Best Celebrities Long Hairstyle Trends 2020 to Follow

Celebrities Long Hairstyle Trends. Like it or not, many people like to refer to their favourite celebrities when it comes to styling their hair. This is a sure way of discovering the latest trends in the hair circles. Styling your hair like Jennifer Anniston or Jared Leto’s latest look gives you a kick of confidence. If you prefer long hair, there are numerous high flying celebrities who are already setting the standards.

When you refer to your favourite sports or movie idol for inspiration, you end up looking the part. Rocking those long vintage hair looks is okay, but you want to live in the now. Whether you want to grow longer locks or you want to style your already overgrown hair, celebrities are a good starting point. At least, you will have an idea about the colours, the best electric shavers  trending ideas and what style is turning heads for long hair fanatics.

Before you start styling to look like your favourite movie star, there is a need to know more about the right styling products. Equally, you need to know how to prepare the long hair for a specific style, and you need to now all there’s to know about maintaining your long locks.

Kim Kardashian

One celebrity who exemplifies long hair looks that fit the vintage and contemporary look is Kim Kardashian. Her stylish long wave with a pronounced side parting makes it possible to show off her earrings. Her style comes with soft looks and no hint of stiffness. The long hair looks are a result of healthy maintenance and elaborate preparation. Such a style requires the use of appropriate shampoo and conditioner. It’s advisable to use shampoo that condition rather than dries the hair. The use of hair hydrating mask is recommended for such a look.

Chris Hemsworth

The Thorstar will keep his long hair flowing and loose, or he will keep it sleek and combed. Hemsworth keeps the locks looking inspiring with a length starting below the jaw line. His is the quintessential display of how long haired men can keep a modest look. Such a look requires sparing use of styling products to avoid a greasy look that can end up spoiling or encumbering the long locks look.


Whereas she is the queen of the stage, Beyoncé rocks long ringlets and voluminous show-stopping waves. Her fearless attitude with her long hair makes it the perfect approach in a career where she is expected to pull as many looks as possible on and off the stage. To pull such a hair feat, it’s important to adhere to the notion that consistent hair care will create captivating curls. It requires regular treatment at least every 1-2 months. The use of hydrating mask and oil will replenish nutrients and turn around the dry hair.

Jared Leto

Leto has always sported the glossy more hair look that denotes the rock star quality in his character and personality. Long hair fanatics will die for Leto’s look any day. The ombre can be applied to all hair types and colours; the darker the better. If you are a brunette or a blond, a stylists’ input will go a long way in helping you to pull the right look. At home, use a rich mask to keep the colour lively and set.

Nicole Scherzinger

One style that will keep your long hair game on top in 2019 is braiding. You can follow Scherzinger’s braid trick to update your long locks. Her trademark fishtail braid is to die for. This simply demonstrates that long hair doesn’t have to be boring. You can use the style as inspiration and see how braids can magnify your majestic locks with creative braiding on the front, the side or as a side swept base.

Arianna Grande

The red carpet and long haired celebrities are a common sight. The secret to pulling an eye catching high pony tails is to move the ponytail high up on your crown. You can opt for a flirty, fun or glam ponytail. To make it standout, you can use bobby pins to set it up. Arianna rocks them perfectly and that gives you a reason to try one out. They are the perfect solutions for curls that are already going limp.

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