trip and they cannot take their usual jewelry which will get damaged or rusty in the water or by heat, you should gift them these necklaces. These retro beach pendants and rings are so pretty yet so chic. Made from stainless steel and imitating soft beach waves,  they can be worn at all times with every outfit. Not only will they add an element of serenity to their ensemble, but they will also make them feel that you are a part of their trip in the form of jewelry.

Your girls will keep these necklaces and rings for the rest of their lives as a reminder of joyous times. The beach pendant will keep the memory of their favorite beaches fresh in their mind.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


Hand-painted Beach Lover Necklace – $40

Beach Ring Hand Painted Enamel – $65

↓ 7  – What To Gift Your Friends Who Are Mothers?

Most of the time when you are gifting your friends who have become mothers, it is not just them that you have to think about. Now they have a little bundle of joy that has become a part of them. Hence, when you are gifting your mommy friends something, make sure it is something that would make things easier for them while handling their baby. After all, no matter how patient and strong they are, they are still humans and will do anything to receive just a little more convenience while tending to their children.

You can gift your mommy friends this playpen for toddlers and babies which is perfect for the beach. It is foldable and danger-proof. They can place the playpens on the sand and the net walls will easily allow the babies to see their mothers. Furthermore, it is open from the top so the babies can enjoy the cool breeze of the sea just as much as their mothers. Several toys can be placed inside too. When you choose to gift this to your girlfriends who have a family trip to the beach, trust us, they will be thankful to you for it for a lifetime. It is one of those gifts that they can use frequently until their babies grow up, not just for the beach.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts



↓ 6 – Perfumes And Deodrants

Perfumes are one of the most versatile gifts for women. You can never go wrong with gifting someone a fragrance that comes in a special package. When you choose to gift your girls perfume, they will be overcome with joy as one can never get tired of adding a new scent to their vanity. 

With the warmth of the sun and the dampness of saltwater, your girls will definitely need perfume in their bags at all times. It will help them smell fresh and will add to their attractiveness.

It is also one of those valuable gifts that are not limited to a beach trip. Your girls will wear this perfume and it will instantly remind them of you, no matter what corner of the world you are in.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


↓ 5 – Beach Gifts for Mom

Customized towels are one of the most creative beach gifts you can gift to your girls, especially the ones with children. The gifts will give them a sense of belonging. They will also have fewer chances of losing their bath towels because everyone will be able to read their names on them. Furthermore, as some people are insecure about sharing their towels with other people, the names on their towels will help avoid that risk.

Try using pretty fonts set in vibrant colors against the towel. The good thing about this beach gift is that you can choose a pattern according to your liking, along with the texture and fabric of your choice. Your girls will love these towels!

Girls Beach Trip Gifts




↓ 4 – Shower Sets

Shower sets are another blessing bestowed upon the women of this world. No matter what corner of the world we live in, we all want to have a variety of bath products in our bathrooms. It would not hurt to have an extra set of products with a different scent than our usual ones.

So, you should definitely buy your best friends a shower set that they can take with them on their beach trip because all the humidity, sand, and sweat will call for showers more than once a day. They will leave their bodies feeling moisturized and hydrated for a long time. Them and their bodies will surely thank you. 

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


↓ 3 – Funky Hair Accessories

Being girls, we love playing with our hair and trying out new things. This means that we also love trying out bright, colorful, and funky accessories for our hair. It makes us feel confident and helps us express ourselves better.

Getting funky and statement-worthy hair accessories as gifts for your girlfriends will surely cheer them up. Also, have a look at 14 Bohemian Accessories for Girls for the Perfect Boho Look.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


Seashell Hair Clips – $10

↓ 2 – Beautiful Beach Bikinis

And now, presenting one of our favorite beach gifts for women: Bikini sets. No doubt, it is the most fitting and most precious gift a girl can receive while she prepares for a vacation to the beach. There are so many cute and alluring bikini sets out there but we cannot get our hands on them due to financial restraints. Thus, when you buy a bikini set for your friend, she will be over the moon because as more bikini sets you can take to your trip, the happier you will be. Choose to gift your friends unique and interesting bikinis as it will make them stand out in the crowd. Their Instagram followers will also go crazy when your friends pose for pictures in the gorgeous bikini sets you gifted them!

Girls Beach Trip Gifts


BlackBough Swimwear

↓ 1 – Underwater Camera

Last but not least, this is one of our favorite gifts on the list. An underwater camera is one of the unique and valuable gifts ever. It will keep you bonded with your friends for life, and the best part is it is very light on your wallet. Your friends can take high-quality pictures of themselves and their surroundings conveniently, without the risk of water or sand damaging the camera. Because of your hand-given gift, your friends will have the best memories to cherish in the form of pictures.

Girls Beach Trip Gifts




Q: What do you get a beach lover?

A: Beach lovers would appreciate anything that is beach-themed or beach-related. get creative!

Q: What is the most thoughtful gift for a friend?

A: Any gift that you put a lot of thought and effort into is a thoughtful gift. Because these qualities can only be felt and seen.

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