Kids Room Decoration Ideas- 12 DIY Ideas Your Kids will Love

I have always loved decorating my room. With a little creativity and new ideas you can renovate the look of the room. If you have kids and you have been wanting to decorate their room then you must read this post. Surprise your kids from a boring room to a completely creative one. Provide a living space for your kids where they could play and do activities. We have collected some amazing design and ideas for kids room.If you baby girl loves pink then check out these 18 Pink Bedroom Decoration ideas.

Kids Room Decor

Kids always look for surroundings where they can play, lay down or where they could have fun. A good space can actually have a great impact on them. Not necessary that you have to spend a huge amount on the beautification of room but you could just make sure that the kids enjoy themselves.  You could enhance the style of room with plenty of pictures, wall art and bright posters. This will attract the kids. May be a poster of their favorite cartoon character. This will eventually make them happy more than ever. A character that your kid loves could be used as the poster decor through your child’s room. For an instance Hello Kitty decor shown in the images below. The furniture could also be used with the cat shaped dressing table, or the bed. Themed rooms are often loved by kids whether it be boys room or a girls room.

When deciding about the furniture, make sure you pick the one that is safe for the kids. Pick bright colored chairs or a bed that your kid would love to sleep on. Walls could be adorned with wall art or a poster popping up. This looks stylish and vibrant. An easy way to change the look of the room is by using accessories that have patterns on it. Whether it is a mat, a rug, pillows or wall decor. Get more creative and use imagination to build a whimsical kids room if they like magical series.

DIY Room Decor for Young Boys and Girls

Inexpensive way to decorate is to start the DIY projects that are super easy as well. For example kids love colorful things, so you could make a pom pom and hang it in the room. Use all size pom poms and hang it where ever you would like to. Here we are bringing you images of the rooms. You could surely take ideas from the pictures and use them to decorate your  kid’s room. Choose the right color scheme, storage furniture for kids, decor pieces, wall hangings, rugs etc. Tutorials as you know are easily available online and you could learn some brilliant ideas from them.Also see 12 Perfect DIY Room interior Decoration ideas to give new life to your room.

Kids Room Decor Ideas


12.  Comic Movie Inspired Room Decor

Ideas for kids room (1)

11. Comic Room Decor

Ideas for kids room (2)

10.  Spider man Room Decor

Ideas for kids room (3)

9. Girl Bedding Decor

Ideas for kids room (5)

8. Fairy BedRoom Decor

Ideas for kids room (6)

7. Color Themed Design
Ideas for kids room (7)

6. Whimsical Shade

Ideas for kids room (8)

5. Hello Kitty Room Look

Ideas for kids room (9)

4. Floral Decoration

Ideas for kids room (10)

3. Cute Room Design for Twin Kids

Ideas for kids room (11)

2. Wall Art

Ideas for kids room (12)

1. Spider man Poster on Walls

Ideas for kids room (4)


 Hope you liked the simple ideas how to decorate kids rooms . As you can see we have shown you plenty of room decor ideas which will help you choose the one that your kid might prefer the most. From simple room to a colorful one. You will surely enjoy decorating the room for your kids.

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