10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Top Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Pakistan is immensely talented with very hardworking and successful women who are working both at home and outside the country making Pakistan to be proud. They are fully utilizing their potential by the use of their abilities in given opportunities. But the fact is most of them had to go through a lot of hurdles, hardships and difficulties to get the name where they are now. Like in this list we see Pakistan’s successful female entrepreneurs  who have managed to achieve the best. We have compiled the 10 most successful female entrepreneurs of our country.

Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#1- Nabila Maqsood

The very hardworking and successful in the name of fashion industry opened her first salon in 1986. She is very famous Pakistani hair stylist and makeup artist. Nabila has worked very hard and now she has also opened a Men’s Salon and a nail Salon. She is very talented artist who is bringing new innovations everyday. Her clients are very famous Pakistani celebrities.

Nabila-Maqsood 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#2- Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is very successful name in IT world and is acting as president of PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Associations). The organization provides best software products to its clients. Jehan Ara also has a very successful name in marketing field and media communication for almost three decades.

Jehan-_Ara 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#3- Kalsoom Lakhani

Another successful entrepreneur Kalsoom Lakhani is the CEO of I2I Invest to Innovate who trains the entrepreneurs. Founder of CHUP (Changing Up Pakistan), co-ambassador of SandBox and member of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers. She carries the Masters Degree from Washington University and Bachelor’s degree from Virginia.

kalsoom-lakhani-invest2innovate-768x1024 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#4- Salma Jafri

Salma Jafri founder of WorldPL.net i.e a platform that gives opportunity to entrepreneurs who wants to put their marketing content via social media. She started leading the world PL in 2008. The main focus of organization is content and blog writing. She is recognized as successful ‘Content Marketer”.

20161006145134-ScreenShot2016-10-06at105057AM-1024x683 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#5- Roshaneh Zafar

The very successful business woman Roshaneh Zaffar is the president of Kashf Foundation. The foundation is working for education and financial funding of women in rural areas to spread literacy and awareness. Educated from Yale University, did job in World Bank and left it to start the foundation in 1996. The foundation has strong branches in Sindh, KPK and Balochistan.

Roshane-Zafar-copy 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#6- Maria Umer

Founder of online portal Women’s Digital League WDL that provides digital services to women. This league is enabling women to earn profit comfortably by sitting in their home. The women work online mainly on data entry, graphic designing, wordpress and content writing. She is one of the most successful business entrepreneur in Pakistan who encourage the women and provide a digital platform to work comfortably.

picture-278058 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#7- Sabeen Mehmood

Sabeen Mehmood own a Second Floor Cafe T2F in Karachi which was introduced by Peace Niche. This organization is also directed by Sabeen. It is a place where peoples gather and talk about activism , art, culture, political conflicts through cultural engagement. Sabeen Mahmud is also a President of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE ) in Karachi. Her biggest dream is to change the world through technology. So T2F is a part of her dream.

sabeen_mahmud-1024x576 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#8- Sidra Qasim

Very young entrepreneur Sidra Qasim introduced the handcrafted shoes on the internet. She is the co founder of shoe company Markhor. From here the handcraft shoes from biggest crafts artist are sold to the world. She has a lot of clients in Europe, so she is trying to build an image of Pakistan through hard work.

QMDjMD4t 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#9- Saba Gul

Another dominant entrepreneur Saba Gul established the Fashion Enterprise BLISS which is now called popinjay. The enterprise produces handmade high quality bags. Saba Gul a highly talented social entrepreneur is a MIT graduate and a talented engineer.

maxresdefault-1024x576 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan

#10- Sheeba Najmi

Studied from Stanford University started her career from a News Reporter in a Pakistani Channel. She is the founder of Code For Pakistan which reframes the relationships between local government and citizens.  She is very talented in design management and also  works as a Growth Hacker at Tradecraft, World Bank Consultant,  Cloudwords Inc.Design Consultant and is on the Board of Advisors of Go-Fig Solutions.

maxresdefault-1-1024x576 10 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of Pakistan


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