10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023 

Top Pakistani beauty bloggers: With the profession of blogging emerging now, more than ever before, the competitiveness is demanding, and the quality is fiercely competing to get more ranking with millions of blogs on fashion that can easily make you a real fashion diva.

These blogs will help update and inform you from making up a single outfit to constituting an entire wardrobe for a season, the options and the selectiveness are expanding. With western fashion blogs ruling the game, we can tell you that while being in Pakistan, you still have a lot to look up to. These fashion blogs initiated by Pakistani women will surely teach you to nail your fashion instincts and style and how to shop the best while being in Pakistan. So, practically your Pakistani manner is safe in their hands.

Which Pakistani Bloggers Should You Follow

To get to know more about their fabulous fashion tips and tweaks, follow their fashion blogs, and get to learn more about your own fashion culture that you may not have known before.  Go over to these blogs to learn makeup tips starting from beginner to expert. Watch these beauty blogger’s tutorials on their websites and Instagram accounts to learn how to achieve that perfect look for all of the events that you have to attend this year.

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

Smart Makeup Photography Tips

But before you dive into this article, we have a few essential tips that you must follow while doing your make up this year! Have a look and happy learning!

  • Be Minimalist: Keep your make up minimal as the no-makeup makeup look is the new trend. Long gone is the era of smoky eyes in bold red lips; it’s all about the pink and straightforward makeup.
  • Tinting: Lip and cheek tint will be your best friend! Forget powder blush and get yourself a bottle of a cheek tint to give yourself a classy everyday glam, while letting the lip tint give your lips a natural redness and fullness instead of the fear of smudging your lipstick all day.
  • Home Remedies Work! Yes, natural and home remedies are a great way of taking care of yourself long term, but don’t be afraid of using some products for skin and hair care, and to out some makeup to give yourself an instant refreshed look.
  • Try Being Makeup-Free Sometimes: Don’t be afraid to go makeup-free and care face! Learn to embrace your inner beauty before you worry about the other beauty and live your life with confidence because if you’re confident, it graduates off you, creating a bubble of good vibes around you that no one and nothing can burst!

How Did We Decide

We used their views on posts, Instagram followers, and likes to put together this list of the top 10 Pakistani beauty bloggers to follow:

 10 – Red Alice Rao

9 – Ayesha Talks Beauty

8 – Nayab Loves

7 – Sehrish Adeel’s Blog

6 – The Beauty Finds

5 – Sara Hassan’s Blog

4 – Jannat Mirza

3 – Farah Haris

2 – Sidra Beauty

1 -Fatima Irfan Shaikh

10 – Red Alice Rao

Who’s Red Alice Rao: She is the stylish work of Maliha Rao, who glamorizes her obsession with the color red and stuns her followers with the tons of top-notch fashion tips that she masters in giving. The uniqueness and the diversity with which she pulls off her blog have earned her some noteworthy recognition outside Pakistan’s borders. As of some news and records, her blog is internationally known by platforms such as retail PR UK.

What’s Her Blog All About: Her blue hair and bubbly personality go perfectly together, which makes her posts and reviews just that much more fun as you don’t have to sit through someone talking in a monotonous voice. If you genuinely want the thorough and fiercely honest reviews of new products in the market, then checking out this blog first is a good idea.

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 9 – Ayesha Talks Beauty

Who’s Ayesha: The cool blogger behind Ayesha talks beauty has got a bit more expertise than just fashion and marks her awesomeness in the area of photography and jewelry making as well. For absolutely simple makeup looks and how to achieve them with the help of some useful tutorials, this blog is a gold mine!

Why Follow Ayesha’s Blog: Her makeup looks are surely something, and you should get a good look at them, because not only does she cracks excellent makeup look but the color combination tricks are pretty phenomenal too. You will find some ecstatic samples from her many portfolios on her blog.  You can also purchase jewelry that she designs herself. As she likes to call herself, “jewelry designer by day, makeup geek by night,” and it fits as she is great at both the things she does. Don’t believe how that works? Feel free to follow her on Facebook.

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 8 – Nayab Loves

Getting to Know Nayab More: Nayab loves another lovely addition to our blog list that has something that most followers can relate to easily. The blogger is an Islamabad-based beauty and lifestyle fashionista that bombards her blog with her makeup-inspired snaps and excellent swatches combination. She also has a good enough knack for giving thorough reviews on brands and products that offer her followers a good look and heads up before trying anything, which is a significant factor as to why she had got a good blogging platform.

What’s Nayab about Nayab’s Blog: Her reviews are honest and unbiased, which is why she is a trustworthy blogger for when you are researching your next makeup purchase. We understand that makeup is an investment, and hence you should only get the best of the best, and so does she. So head over to her blog and check out her reviews right now!

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 7 – Sahrish Adeel’s Blog

Sahrish Adeel’s Portfolio: Although the blogger is Malaysia-based, she still stands as a famous Pakistani blogger. Sahrish Adeel is not just any blogger but has worked her best to achieve this spot, which includes her fabulous invention of an entirely new shade of a nail polish named ‘Majesty.’  And this name truly suits her personality and work as well. A mother of a boy, she proves that women can work while maintaining and managing the families at the same time with ease. She is truly a boss lady who is ready for any challenges.

What to Look for in Sahrish’s Beauty Blogs: Apart from giving top-notch makeup goals to her followers, she also has got an edge over amazing styling tweaks and hair cutting looks. You can also find tutorials by popular makeup brands, both international and local, organized under various categories, something you rarely see in Pakistani blogs. Still, Sahrish Adeel is always one step ahead. You can watch her haircut tutorials to learn how to cut and style hair at home comfortably or watch her make up videos to learn the basics and techniques of achieving the ultimate flawless look.

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10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 6 – The Beauty Finds

All About Bia: The blogger Bia has got an extensive knowledge of brands and makeup looks and make sure her followers get a thorough update on every single update in the makeup market. If you are missing out on well-written blogs, then this is the blog where you will come across some excellent quality content and reviews by Bia. She has got a knack for makeup and trends, but she brings out the class in her writing as well, and we can’t help but admire her for both!

Why Hit Follow Button on Bia’s Blog: To get your hands on everything trendy, this is the blog to follow. You can tell she truly works hard by looking at her content and seeing all the detail she goes into just so her followers get the full, accurate picture of all products and techniques. Her blog posts, like the monthly favorites, provide a quick and easy guide to new products in the market that are worth purchasing and trying out. Her reviews of each product will also help you choose from her favorites as she understands how important it is to buy the right kind of makeup for you.

Image result for the beauty finds

↓ 5 – Sara Hassan’s Blog

Who She Is: This blogger has got a nice touch when it comes to informing the followers about which product to buy, why they should buy it, and whether if it’s worth the money. Not only is her blog informative of various makeup products, but also does she give authentic and helpful reviews on them. She is indeed a desi wonder woman as she shapes all her recommendations according to the preferences and needs of desi girls.

Why Follow Sara’s Beauty Blogs: She makes sure she keeps all her readers in mind while recommending products. She is completely unbiased during reviews and first looks of products allowing her to give you the best possible list of products to try out for yourself according to what suits and compliments you the most. Hence, if you are looking for a blogger that will give you true and unbiased reviews, then head over to her blog and get your share of honest and truthful reviews and recommendations.

Image result for sara hassans blog

↓ 4 – Jannat Mirza

Who She Is: Jannat Mirza is a new and upcoming beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Pakistan. Her blog is Instagram based, as it is the case with most bloggers these days in the modern age of social media. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her daily looks, and whatever is going on in her life at that moment. You can use her account as inspiration for outfits and makeup as her looks, and makeup are always perfect. And flawless, and also on ideas on how to accessorize your outfits and how to style your hair.

Why Follow Her Blogs: She is sweet and true to herself person. She has collaborated with comedians Shahveer Jafry and Zaid Ali for funny videos and skits. So her blog will not only present you with inspiration for your next look but provide you with immense entertainment. Be sure to follow her right away to enjoy these privileges!

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 3 – Farah Haris

Who is She: If there’s ever a viral makeup trend in the market or on the internet, chances are she is already talking about it on her blog. She’s always ahead of her game in the era of fashion blogging, especially in Pakistan, where fashion blogging has not yet gained that required stamina. She can easily update you regarding the new products along with their necessary pros and cons. With this blog, you can never be just blank as to what products are right for you and your skin, and you also won’t be missing out on the new makeup trends because she’s that big of a makeup reporter.

Why Hit the Follow Button: Her account will provide you with quick and easy makeup tips, some great skin care tips and products as well as reviews about new products and information about upcoming products. Her blog will prove to be your favorite when it comes to taking care of yourself! Her easy, step by step tutorials are also ideal for beginners as they allow you to truly dissect what goes into a beautiful glam, simple or not. Her step by step guide is a gem to be kept updated on. It allows great help for beginners as well as people who want to revisit the basics because they’re missing something from their looks.

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10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 2 – Sidra Beauty

Who Is She: She knows a thing or two about shopping in Karachi. And that’s enough. Because this blogger will be your complete travel guide while you shop in a place as diverse as Karachi. With updates on prices, venues, and quality, you can only buy the best there is.

Why Follow Sidra’s Blogs: She keeps you updated on all new happenings in the fashion and makeup world as that is her real profession. And she does a great job at it! Her blogs help you keep up with the new and changing world of beauty and fashion, what more could you ask for?

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023

↓ 1 –Fatima Irfan Shaikh’s Glossips

Who Is She: Her blog is filled with dainty eye-makeup looks that overpower other blogs in this area. Not only is she a makeup enthusiast, but she also gives rather catchy tips on rocking your every eye-makeup look. She is a Karachi based blogger who not only teaches you about makeup but also gives you travel and food reviews. She is a real lifestyle blogger. Her blog has posts about everything you can imagine!

What Fatima Blogs About: If you want to follow an all-inclusive blog that allows you to get information about a bunch of things at once, then this is the blog for you. Follow her right away and allow yourself to indulge in all that her blog has to offer about makeup, fashion, travel, and food!

10 Top Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2023


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