15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

DIY Halloween Decor Ideas: Halloween is near, and everyone is excited to show up some creative ideas for Halloween this year. The countdown for Halloween has been started! So, don’t wait and grab all the things and follow these DIY ideas.  Well, if you have a creative mind, believe me, it’s the right time to show the talent of your creativity. Whether you want a creative and scary theme or a cute one, following these 17 easy DIY Halloween décor ideas will scare everyone.

Moreover, there are various ideas that are creepy as well as scary and require little effort. You can decorate your house with Halloween decorations like Spooky Tattered Curtains, Cameo Cookie Display, Spider wreath, Broom door decor, Bat branches, Hanging cage prop, Boo banner, Skull string art, and Creepy crystal balls. Well, there are a lot more and in this article, you will get to know all.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

How can you Create Easy DIY Halloween Décor?

It’s the question that everyone is concerned about, but actually, how can you create easy DIY Halloween décor? However, if you keep reading this article, you will get ideas for scary Halloween decorations, and it’s the best way to frighten your friends. Check below the different Amazing tips to make Halloween décor.

Tips on Selecting Your Halloween Décor:

A few tips will help you get the scary and haunted look for Halloween:

  • Always go for outdoor DIY Halloween décor and keep it scary. Well, you can invite witches to welcome your guests! But I am joking! Don’t do this. However, you can have a black pumpkin in front of the door.
  • What if you serve chocolates in the form of googly eyes? Although, it is a spooky idea. Serve them in a black bowl. Creepy, but according to the event!
  • Invitations are the most important thing, so don’t forget to invite guests with a creative invitation card or you can use a pumpkin to invite some major guests.
  • Don’t forget to try DIY red paint hack for making bloodstream or spray it on the wall for a horror look.

I believe you are more creative and have some smashing outclass haunting ideas for Halloween, Right? 

Where to Set Up Your Halloween Décor?

Why not have a creative DIY Halloween décor at your home? However, you can arrange a spooky and scary party at home, in a club, farmhouse, or Halloween scavenger hunt. Well, in my view, home is the best place to organize spooky DIY Halloween décor. In this way, you can arrange different games along with scary costumes and decorations.

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15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

When to make DIY Halloween Décor?

You should ideally start working on your Halloween decor at least 3-4 weeks before Halloween so you have ample time to prepare and plan. Most decorative items get sold out quickly before Halloween so the first task should be to make a shopping list and get everything that you’ll need.

17 – Creepy Spiderweb Wall– Easy DIY Halloween Décor

Here comes the super creepy and spooky Halloween decor idea. Make a creepy spiderweb wall by using fake spiderweb material across a wall. Make artificial branches and paint them with black color. This is the best idea for a haunted house on Halloween.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


16 – Bewitching Pumpkins

Make your own witch by using pumpkins and give a pumpkin stack a pointed hat and back bag cape to make it look like a witch. Paint the eyes and put anything to make a mouth. Well, if you want to make it scarier, then bring a real witch. Oops! Joking 😀

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


15 – Feather Wreath

“At first cock-crow the ghosts must go. Back to their quiet graves below.” – Theodosia Garrison
Well, you know that you will look super scary when you wear a feather wreath having a realistic crow on it. A DIY feather wreath is a good option for Halloween décor. You have to buy a simple wreath, a black spray, a glue stick, and a realistic crow prop. Try this out for your friends also.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween
15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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14 – Floral Pumpkin for Décor

If you want to make a wow-centerpiece for your tables on Halloween, you will probably not miss this for a pumpkin décor for a centerpiece.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

Give your Halloween a next-level decor by having a skull as a centerpiece. Decorate it with flowers to make a cute ghostly look. You will get two in one!

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


Look at this centerpiece, it is unbelievingly beautiful and sophisticated. You can make this at home with a black pumpkin and flowers around it. It looks divine!

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


13 – Printable Halloween Garland– Cute Halloween Decorations

How cute these printable Halloween garlands are! You can give this artwork task to your children and let them decorate it using spooky eyes. Your kids won’t disappoint you, and it turns out to be an adorable Halloween garland.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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12 – Paper Bats

Well, this is the super easy DIY hack for scary Halloween decorations. You can do this for both indoor and outdoor décor. Although, if you want to add ghostly and devil touch to your Halloween décor, then grab chart paper, pencil, and glue. Draw a bat and fold the creases opposite ways to make the wings. Attach the bats with long red-colored strings to hang them on the door or to the roof.

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15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

11 – DIY Halloween Bug Art Display

This is also an easy DIY Halloween décor idea because you need to put some effort and creativity into making bug art displays for the walls. Therefore to make this happen you need frames and different colors of paper, glue, and scissors.
Carefully cut different shapes of bugs and cut them using scissors. Attach bug art on the wall directly using a glue stick or fix them in frames. It will look outstanding along with red and orange neon lights.

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15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

10 – Craft a Pumpkin Topiary– Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas

This stacked pumpkin and feather topiary concept will add a festive touch to your front porch. Faux pumpkins will use in this DIY hack, but actual pumpkins might also be a good idea for decor. Well, it is the best idea to welcome guests, and black and white pumpkins will also look scary at night.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween
15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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9 – Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Trust me, guys! It is the best DIY hack for Halloween décor. If you have any used or spare wine bottles in your kitchen, then Halloween is the time to show creativity from used stuff. However, coat antique wine bottles in matte-black spray paint to give them a sinister makeover. Place an orange taper candle in each opening once it has dried.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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8 – Bubbling Cauldron

You know it is the best idea to add a horror touch to the environment. Dark, dim lights with a bubbling cauldron are such a spooky setup for Halloween décor. Moreover, you can tuck battery-operated LED lights into a grapevine wreath, then add tissue paper flames and a cauldron on top. Fill your pot with dry ice and your favorite Halloween cocktail. Well, it seems like a 90 cool Halloween decorating ideas.

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15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween


15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

7 – Spider Web Cake for Halloween

How can we forget about our delicious and horrifying cake? However, adding a simple decorating cake will make your guests believe you spent a lot of time and effort on them. Well, I am not saying to bring the original spider for the cake, but plastic spiders can be added to the top.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

6 – Giant Balloon Spiders for Halloween Décor

You can easily make a DIY giant balloon spider for Halloween decoration. Well, there are other ideas as well except this one. You can tie your balloons with pom-pom spiders, and they will take over your house. Moreover, they will add a cute touch with spooky décor.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

To make this giant balloon for Halloween decor you have to show up with some perfect creativity. Blow up one huge black balloon for the body and a smaller black balloon for the head. To make the spider, tie the two balloons together. Moreover, you can use hangers or craft wire to make the legs. Black faux fur and hot glue will require to make it more realistic and gloomy.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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5 – Horror Face Masks

If you are a creative person, then these DIY horror face masks won’t be a big deal for you, Right? You can make these at home with hard chart paper and paint it and draw anything you want.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

OH MY GOSH!! This is the super amazing and creative look for Halloween. I would rate 10 out of 10 for this. As this is the time of COVID, you can wear a mask and look spooky at the same time. You need few things;

  • Orange fabric or orange mask.
  • Black oversized ric rac
  • Black paint
  • Jack-o-lantern template
15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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4 – Lantern Post Sign– Halloween Decoration Ideas Outdoor

This Halloween, there’s no better way to parody the famous Macbeth quote than with a homemade directional signpost. With black and orange stripes, and a faux raven watch guard at the top, keep things on a theme.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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3 – Night Owl– Another Easy DIY Halloween Décor

If you are planning to scare your friends out with Halloween décor, you should try this DIY hack. Spray paint plastic or ceramic Owl and add red glitter or glow-in-the-dark paint to their eyes to create your spooky zoo. However, you can easily get the plastic owl online or from a shop.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

You can make DIY Owl by using pumpkins like this.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween
15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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2 – Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Clings

Impress everyone with glow-in-the-dark Halloween clings and make your Halloween more enchanting this year. Grab neon paints and printable stencils for the décor.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

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1 – Tissue Paper Pumpkin Party Favors

With orange tissue paper and green tape, you can make these fun bundles in no time. This is going to be a hell of fun. Cut the tissue paper into circles, fill the middle with your favorite variety of candies, and gather the edges until you have a lovely pumpkin. You can wrap green tape or green paper around pumpkins. Well, it is necessary to have some good food but in fascinating packaging. This DIY is the best, I believe.

15 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for Halloween

You can also find some good ideas and inspiration from these Thrilling Carnival Theme Party Decoration Ideas.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are some DIY Halloween decorations?

A: There are different and creative ideas that will look scary and make your party looks horror. Check a few ideas below.

  • Leaf Motif Pumpkins.
  • Etched Vine Topiary Pumpkin.
  • Bittersweet Wrapped Pumpkin.
  • Wine Bottle Candlesticks.
  • Bushels-of-Fun Halloween Party.
  • Bubbling Cauldron.
  • Horror Novel Door.
  • Creepy Spiderweb Wall.

Q: How can I decorate for Halloween cheap?

A: Don’t worry, we got you. You will get to know the most amazing ideas for Halloween decoration but at a cheap cost:

  • Turn your door into a mummy with cheap toilet paper.
  • Repurpose a rake as a wreath.
  • Create a ghost out of paper rings.
  • Turn milk jugs into ghosts.
  • Balloons turn an ordinary bulletin board into a pumpkin.
  • Make ghosts from a tablecloth and tomato cages.

Q: What kind of decorations do people put for Halloween?

A: Scarecrows, cornhusks, fall leaves, dried wheat, pumpkins land various gourds, and many other fall-themed symbols are frequently utilized to provide a bright touch to fall and Halloween decorating. In today’s market, you can get anything related to Halloween decorations because there is a variety of things and decor items.

Q: How do I make my house look abandoned for Halloween?

A: Halloween is the big day to celebrate and party hard. However, it’s time to start preparing and making plans for that day. Make your house look haunted for Halloween.

  • Cover Your Walls.
  • Drape Spider Webs.
  • Add Lots of Candles.
  • Buy Some Animated Halloween Props.
  • Make Things Glow In The Dark.
  • Add Critters and Other Creepy Decorations.
  • Hang Spooky Pictures.
  • Use Real Dead Flowers.
  • Spooky window decals
  • Glittering with door decorations
  • Scary signs
  • Bottle faces
  • Floating ghosts

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