Iqra Aziz Pictures – Journey & Transformation Of Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is one of the finest and famous Pakistani Television actresses, who got success and fame in a very short span of time. She is one of those youthful actresses who made her place in this huge television industry with so much hard work and effort that she is now one of the most highly paid Pakistani Television actresses. She is a beautiful diva with brown twinkling eyes, chic black hairs, pointed nose and sparkling lips with a million-dollar smile. But was she always this beautiful?

We believe so! She always had the same twinkle in her eyes and the same smile. But of course, she groomed with time, as we all do. We all had that phase when we were either too dark or had skin issues, but sooner or later, we all grow out of these phases. And so did Iqra, so let’s have a look at how this beauty transformed herself over the years and let’s also review all that she has accomplished so far.

Because of her dedication and passion for acting, she is being recognized worldwide. For her, honesty and being humble are some keys to achieve the highest level of success in this entertainment industry. Indeed, she is the most fascinating, mesmerizing, attractive, funny and incredibly talented actress who is winning many hearts. She is very talkative and a foodie for sure. Biryani is her all-time favorite food.

Iqra Aziz has played several characters, whether it’s an endearing character, the role of a miserable girl, a negative character or a happy go, lucky girl. She played each one of them with full determination and always try to give her best. She brings fierce energy on the sets. Her versatility in acting career has made her fans go crazy about her. You should also check out our earlier post about Shocking Photos of Actresses with No Makeup.

versatile actress

Facts About Iqra Aziz:

  • Date of birth: 4th November 1994
  • Place of birth: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Height: 4 feet 9 inch
  • Weight: 50
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: brown
  • Education: bachelors
  • Siblings: 1 elder sister (6 years age difference)
  • Hobbies: Collecting things – Since childhood, she has loved collecting things like pens, books, toys, and much more. She also loves doing makeup.

iqra aziz before and after

Iqra Aziz Family Background

For her, family means support system. She is a daughter of a very struggling yet strongest woman who is known to be the first female careem driver. Her mother was a single mom and she had been through all ups and downs in life but her hard work paid off and Iqra Aziz is proud to be the daughter of such an amazingly strong woman.

iqra with her mother

She has one sister who is self-made and independent and to whom she adores, Iqra Aziz loves to travel with her sister and shares the most fun moments with her. In earlier days, her mother was not in favor of her to join this Industry but Iqra desperately wanted to be an actress since her childhood and already made up her mind. Her sister supported her throughout and convinced her mother too. Iqra Aziz believes that whatever she is today is not just because of her hard work but also because of a very supportive and lovely family who were constantly there at her back.

iqra with her sister

Career Life

Iqra started her career life when she was just thirteen years old by stepping into the ad world and appearing on TV commercials and was assigned with the talent agency citrus.

iqra's first commercial

The actual professional acting starts when she made her debut in 2014 for Hum TV’s serial Kissey Apna kahein, where she played the supporting role. In 2015 she appeared in Deewana and Laaj where she played the role of Mannat Chaudhury. She is a very young actress who got a chance to work with some legends of Pakistani drama industry in the very beginning of her career. In 2016, Her drama serial Mol with Faisal Qureshi was a huge success, she played the role of a girl named Sajal, who was Faisal’s second wife. Her flawless acting in this drama made her recognized by many people.

hit drama

Then her another hit drama serial Choti si Zindagi with Shahzad Sheikh turned out to be a life-changing project for her. She played the role of a young and a naïve girl who got married at a very early age. This serial was very impacting and challenging for her as she got to know so much about how housewives run their home. Iqra astonished the audiences and got immense acclaim after her roles in Choti Si Zindagi, dil e Janam, Gustakh e Ishq, Deewana, Natak, Ajnabi 2, Socha Na tha, Ishq Mein aisa haal Bhi Hota Hai, Gherat, and Khamooshi.

life changing project

Her character in Khamooshi was quite different from the previous roles that she had done. For the very first time, she appeared in a negative role and played the vicious sister who desperately wants to marry a man her sister is engaged to. She undoubtedly did justice to this role. Affan Waheed being the lead role with Iqra praised this chirpy actress and said that she brings energy and life on the sets.

evil sister

This versatile actress never fails to surprise us with her innovative acting skills. Her drama serial ‘tabeer’ with Shehzad Hheikh was aired on Hum TV in Feb 2018. Iqra Aziz playing the lead is being through all ups and downs after her husband’s tragic death and losing her baby after the delivery. This drama was all about emotions and feelings. According to her, this is one of the most difficult characters she has done up till now.

challenging character

In 2017, Iqra played the role of a girl Heer who is a rich, bubbly and a bright girl in her latest drama ‘Qurban’. She happens to fall in love with her fellow student Jamal staring Bilal Abbas Khan. Qurban’ is a tale about Heer, Jamal, and Shahmeer, three individuals drowning in an intense love triangle. Qurban is one the most highly rated drama of Iqra Aziz which drew the audience interest with its incredible storyline and cast.

hit drama

Now, let’s talk about the most recent and the highly acclaimed drama serial of Iqra that is ‘Suno Chanda’ which was aired in the month of Ramadan and received immense hype. It was a romantic comedy where she played the role of ‘Ajjiya’ with Farhan Saeed who is playing the role of her first cousin ‘Arsal’. Ajjiya is a bold, bright and bubbly girl who has her dreams to study abroad but her grandfather made Arsal and Ajiya to get married as his last wish. Arsal is a pure desi guy who thinks Ajjiya should be a typical desi girl who should stay at home and take care of her husband and family but on the other hand Ajiya wants to peruse her dreams and wants to go abroad for higher studies, since they have no chemistry and understanding they both want to get rid of this marriage and played every possible trick to their parents so they could end up this marriage but in the end they fell in love with each other. The chemistry between Iqra and Farhan was outstanding and admired by many people. Iqra’s acting in Suno Chanda with so many facial expressions and emotions is totally speechless. One doesn’t want the episode to get finished because of this talented actress. She has won many hearts and catapulted her onto a whole new level. She gained immense acknowledgment and praise after this serial, her fans and supporters are expanding step by step and because of its successful journey the sequel of Suno Chanda was also released in 2019 and this time it was loved even more by the audience around the globe.

suno chanda hype

Apart from that, she has also done a telefilm with Hina Altaf and Azfar Rehman named Judaye. Recently, she has shared the video of her first music video O Janna with Hamza Malik featuring Rahat Fatah Ali Khan. Since the video is out, people are drooling over it. Iqra Aziz undoubtedly looks stunning and drop-dead gorgeous in the video. She was a part of some modeling campaigns too and did it for some well-known brands like Asifa and Nabeel, Maria b, Ayesha Farid and many more. and that time is not too far that we will get to see this superwoman in the Pakistani film industry too.

gorgeous iqrahottest picture

Iqra is one of that versatile actress who played every character with such conviction that she is now proclaimed as a new sensation of Pakistani Drama industry.

new sensation of pakistan

Iqra Aziz Transformation

Now coming towards the topic that many of you are here for. As we discussed earlier, every teenage girl faces the crucial stage of her life when they looked creepy and ugly duckling but then there comes the time when they transform themselves into a beautiful swan. Iqra was being trolled after someone’s tweet who shared her teenage picture with a caption saying ‘you are not ugly, you are just poor’. Many people came up for her support by sharing their old and glow up pictures and bashed the xoxo that everyone goes through the transformation.
Iqra Aziz, being a beautiful young diva has certainly groomed herself over the years. Puberty and drama fraternity has a huge contribution to it. This is the picture when she was just 14 years old yet still managed to look innocent.

iqra in her teenage

Her look, when used to be chubby

chubby days

A picture from her early shoot days

early shoot days

We can clearly say that she loves her hairs after her post saying ‘life isn’t perfect but my hair is’. From short hairs to long hairs Iqra Aziz she can slay any look. She can effortlessly pull off any look.

chic hair

Iqra Aziz is surely looking stunning in the ravishing brown hairs.

long hairs

Her transformation through all her career is worth all appreciation.

Iqra Aziz’s pictures without makeup

Makeup can entirely change a person. With the art of self-grooming and so much glitz and glam, Iqra Aziz turned out one of the gorgeous Pakistani actresses.

no makeup pictures


Iqra Aziz’s Controversial Pictures

Iqra Aziz established her self as an upcoming artist of Pakistani drama industry in a very short period of time. But being a celebrity with fame some shame too comes their way.
Being a part of the entertainment industry, every famous celebrity faces some criticism and controversy. Iqra Aziz was being trolled by audiences after sharing some of her bold pictures on social media and became the target of cyber shaming. This is when she came under fire for uploading her picture in a bikini on her vacations and got backlashed. She faced very harsh criticism. In an interview, she said that it’s her personal life and no one should judge.

controversial pictures

iqra aziz hot pictures iqra aziz hot pictures

This is another picture from hum awards 2017 when internet morality brigade wasted no time in attacking her again and she got slammed for posting this revealing picture.

bold pictures

Iqra Aziz Instagram

Iqra Aziz is one of those happening girls who loves to interact with her fans which is why you need to follow her on Instagram. She is fun-loving and dreams to travel the world. She is very active on social media and shares the most vibrant and energetic vibes. Recently, on Hum awards, she wore a beautiful tea pink dress and looked stunning. One can’t stop admiring how beautifully she caries each and every outfit.

hum awards 2018

Iqra shares some fun moments with her closest friends. This picture of her with Hina Altaf truly says that they are best friends goals.

best friend goals

This is the picture when she looked drop-dead gorgeous shooting for a magazine cover. This graceful lady can make you skip your beat with her looks.


She is indeed the jolliest and cheerful person who loves to make funny videos and posting them on Instagram for her fans and as soon as she shares them, they went viral and people starts drooling over her expressions. This is the picture that she shared on her Instagram with a dramatic dialogue of a Bollywood movie ‘ja simran jee lay apni zindagi’. With so much work, stress and deadlines around she never miss the chance to enjoy her life and makes her moments memorable to the fullest.

fun post

Recently her Instagram followers reached 1 million and she was overwhelmed and humbled by the love she received from her fans, family and all those people who gave support and appreciated her for the phenomenal performances. She also shared how there were the days of uncertainty and indecisions. Indeed, the journey of her career was not as easy as it seems but it always contributed in making her the better person. This is the beautifully embellished picture that she posted after hitting 1 million followers.

1 million followers

Iqra Aziz Snapchat

Her snap chat id is patakhaguddi and the name is totally impacting her joyful personality. For more information, check out Pakistani Celebrities Snapchat Accounts to Follow.

snap chat id

In short, Iqra is one of those talented actresses who got the chance to be in this industry at this young age without any references or any background of the entertainment industry. What she is today is all because of her passion and backbreaking work and won to fly high.

The Girl Who Can Do Both

One of the things we love the most about Iqra Aziz is that she’s the queen of both eastern and western wear, whatever she’s wearing, she looks drop-dead gorgeous in it! In my personal opinion, she looks best in white color and it is indeed the most trending color this year, so here are 24 Ways to Wear All White Outfits Like Pakistani Celebrities.

iqra aziz pictures

Iqra Aziz Boyfriend & Hot Photoshoot

Iqra and Yasir Hussain are definitely the boldest couple that the industry has ever seen. They have often been the talk of the town because of their sizzling photoshoots too.

iqra aziz latest pictures

iqra aziz pictures

The Proposal

2019 was a big year for Iqra as, during the Lux Style Awards, she didn’t just win two awards but also got proposed by her boyfriend Yasir Hussain in front of thousands of people. According to Yasir, he had already talked to Iqra’s family and informed them about his intentions and taken their good wishes. Iqra had no idea about Yasir’s plans which made this romantic moment a treat for the whole world!

Iqra Aziz Engagement

After the much-hyped proposal, both of them soon shared pictures of their official engagement ceremony. We wish Iqra the best of luck for her future life and we can’t wait to see her as a bride.

iqra aziz yasir hussain engagement

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