12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

Pakistani Celebs’ High Waisted Pants Fashion. Pakistani Actresses have always been at the top of their game in all areas. Be it acting, social presence, or their attire; they tend to stand at the top, time and time again.

When you think of Pakistani celebrities, you might assume that they only stick to their national and regional clothes and do not dabble in western clothing styles. But the truth is far from that! Pakistani actresses and actors try out a variety of clothing styles in their day to day lives and for photoshoots as well. Western styling is one in which they tend to look just as amazing as eastern clothing. High-waisted pants are just one of the many clothing pieces in this area that Pakistani actresses look fabulously perfect in.

How to Wear High Waisted Pants In Pakistan

This list explores the 12 times our favourite celebrities blew our minds with their sense of styling high waisted pants!  Read on to find out who are the best actresses in Pakistan when it comes to styling high waisted pants with the utmost grace. We are sure you will find your favorites in this list and get some outfit inspiration for the next event you will be attending!

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 12 – Ramsha Khan’s Professional Style

Ramsha Khan is an up and coming Pakistani actress. Although she has been in the industry for a while now, her rise to fame began when her drama Ishqiya hit the tv screens and gained popularity amongst the masses. Although she was criticized at first for her lack of expression, the public soon realized that the role she had in the drama required that of her, and hence she was praised for her performance soon after when she was seen in Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat in a completely different role.

Ramsha Khan tends to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to her real life. But now that she is stepping onto the same level as other bigger Pakistani actresses, you can see her participating in multiple photoshoots adorning different clothing styles. Her recent shoot photographed below shows her in a light purple suit. This is a much more formal take on the traditional high waisted pants and can work great for office going, ladies!

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

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↓ 11 – Sarah Khan’s Smart Look

Sarah Khan is one of the prettiest actresses in Pakistan. She was often criticized for doing the same type of roles, but in 2020, she took a chance and did the role of Miraal in the drama serial Sabaat. She gained fame as this role was of an independent and strong-headed woman, much different from her usual damsel in distress roles. Now she is loved by millions.

You can see a click of her’s from her role as Miraal below. Her outfits throughout the serial were gorgeous and very well done. Here, she is wearing a black and white blouse with black high waisted pants and a long coat. We especially love the dual-colored top. It is an interesting and non-traditional way of mixing two colors.

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 10 – Sajal Aly’s Trendy Outfit

Sajal Aly is the most loved young actress of Pakistan with her husband, Ahad Raza Mir. Their couple and her work alone have given birth to many loving fans and thousands of fan pages on Instagram and Facebook. She has been working in the industry for a very long time and has shown her diversity in the different roles over her career.

Below she is seen in a semi-formal outfit. We love the way she has neutralized the checkered pants with a solid colored black blouse. This is a great trick to follow if you plan on wearing printed pants, as pairing a printed or brightly colored top with such pants can overdo the look. This outfit shows that with the right makeup and accessories, even the simplest clothes can look fantastic!

Get Her Look:

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 9 – Sanam Saeed’s Chic Look

Sanam Saeed’s iconic role as Kashaf in her drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai was what brought her into the spotlight. She was shown as a simple girl in the drama. Hence she did not get a chance to show off her fashion sense. But in real life, she has proven her expertise in not just acting but also fashion.

Her look below using the age-old combination of black and white proves just this. The frills on the top and stripes on the pants give it just the little extra something needed. This is a more dressy option and will be ideal for any parties you might have to attend, which require you to dress up classy.

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

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↓ 8 – Mawra Hocane’s Vacation Pick

Mawra Hocane started her career as a VJ along with her sister Urwa Hocane, and both of them are well-known actresses today. They even own a clothing brand together. Mawra’s diverse roles in drama serials like Aangan, Sammi, and Dassi show how good of an actress she is. Her movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 is a must-watch in our opinion!

There is no doubt that Mawra Hocane is an exceptional actress, but it must also be admitted that she is a fashion diva. She is seen below in a gorgeous pair of pink high waisted pants while on vacation. Something significant to note here is how she has used a simple white blouse to pair up her pink trousers. Such a selection of colors allows the brightness to be neutralized.

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

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↓ 7 – Zara Noor Abbas’ Casual Style

Zara Noor Abbas is the niece of veteran actress Bushra Ansari and has shown that exceptional acting skills run in the family. When she first came into the industry, she was ridiculed for being chubby, but she soon shut everyone up with her great acting portrayal in dramas such as Khamoshi and Ehd-e-Wafa. Now everyone adores her!

She is someone who usually sticks to eastern wear but dabbles in western clothing as well. Here she is wearing high waisted bell bottom jeans with a colorful striped blouse. The way the different colors in the blouse have been paired up with a simple black pair of jeans is truly commendable. This look is surely one that you can adopt into your own life!

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 6 – Saba Qamar’s Fall Look

Saba Qamar is the biggest treasure that the Pakistani acting industry possesses. Her work in Baaghi, Cheekh, and Lahore Se Aagey has shown that she can do any role you throw at her. When she portrayed the late Qandeel Baloch in the drama serial Baaghi, she proved she is not afraid of taking risks. And she was then rewarded with love and appreciation by the public!

Her look shown below is one of our favorites and is giving us major fall vibes. She has made use of basic and solid colors and mix and matched to produce a truly wonderful combination. The brown coat’s use to spice up the basic black and white mixture is something to note. When going for such basic combinations adding in another color is always a smart choice. The chained necklaces are also a great touch!

Get Her Look:

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 5 – Iqra Aziz’s Chic Outfit

Iqra Aziz comes in the younger bracket of actresses in Pakistan. She gained fame after her dramas Suno Chanda and Ranjha  Ranjha Kardi. She has since done many more hit dramas and has made her place in the Pakistani public’s hearts due to her cheery and bubbly personality. She recently got married to Yasir Hussien. The couple came under fire for their loved-up public proposal, but the hype soon died down, and today, they are one of the most loved couples of Lollywood!

Her fashion sense switches between eastern and western, but it is known that she rocks both effortlessly. Her outfit in the picture below is trendy and chic. It is a great pick for the younger generation, which also forms most of her fan group. Her shirt has funny writing, and her earrings add the perfect dazzle to her whole look. You could adapt this for an event at your university and look amazingly gorgeous!

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 4 – Ayesha Omar’s Bold Pick

Ayesha Omar has been off the screen for some while now, but she has been part of the industry for a very long time. She has always been seen as one of the most gorgeous actresses of her time, coupled with extraordinary acting skills. She has been taking a break recently and can only be seen active on her social media accounts.

Ayesha Omar mostly wears western clothes. Hence her style in this area is commendable. She isn’t afraid to take risks with her looks, and you can see that in the picture below. She has paired up an orange pair of high waisted pants with a khaki tank top to give us this gorgeous semi-casual assemble. If you are bold like Ayesha, then do include a similar style in your own outfits. As the combination of bright color and print can prove to be a risk worth taking! Here are the Best Pakistani Celebrity Snapchat Accounts To Follow.

Get Her Look:

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 3 – Hania Amir’s Girly Pick

Hania Amir is the new hottie in town, and everyone is totally in love with her! After her dramas Ishqiya and Dilruba gained popularity, she has not seen a downfall. She is considered the cutest young actress in the Pakistani drama and film industry right now. Her work in the movie Parwaz Hai Junoon was also applaudable and helped her set foot in the film industry.

This pastel pink ensemble worn by Hania Amir caught our eye as soon as we saw the post on her Instagram. Here she has paired up a sweater with puffy sleeves with a pair of high waisted baby pink pants. This look is not only simple and cute but also classy and ideal for winters. You could jazz up the look by using accessories such as necklaces and earrings.

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12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 2 – Ayeza Khan’s Simple Look

Ayeza Khan has recently become the most loved actress in the Pakistani tv industry after her work in the hit serial Meray Paas Tum Ho. She portrayed a hard to play a character, and that is exactly why she got as much fame as she did. Today, she is known all over the country, by people of every age, all due to her hard work.

She is rarely seen in western clothing, but here you can see her adorning one here. The combination of white and grey is rarely seen but looks great none the less. The addition of a statement necklace and belt really brings it all together, and you must incorporate this into your daily looks to show how sound your fashion sense is! Have a look at these International Food Chains That You Can Try In Pakistan.

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

↓ 1 – Sophisticated Style Inspiration by Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is the biggest superstar of Lollywood. Her work in multiple tv serials and films has shown the masses just how talented she is. She is also a social activist and works for the betterment of the Pakistani population. Mahira Khan is not only the biggest actress in Pakistan but also a fashion diva.

Her looks are exemplary at all times, whether she is posing for a photoshoot, working, or just relaxing with her friends. Here you can see clicks from her recent photoshoot. The yellow and black combination is working perfectly with the sexy red boots and cheetah print clutch. Her simple makeup and hairdo are truly stealing our hearts!

12 Pakistani Celebrities Wearing High Waisted Pants To Copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are high-waisted pants flattering?

A. High waisted pants are probably the most flattering pants out there. All other types of pants look good on some people while not others, but these are an exception. No matter your body type, you are sure to look glamorous and classy while wearing them. They are slightly more formal than basic jeans, but the type of material that has been used makes a difference in determining their formality. Cotton pants are a lot more casual than silk ones, for example. Hence go for a cloth type that fits the occasion and your body type best, and we are sure you will look ravishing! 

Q. Can I wear high-waisted jeans with a bulging belly?

A. If you have a bulging belly that you want to cover up, then these pants will be the best pick for you. Any other type, like lowrise, will cause you to get a muffin top and will not look good at all. So do not be afraid and go for it!

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