10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

Fashion brands for Pakistani Women. Fashion brands in Pakistan have made a drastic change over the years. Earlier, there were very few brands that were famous and reliable, but with time, more and more brands came into existence and became popular in a short period.

These fashion brands started running victoriously and successfully, and after getting a tremendous response, they started clientele the Pakistani women worldwide. Furthermore, they have their online store too so you can easily visit and choose the attire according to your needs. In each territory, clothing brands reflect climate conditions, and for that, these fashion brands come up with the most unique and innovative campaigns to attract their clients with every coming season.

Best Pakistani Winter Brands for Women

In summers, you may get to see the lawn collection presenting blazing and bright colors. Likewise, winter comes with warm and trendy attires to enjoy the chilling weather. Hence there are more and more choices to pursue the style of your choosing. Here we are mentioning some of the successful and award-winning fashion brands who are being recognized worldwide. These brands are reputable and attained popularity with professionalism, passion, and dedication.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

What are the Specialties of these Brands?

The main specialties of these brands include high-quality fabric, the most beautiful thread, the unique and classical designs using the high-end printing technique with the help of some extremely skilled craftsmen. Meanwhile, each of these fashion brands has an aesthetic sense of presenting their product range. These fashion brands always keep on changing and setting new trends. A couple of years ago, there was a trend of long traditional frocks with churidars; then, the time came when women started wearing short shirts with loose flapper style trousers. Hence once a particular fashion starts becoming popular and followed by several people, it becomes the trend. The soft and pure fabric that has been used by these brands compelled those who once thought about buying the branded items of clothing. On the other hand, the fashion brands in Pakistan sells a special add-on that makes your outfit more glamorous. These include jewelry, bags, cosmetics, shoes, and many other accessories.

The most popular fabrics that these brands produce in Winter include:

  • Khaddar
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Jacquard
  • Cambric
  • Light Khaddar
  • Velvet
  • Cotton Satin

How Did We Decide?

We have shortlisted the Top 10 Winter Fashion Brands Of Pakistan on the basis of Instagram Followers, popularity, and customer reviews on their Facebook pages.

10 – Generation with 792K  Instagram Followers

9 –  Bonanza with 847K Instagram Followers

8 – Alkaram 998K Instagram Followers

7 – Nishat Linen 1 M Instagram Followers

6 – Gul Ahmed 1 M Instagram Followers

5 – Limelight 1.1 M Instagram Followers

4 – Sapphire 1.1 M Instagram Followers

3 – Junaid Jamshed 1.2 M Instagram Followers

2 – Sana Safinaz 1.3M Instagram Followers

1 – Khadi 2.1M Instagram Followers

↓ 10 – Generation

Brand’s Portfolio: Generation is an award-winning fashion brand in Pakistan that was envisioned in 1983 and has become the iconic symbol since then. The brand was established as a solution to the growing demand for fast fashion by urban Pakistani women. Generation presents the classic line, which is all about timeless elegance in a contemporary yet traditional way. The kurtas are available in a plethora of colors with a breezy and flowy look featuring brightly hued zigzag patterns inspired by the heritage fabric of urban cities. The bandhini suits with mirror work detailing are Inspired by the bandhini technique of Sindh. Indeed, Generation is the leading fashion brand in Pakistan that was honored to receive many awards after bringing innovative designs, latest trends, and hand-embroidered pieces to personify women across the globe.

Products Portfolio: Contemporary, Traditional, Fusion, Festive, and Separates.

They only offer pret and not unstitched suits. The high-quality material comes from timeless fabrics like Banarasi jacquards, ginghams, tapestries, and many more.

Best Selling Generation’s Clothing Pieces: One may flaunt herself by wearing the conventional Hand-embroidered kurta with applique and tassel embellishments; the printed flared Angarkha with button details and the long Anarkali shirt are some of the wearable pieces that are appreciated by women of all ages. Likewise, the festive line features a wide range of exquisite wedding and event wear by using incredible printing techniques. For the chic look, Generation presents FLO line for the young fashionistas to make the statement appears.

Popular Winter Product: Jacket shirts in Jacquard

Price range: 1000 PKR to 14,000 PKR available at Generation’s official store.

Store Locations: Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar, which can be located from the Generations store locator.

Generation’s Social Media Handles: Generations Facebook and Generations Instagram

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

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↓ 9 – Bonanza Satrangi

Brand’s Portfolio: Bonanza is the most prominent and recognized fashion brand in Pakistan that brings the most charismatic and majestic collection for both women and men. Bonanza is one of those versatile brands that has recently launched some spectacular fragrances that surrounds you with an aura of charm

Products’ Portfolio: Unstitched, Pret, Separates, Men, Kids, and Women.

From traditional eastern wear to western attires bonanza significantly produces incredible summer, winter, autumn, and festive collections every new year. The unstitched three-piece suits are available in a wide variety of spectacular prints, alluring embroidery with chiffon and lawn dupattas. The men’s collection by bonanza features cambric kurtas and sherwanis with Imperial designs and exceptional craftsmanship to make a lasting impression on your big day.

Best Selling Bonanza Clothing Pieces: The winter collection exudes charm and elegance that is meticulously filled with super trendy warm ensembles. The bold and beautiful cambric kurtis comes in a range of luminous colors and makes your day even more perfect.

Popular Winter Product: Vibrant colored unstitched shirts.

Price range: 1200 PKR to 17,000 PKR available at Bonanza’s official store. 

Store Locations: They have more than 20 store locations all over Pakistan, which you can track via Bonanza’s store locator.

Bonanza Social Media Handles: Bonanza Facebook, Bonanza YouTube, Bonanza Instagram

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 8 – Alkaram

Brand’s Portfolio: Alkaram is a well-known fashion brand in Pakistan that sells clothing, apparel, and fashion accessories. It brings a variety of colors and fabric by the yard with harmonious collection having basic, geometric, and linear patterns. With every coming season, this brand creates utterly new vibes by launching unique dresses. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Alkaram’s festive collection, and Ayeza Khan, in particular, has been seen the most in their ads and promotional events.

Products’ Portfolio: MAK, Men, Kids, Women, Home Unstitched, Pret, and Accessories.

Their whole new range of ready to wear Kurtis includes The printed jacquard Kurtis, cambric kurtis, and cotton twirl Kurtis that are undoubtedly breathable and lightweight and perfect on the go outfit. One can Embrace a regal look by wearing Alkaram’s three pieces of the festive collection made of luxurious fabric, embroidery, and embellishments. Other than the clothing range, you may experience peace and comfort with Alkaram’s home harmony range of simple yet elegant essential bedding.

Best Selling Alkaram’s Clothing Pieces: Mak by Alkaram studio is a line that’s dedicated to young girls, and it includes both stitched and unstitched suits.

Popular Winter Product: Zarri shirts in royal prints, denim shirts, and printed dobby shirts.

Price: 500 to 10,000 PKR available at Alkaram official site.

Store Locations: Alkaram has more than 50 store locations all over Pakistan, which can be exactly located by their store locator.

Social Media Handles: Alkaram Facebook, Alkaram Twitter, Alkaram Instagram, Alkaram YouTube.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 7 – Nishat Linen

Brand’s Portfolio: The idea behind Nishat linen was to transform fashion by incorporating cultural values into a wide variety of designs and ideas. This fashion brand comes at the top for those who are aiming for sophistication and elegance while choosing their attire. It brings the colors of the east with great panache. It’s one of the most well-equipped modern and largest vertically integrated companies in Pakistan who was honored to receive the recognition award for innovation in textile design.

Products’ Portfolio: Men, Women, Kids, Accessories and Home Linen.

Nishat produces the finest quality fabric with eye-catching prints and cuts that are modern, stylish yet simple. The fashion brand deals with unstitch stitch collection by creating designs that are refined and unique. The Winter’18 collection ‘for all of you’ will flaunt a once beautiful personality and you may fall in love with traditions and hazy hues. Nishat linen also features an entirely beautiful collection of shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry.

New Arrival: They have also introduced a special line recently, which includes abayas, jilbabs, and hijabs in beautiful prints and colors.

Popular Winter Products: Khaddar jackets and cape shawls.

Price range: 1400 PKR to 8,000 PKR available at Nishat Linen online store.

Store Location: The stores of Nishat Linen are located not all over Pakistan but in UAE too which can be located by their store locator.

Social Media Handles: Nishat Linen Facebook, Nishat Linen Twitter, Nishat Linen Instagram, and Nishat Linen YouTube.  

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 6 – Gul Ahmed

Brand’s Portfolio: This fashion brand was established in the early ’90s and became one of the iconic brands of Pakistan. From weaving to printing and embellishments to embroidery, it assures to provide the best quality fabric and outstanding services. Ideas by Gul Ahmed are another name for reliability, threads of perfection, and colors of imagination.

Products’ Portfolio: Ideas Pret, Men, Women, Mid Summer, Accessories, Unstitched, Ideas Home.

The fashion brand has presented a wide range of clothing lines that include unstitched dresses, ready to wear kurtis that are mostly preferred by teenage girls in Pakistan, and available in a variety of trendy yet chic lawn fabric, the pret wear by Gulahmed adores by women across the globe. More recently they have introduced the phenomenal kids wear as well. Ideas by Gulahmed not only impressing us by their clothing line but indeed they are one of the most renowned brands for home accessories such as bed sheets, pillows, gorgeous comforters and a variety of bags and shoes.

Popular products to buy: 3-piece suits with woolen shawls

Price: 1000 PKR to 25,000 PKR available at Gul Ahmed online store. 

Store Locations: Gul Ahmed has a number of stores in Pakistan, the UK, and UAE which can be located by their store locator. 

Social Media Handles: Gul Ahmed Facebook, Gul Ahmed Instagram, Gul Ahmed Twitter, Gul Ahmed Vimeo and Gul Ahmed YouTube.   

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 5 – Limelight

Brand’s Portfolio: Limelight, one of the foremost fashion brands in Pakistan, started in 2010 with refined textures and swanky fabrics. The brand first launched its women’s clothing line that brings colors east and west with traditional and western wear side by side

Products’ Portfolio: Ready to Wear Pret, Cambric Unstitched, Western, Bottoms, Formal, Bags, Scarves, Jewelry, Shoes, Men, Jewelry Girls wear collection.

The traditional clothing line consists of both stitched and unstitched fabrics for choosing and adopting the style in your way. The embroidered silk kurtas are available in enormous outstanding prints embellished with stone or pearl work over the neckline. On the other hand, western wear with funky embellishment and statement style is perfect on the go outfit for any occasion. The popular fashion brand then further extended to bottoms, bags, clutches, wallets, wraps, sleepwear, jewelry, and accessories to make your outfit even more glamorous.

Popular winter product: Unstitched Formal Wear

Price range: 1000 to 5,000 PKR for unstitched and up to 10,000 PKR for stitched formal suits available on Limelight official store.

Store Location: Limelight has more than 15 store locations all over Pakistan that can be located by their store locator.

Social Media Handles: LimeLight SnapChat, LimeLight Facebook and LimeLight Instagram.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 4 – Sapphire

Brand Portfolio: Sapphire is known to be the largest high street brand in the textile industry. Sapphire is proclaimed to be the high-end brand of Pakistan. It received an overwhelming response from clients in Pakistan as well as worldwide.

Products’ Portfolio: Western Wear, Kids, Shoes, Bags, Menswear, Home Accessories, Unstitched and Stitched collection.

Their clothing range has something for everyone. From daily wear to party wear and formal wear to Silk featuring ethnic and classical Prints that are made of 100 percent pure fabric. The ready to wear Kurtis comes in radiant colors with different cuts and flairs. To elevate your outfit, this leading fashion brand in Pakistan features some must-have accessories. The tussle earrings, diamontes bracelet, gorgeous bags, and unique shoe collection are some of the classic pieces that women would love to have with their apparel.

Popular winter product: 3-piece khaddar suits in vibrant colors and embroideries.

New Arrival: For the perfect fall look, sapphire launches its gorgeous collection ‘bohemia’ that is specially designed for the alluring look and uniqueness that dwell in every woman.

Impactful Sapphire’s  Marketing Campaigns: These fashion brands are the biggest influencer for the women, and for that, sapphire recently started an inspiring campaign ‘turn up the pink’ that ranges exclusive kurtas for highlighting breast cancer awareness.

Price range: 2,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR available at Sapphire’s online store.

Store Locations: There are more than 20 stores located all over Pakistan. They have stores in the UK, USA, Canada which can be located by their Store locator.

Social Media Handles: Sapphire Facebook, Sapphire Instagram, and Sapphire YouTube.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 3 – Junaid Jamshed

Brand’s Portfolio: Junaid Jamshed came into existence in 2000 and became a well-known brand in Pakistan. The idea behind this fashion brand was to make one look glamorous in shalwar kameez and to represent the traditional dress of Pakistan in a decent and modest way. The fashion brand now also presents aromatic fragrances that are vibrant, rich and exhilarating.

Products’ Portfolio: Fragrances, Makeup, Men, Women, Girls, and Boys wear.

Earlier it was a fashion brand for menswear, but later on, it received immense acknowledgment for launching women’s attires. From unstitched embroidered dresses to stitched ready to wear Kurtis they are available in most classic prints, using numerous lively colors that are indeed season’s foremost choice for women. The perfect pre-winter collection of this year brings abstract lines with a burst of colorful tassels which is exactly what teens are looking for. Junaid Jamshed also features kids ensembles that look super cute and adorable. The fabric is 100 percent pure, which is super soft and comfy,  and available in many varieties that include chiffon, cotton, dobby, viscose, net, and organza. In addition to that, J. makeup collection made tremendous success by creating the best quality cosmetic that is also halal. And here’s a List Of All Halal Makeup Brands In The World (Certified).

Popular winter product: Stitched Angrakhas

Price range: 2,000 to 12,000 PKR for unstitched suits. on their online store.

Store Locator of Junaid Jamshed’s brand is currently out of order.

Social Media Handle: J. Facebook, J. Instagram, J. Twitter, J. Pinterest, J. Linkedln.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 2 – Sana Safinaz

Brand’s Portfolio: Sana Safinaz has made a tremendous impact on the Pakistani fashion industry. They are among the most popular fashion brands in Pakistan who made their name with passion and dedication in a very short span of time.

Products’ Portfolio: Unstitched Fabric, Ready to Wear, Accessories and Pants.

Sana Safina features a wide variety of digital, floral, and abstract summer festive prints assuring the quality of the fabric. Recently, they have launched beautiful and effortlessly chic silk and chiffon collection. From unstitch fabric to ready to wear dresses Sana Safinaz has always satisfied their clients in setting trends and pushing boundaries. The brand exudes sophistication with a timeless appeal.

New Arrival: Muzlin Winter features a crisp and clean collection infused with the hues of winter with a traditional feel.

Price range: 3,000 PKR to 16,000 PKR for unstitched Winter suits available on their online store.

Popular winter product: Digital printed scarves and shirts in Khaddar.

Store Locations: All the stores located in various cities of Pakistan can be located by their store locator.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women

↓ 1 – KHADI

Brand’s Portfolio: Khaadi is one of the preeminent fashion brands in Pakistan that needs no introduction. It was founded in 1998 by Chief Executive Officer, Shamoon Sultan and since its inception, it has become one of the most iconic retail forces in Pakistan.

Products’ Portfolio: Home, Beauty, Women, Kids, Accessories, Pret, Khas and Chapter 2

Khadi received an incredible response from day one. Opened its first outlet from the Zamazama store in Karachi and then expanded into 46 other stores in 17 cities all over Pakistan. After achieving worldwide recognition, Khaadi launched its outlets in other countries that include the UK and UAE. It offers a wide clothing range which include women, men and kids wear, accessories comprises of handbags, jewelry, and stoles and other home textiles. It introduced the ancient craft of handloom. The traditional hand embroidery on Kurtis along with floral, abstract and some funky prints are signature pieces by khadi. The fabric quality of khadi is outstanding. Khadi features Unstitched luxury collection, pret wear summer and winter collections. In addition to that, Khadi Khaas presents an opulent and luxurious collection for festivals and special occasions. Khadi classic collection sets the stage for a vintage feel, embellished with delicate adornments. With every coming season, it features unique, exciting, and fascinating attires from teenage girls to women of a decent age. It is one of the most dominant winter brands amongst women and its hottest prints sell out within days of launching.

Popular winter product: Denim kurtas and stitched pants.

Price range: 1400 to 18,000 PKR for unstitched winter suits available on their online store.

Store Locator: Khadi’s brand presence is not in Pakistan but is in the UK, USA, Canada, and UAE too. The store locations can be exactly located by their store locator.

Social Media Handles: Khadi Facebook, Khadi, Twitter, and Khaddi Instagram.

10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women


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