25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

Cute Braids For Shaved Head. Are you tempted to get a beautiful hairstyle to create a new look for yourself? Do you want your hair to do the speaking for your confident, beautiful personality? If you like experimenting with different looks, then now is the time to try braids with shaved sides.

Shaved hairstyles are swiftly becoming a trend that is undeniably one of the coolest trends the fashion world has seen in a while. Many Hollywood celebrities have shaved their heads; we are here for it! If you would like to experiment with this look, you have come to the right place because we have quite a few options for you to decide between.

Best Ways to Wear Braids with Shaved Sides

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

Reasons Why Women Should Try A Shaved Hair Look?

If you aren’t fully convinced of the benefits of getting a buzzed-cut look, we are here to change your mind.

  • Easy Maintenance: This style is ideal for those of you who have a tight schedule and do not have the time to look after your hair. It requires minimal effort and upkeep and would help lessen the time you take to do your hair.
  • Budget-Friendly Choice: A part of your hair shaved means fewer hair products. Styling hair is expensive and requires some serious cash in your pocket to afford it. If you’re looking for convenience in financial terms, this is it!
  • Healthy Hair: Give your hair a break by shaving it off. We have grown to love our straightening and curling tools so much that we can barely live without them. Nothing wrong can come out of letting go of habits that, in essence, are damaging.
  • Change is Good: Experiment with looks while you still can. So get on the hype train and try a new style.
  • Perfect for Summers: We can all relate to how hot and humid it gets during the summer, which makes it near impossible to manage hair, let alone style it. So if summers are upon you, it might be wise to try this new look just before summer to rock a shaved side with a braided look all summer.

In this article, you will find a list of shaved braided styles that will make you shine through the crowd. Keep reading to find out what these are. You might find something you like enough to try.

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↓ 25 – Try a French Braid

One of the most common hairstyles that all of us girls have tried at least once in our lives is a French braid. It is simple and makes your hair look neat and sleek. So, why not try it with a shaved head? Look at how gorgeous this girl looks. You can even remove a few strands to make it look messy and natural. Lastly, this hairstyle is perfect if you want to wear big hoops. They will look perfect.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 24 – Micro Braid Your Hair

If you are looking for a hardcore look, this is the one. Get micro braids from a reputed salon in your place and drape them over one side of your shoulder. It looks elegant, classy, and just perfect. Moreover, you can wear the hairstyle for any occasion; an office, a casual meet-up with friends, or a date. You will look good at each event!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 23 – Box Up Your Long Hair for School

Some women love making box braids, which is why they get shaved hairstyles. The hairstyle in the given picture is perfect for school-going girls. All you have to do is box braid your long hair and tie them up. You don’t need a pony for that; use your long box braided hair to tie the hair in a pony.

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25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 22 – A Thin Braid to Accentuate Your Shaved Hair

If micro-braiding your entire hair is not your forte, try this hairstyle! You can take a small strand of your hair and braid it from the top and along the curve of your head towards the end. Tie it with an invisible hairband to secure it. You can either curl the rest of your hair or keep them straight.

If you go to a concert or a carnival with your friends, this is the hairstyle you must try! It would turn heads.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 21 – Box Braid with an Accessory

You can box-braid your hair on one side and then tie them up on the top with the help of an accessory.

Try finding a colourful scrunchie that matches your outfit or makes it stand out. You can also style a bow or clip on top of your head.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 20 – Braided And Pinned From The Top

Here is another unique hairstyle for you. Take the braids at the top, pin them around your hair’s crown, and let the rest of the micro braids loose on your head. Use small hairbands if your hair seems too thick to be contained by pins. However, use the invisible ones since they look sleeker and neater. However, you can try colourful hairbands if you’re feeling playful!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 19 – Flowery Braided Bun At The Top Side Of Head

This bun idea perfectly incorporates a box braid and a half-shaved head into your hairstyle. You can box-braid your hair and put it in a bun for more pimp in your hairstyle. Finish everything off with a nice flowery accessory to match your bun. Don’t forget to wear cute little earrings with this hairstyle.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 18 – Highlighted Braided Bun

 Yes, you can highlight your hair and box-braid it. It looks chic when you bun them up.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 17 – A Chic Twisted Updo

Braid your hair and tie it up as a scarf on your head, as shown in the picture. You can use a scarf made out of any material. But we suggest against using fabrics like silk because if you have silky straight hair, it might not hold your hair up for too long.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 16 – A Voluminous Braid in The Center

This is the perfect hairstyle if you have hair with a lot of volume with shaved sides. Short-haired ladies should try this out. It is a unique one!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 15 – Braid, Twist, and Bantu Your Hair

This cute look is for ladies with short hair and shaved sides. If your hair is short, you can opt for this look. It is pretty simple, yet one of the cutest looks on this list. Just braid and twist those beautiful locks of hair and tie them with a rubber band so they stay in place. This one is a personal favourite.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 14 – Senegalese Twisted Bun for Work

Are you going for a job interview or a new job and worried your shaved hair might throw them off? Well, don’t worry. I have the perfect hairstyle in mind for you! Take all of your hair and pull them up in a bun. They will look neat and classy. Just pair it up with a good formal dress or a suit, and you are ready!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 13 – Kinky Twists On Top With Shaved Sides

Are you tired of simple looks? Well, here is one for you. Section your hair in three different parts. Grab the first one and twist it into a bun. Then do the same with the next one. In the last section, tie a pony. It looks good and is perfect for a day out with friends or a partner.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 12 – A Criss-Cross Braided Hairstyle

You’re mistaken if you think the braids are only for ladies with long hair. Here is a style similar to #27 for all my short-haired girls! The difference between this and the above hairstyle is that this one is a simple French braid that starts at the top of the head and slowly becomes wide at the end. Straighten your hair, and you are good to go!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 11 – Tie Up The Box Braids!

Are you tired of letting your box braids get in the way while you are getting chores done? Well, here is an easy-to-do hairstyle for home. Just tie up your hair in a ponytail. To secure it tightly, you can use a hairband and tie a piece of your hair around to confirm it further. And voila! It is a simple, quick, easy up-do, perfect for the weekends!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 10 – Dreads with a Colorful Braided Scarf

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If you like hairstyles that make you stand out, here is something you will like. You can tie them up with a colourful scarf if you have long dreads.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 9 – Messy Braided Bun for Summers

Messy buns are everything! Pair your braided hair in a loose bun with gorgeous bold-coloured earrings to achieve this style.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 8 – Try a Fishtail!

If you have hair long enough and know how to make a fishtail, try this hairstyle. You can either start from the top of your head or, if you want a more festive look, curl the hair at the top and braid the rest!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 7 – French Braid at Top, Fishtail at Back!

Who said you cannot try two types of braid simultaneously? Make a French braid at the top and slowly convert it into a fishtail as you reach the length of your hair. It looks simple yet bold at the same time.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 6 – Four Stranded Waterfall Braid

The waterfall-fishtail braid combination is another cool idea if you want to rock the shaved part of your head. You can also add coloured extensions to make the hairstyle pop even more. You can also use threads while braiding your hair to create the look pop.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 5 – Curl and Braid

If you have short hair, then make sure to try this hairstyle. Curl some of your hair and braid the rest. This particular hairstyle is perfect for summery days!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 4 -Two Braided Ponytails

You can also try two braids instead of one. This is perfect whether you have short or long hair. Make any braids you know how to create, then tie a rubber band at the end. In the picture below, the girl has left just in a ponytail. However, if this look isn’t for you, make small buns at the end, and you will have an edgy yet tidy hairstyle!

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 3 – Under Braid Hairstyle

Start the braid at the bottom and finish at the top with a bun. You can accessorize this look by putting cute pins or flowers in your braided hair to achieve this look.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 2 – A Low Bun

Who said you couldn’t try out low buns if you shaved the side of your head? Well, look at this girl rocking a soft bun and looking perfect. If you have long hair in box braids, take your hair in a ponytail and then tie them in a softer bun. Make sure to keep the top of your braids neat to keep the entire look clean and elegant. You can secure your bun either by pins or a hair band.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

↓ 1 – Faux Locks with A Crochet Twist

This is one of the best looks that I have come across. The dreads are neatly taken back into a crocket twist. Look how gorgeous it looks! The hairstyle is perfect for all those ladies who have carved a design on the shaved parts of their heads.

25 Best Braids with Shaved Hairstyles 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you fix shaved sides?

Many experts say that your hair grows half an inch per month. Hence, your shaved sides won’t be fixed immediately. However, if you are unhappy with how they’re growing, here is what you can do.

  • Wrap a scarf around your head.

If you have curly hair, tie a scarf around your shaved sides after a shower. A cloth around your head would help set the growing hair downwards rather than make them poof out.

  • Use Pomade to Your Benefit

You need to get pomade if you have thick or coarse hair. Apply to your hair on the sides so that it lays flat against your head. On the contrary, if you have fine hair, use a gel instead. Although, do not use it in excessive amounts. Just use it as much as your hair requires.

You can also add extensions or style your hair to cover the shaved parts if you want to hide them. Also, just be patient, and your hair will grow out eventually.

Q. What to know before getting an undercut?

Shaving off huge chunks of hair is a major decision you will be making for yourself. So, make sure you research before making the final decision. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Ask Yourself If You Want This: Consider not only your hairline but also your facial features. Do you think it would look good?
  • Sit with Your Hairstylist and Discuss: After you are adamant that you want this, it is time to sit with your hairstylist and discuss the hair look you are going for. You need to ask them if the hair would look good on you and if you should cut them in intervals or all at once.

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