10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices 

Most Expensive Lipstick Brands. Lipstick is an important part of a woman’s daily routine. This is one item she loves to keep with her in her purse at all times. Lipstick plays a prime role in enhancing the beauty of a woman. Just a little amount of lipstick can fix a woman’s appearance in no time.

A lipstick finishes a woman’s look, thus making her look more attractive and alluring. There is a massive variety of shades of lipsticks for women. Usually, men do not understand the value of lipsticks for women. There are hundreds of thousands of tones and shades of lipsticks. Every event requires a diverse shade that matches the worth of the event too. The entire look of a woman depends on the shade of lipstick, she will wear. It can either work wonders for her appearance or completely devastate it. 

What Are the Most Expensive Brands of Lipstick?

A lipstick is capable of immediately transforming a woman’s look. It can instantly brighten up the face, and the entire appearance is enhanced in no time. It is a very tough and determined job for a woman to hunt for the absolute perfect lipstick for herself. An ideal lipstick is hard to find because it has to match one’s skin tone and must be enriched with proper minerals that will work delicately over the lips.

10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

How Did We Decide

There are a ton of luxury cosmetic brands out there with meticulously produced lipsticks. It’s difficult to decide which is best, so let us help you. We’ve ranked these lipstick brands based on the most expensive lipsticks they offer to their consumers. Without further ado, here’s the list! You might want to sit down for this, it might be shocking.

10- Dior – Rouge Dior

9- Givenchy – Le Rouge Lipstick

8- NARS – The Multiple

7- Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Engravable Lipstick

6- Kanebo Cosmetics – Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick

5- La Prairie – Cellular Luxe Lipstick

4- Sisley Paris – Hydrating Long-lasting Lipstick

3- Tom Ford – Fucking Fabulous Lipstick

2- Christian Louboutin – Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick

1- Guerlain – KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick

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↓ 10 – Dior

Brand’s Portfolio: Dior is a French fashion house that produces luxury goods like leather-goods, makeup, jewelry, shoes, fashion accessories, perfumes, watches and haute couture clothing for women. The organization was formed in 1946 by Christian Dior, a French fashion designer. The company has stores worldwide and also has a significant online presence through social media and e-commerce websites.

Editor’s Pick: Christian Dior Rouge No. 999 Lipstick

Price: $38

Product Details: The Rouge Dior is a fine range of long-lasting and high-pigmented lipsticks that hydrate the lips for a maximum of 16 hours. This long-wear lipstick is quick and easy to apply and super comfortable to wear. It doesn’t dry the lips nor needs reapplying. Its main ingredients include mango butter and hyaluronic acid which enrich and hydrate the lips. The lipstick’s case is another delightful aspect. Its couture and the inside of the lipstick’s cap are in Dior’s iconic Rouge 999 shade.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 9 – Givenchy

Brand’s Portfolio: It was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, a member of the French fashion house governing body. Givenchy is a French fashion company that produces haute couture clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, and other accessories.

Editor’s Pick: Le Rouge Lipstick

Price: $38

Product Details: Talk about luxury! This incredible lipstick from Givenchy comes in genuine leather packaging, and that is the least of its qualities! It’s free from parabens, is rich in color, has a smooth and silky texture, and lasts long. It is a matte to semi-matte lipstick.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 8 – NARS

Brand’s Portfolio: Francois Nars, a French makeup artist, and photographer, founded the brand in 1994. NARS Cosmetics is a makeup and skincare brand that started by producing a dozen lipsticks, but now manufactures a range of different cosmetics.

Editor’s Pick: The Multiple

Price: $39

Product Details: The Multiple by NARS is a multipurpose product that can be used as lipstick, highlighter, and contour. It has a creamy texture and a soft and natural finish, which accounts for its high price and quality. It’s easy to use, is mistake-proof, and comes in several different shades. It also protects and nourishes the skin with ingredients like Vitamin E and acai oil.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 7 – Yves Saint Laurent

Brand’s Portfolio: Known also as Saint Laurent or simply ‘YSL,’ the brand was founded by its namesake and his partner Pierre Berge in 1961. It’s a French luxury fashion house that produces high-end and iconic clothing for men and women, as well as jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, and leather goods.

Editor’s Pick: Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Engravable Lipstick

Price: $39

Product Details: The Rouge Pur Couture Slim Matte lipstick is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner. It’s a slim lipstick in YSL’s iconic gold packaging, that is square and has several glorious matte shades. It’s suitable for all skin colors and is long-lasting. It has a creamy formula that makes it comfortable to apply and wear. The colors are vibrant and high-pigmented, and the color never cracks or dries.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 6 – Kanebo Cosmetics

Brand’s Portfolio: Kanebo, a Japanese company, initially traded in cotton, when it came into being in 1887. It slowly expanded over the decades and dived into cosmetics in 1937. Kanebo has multiple brands, one of which is Sensai, which specializes in skincare.

Editor’s Pick: Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick

Price: $40

Product Details: This 40-dollar lipstick is placed number eight on the list. Sensai is an outclass Japanese brand that owns various beauty products like skincare products, body care products, hair treatment products, etc. The Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting Lipstick is the latest addition to this brand. It has an amazing moisturizing capability, which is solely due to the critical ingredient called Koishimaru silk present in it. It has incredible pigmentation, long-lasting shade, and a very smooth application too. It is available in 15 breathtaking shades and has a glossy touch. It does not only have a creamy finish, but it is also free of any scent. It has lavish packaging and amazing long-lasting color. This product will surely capture your heart when you use it once. The fact that they are entirely odorless makes them demanding. Some wonderful ingredients in this lipstick are layered amino pigments, pure glow oil, golden silk powder, and golden phytoextract. It has a sleek and elegant packing.

10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices


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↓ 5 – La Prairie

Brand’s Portfolio: La Prairie is a Swiss brand that specializes in skincare that is primarily based on advanced cellular technologies. La Prairie has been a part of the Beiersdorf group of brands since 1991.

Editor’s Pick: Cellular Luxe Lipstick

Price: $55

Product Details: The net worth of La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lipstick is $55, which makes it secure the sixth position on the list of most expensive lipsticks. This lipstick is not just a regular lipstick, but it is enriched with anti-aging properties too. It can effortlessly glide over the lips providing a sparkly finish to your makeup. It is genuinely long-lasting and can stay on the lips for more than 5 hours, even if slight meals and water are taken. It has non-drying properties and can make the lips look rich with hydration. It will not dry out, bleed, or cause feathering on the lips. It has a very luxurious packaging encased with a velvet pouch and jewel-toned tube. It is very sleekly encased in silver cardboard packing, which is gorgeous. It has some exquisite shades, which can work wonders on your lips. They have a high price but also a very top-notch quality too. It can plump up the lips to make them look juicy and seductive. It is enriched with caviar extracts. It can be readily available at Bloomingdale’s, Narmun Marcus, or La Prairie’s website

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 4 – Sisley Paris

Brand’s Portfolio: Sisley Paris is a French company founded by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano in 1976. It produces a wide range of skincare products and perfumes. The brand’s products are distributed in over 90 countries, and the majority of them are made in France.

Editor’s Pick: Hydrating Long-lasting Lipstick

Price: $57

Product Details: It does what it promises: it hydrates the lips and lasts a long, long time, protecting you from worrying about it drying out, smudging, smearing, or fading away. It’s a comfortable lipstick that protects the lips and keeps them soft. It has a beveled tip that goes a step further in providing an easy and quick application. Its key ingredients are Vitamin E, Vitamin C palmitate, and Calendula.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 3 – Tom Ford

Brand’s Portfolio: Tom Ford, a fashion designer and a filmmaker who previously worked for Gucci and YSL, launched his eponymous luxury brand in 2006. Many famous Hollywood celebrities have worn the brand over the years.

Lipstick: Fucking Fabulous Lipstick

Price: $60

Product Details: Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous Lip Color is intense, vibrant, and bold. It delivers a pure and high-shine red color that is rich in pigments and soft in texture. The lipstick also comes in a limited edition, branded matte-black packaging. The key ingredients used in the lipstick are Soja seed extract, Brazilian Murumuru Butter, and Chamomilla Flower Oil, making it as luxurious as it sounds.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 2 – Christian Louboutin

Brand’s Portfolio: Christian Louboutin is a French fashion designer who is famous the world over for his signature stilettos, which are popular among Hollywood celebrities. His brand has branched out from heels to makeup, fragrances, and handbags.

Editor’s Pick: Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick

Price: $90

Product Details: This illustrious lipstick is a homage to the works of art with its sleek and artistic packaging and design. The intense and richly pigmented lipstick comes in a variety of shades from dark to light. It’s a non-drying lip color that lasts super long and has ingredients like seed butter and natural oils that moisturize lips up to four hours. The lipstick has a soft and smooth finish.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices

↓ 1 – Guerlain

Brand’s Portfolio: Guerlain is among the oldest French fashion houses. The skin care, cosmetics and fragrance house came into being in 1828. Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, a French perfumer, was the founder of the brand.

Editor’s Pick: KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick

Price: $62,000

Product Details:

This lipstick is one of the most luxurious and expensive lipsticks in the world. This Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick have a net worth of $62,000. It gets this costly price from the fact that its cover is embellished with 110 g solid 18-carat yellow gold paved with a rain of 199 diamonds of 2.2 carats. There are about 15 total shades of this exclusive lipstick, but it is not only the lipstick but the casing, which holds all its worth. This lipstick is personalized, and one can simply imprint their name on it too. Another fantastic fact is that this lipstick can be refilled, and due to this, one can keep this piece of luxurious accessory with themselves forever because it is not worth losing. One can even personalize it with other gems too, such as emeralds and rubies, etc. It does not just come alone, but it has its very own black wooden case, lip brush, and black suede pouch.

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10 Most Expensive Lipstick Brands of 2022 With Prices


The mantle of the number one most expensive lipstick in the world was previously held by H.Couture’s Beauty Diamond Lipstick. The lipstick’s retail price was $150 but after a woman from Las Vegas requested it, it was updated by adding diamonds to the packaging, increasing its value to $14 million. The lipstick came with a matching mascara which cost the same after the diamonds but was $600 before. This brand has since closed its business and has no online presence currently.

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