10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands – If you’ve got money to spend and you are a big fan of fashion, then you must be spending money on shoes for sure. Women certainly adore wearing expensive branded shoes. The Richest Celebrities and anyone else lucky enough to afford them gets branded pairs of shoes and afterward, fill their closets with them. Luckily, today branded girls is going to cover the topic of luxury shoes. In this post, we will discuss:-

  • World’s Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands
  • Celebrities Wearing Most Expensive Women Branded Shoes
  • General Cost of these Expensive Women Shoe Brands

So, if you are looking for where to buy the best shoes, or when to style your expensive shoes, this article is for you! We have all the luxury women’s shoe brands covered for you.

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Most Luxurious Shoe Brands

Luxury shoes are a must-have for every fashionista. It’s no wonder that some people even actually have hundreds of pairs of these shoes. In fact, Shoes are a woman’s best friend, and naturally, they are willing to spend quite a bit on getting the best there is. Furthermore, many luxury shoe designers showcase their collections at fashion shows and exhibitions. Thus, there is no shortage when it comes to the variety of designs and colors available. Consequently, the more the types, the more the chances of the products to cater to the interests of a wider audience and the more people are willing to buy.

Now, let’s look at the top most popular designs and brands globally, along with the celebrities wearing shoes from these brands. Additionally, see the Top 5 Most Expensive Handbags Brands to accessorize your branded shoes with a fitting luxury bag.

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

What Makes Luxury Brands So Special?

Luxury brand items often sell like hotcakes despite being so expensive. They’re frequently even sold out on many things even though they usually exceed an average person’s affordable price range. People are willing to spend months and months’ worth of saving to get one branded item and proudly show it off whenever given a chance. In addition to that, luxury items are, to many people, their most prized possessions. But why is that so, and what makes luxury items so special?

Well, for one, they’re not easily accessible. A branded pair of shoes or a bag is sure to make you stand out and turn heads when you enter. It’s great to spice your whole outfit up and add a bit of flair since they can go with almost anything.

What to Look Out For When Shopping With Expensive Women Shoe Brands

If you or anyone you know has been looking to buy luxury shoes, you should know a few things before buying them. These are important to consider because branded items are a pricy purchase, and you should be absolutely sure that you are getting the product you need before committing to buying it.

  • Inspect the shoe thoroughly: Examining the shoe is necessary not just for the sake of ensuring authenticity but also for determining whether the shoe fitting, shoe size, and shoe shape are suitable for you, if it flatters your feet right, and if it’s durable or not.
  • Comfort Comes First! Beauty is not always a pain. It’s certainly not too much to ask for a comfortable shoe. Following this, make sure the sole is well-made and accommodates your foot nicely.
  • Choosing Colours: Choose Nude tones and neutral shades for a casual day-to-day outfit. In contrast, if you want to stand out and have your shoes make a loud statement, choose funky designs or colorful and bright footwear. Additionally, blacks, whites, and greys are classics and always a safe option to go with too.
  • Consider the Occasion: Our choice of shoes can say a lot about who we are as a person. At the same time, some even argue that shoes are the first thing people see. Following this, it’s essential to select the right shoes that fit the occasion. Think of when you plan to wear these shoes? Is it for fancy and upscale events, parties, or more of an everyday work look? Chic, streamlined shoes are great for a minimalistic look for work. On the contrary, flashy designs are suitable for nights out.
  • Pointed Toes and Close backs: These will not only offer better grip but also help avoid bunions on your toes, all the while looking classy.

Now let us move on and explore the best women’s shoe brands.

↓ 10 – Gucci

Gucci, a brand that is no stranger to the luxury fashion world and has established itself well enough to be recognized as a frontier force in the leading high fashion brands, is one of the top Italian contenders for the most expensive brands out there. Even though it originated in Europe, it expanded and became so prosperous that it is pretty well known worldwide. What makes Gucci stand out from the rest of the luxury brands is:

  • Its rich heritage and classic designs elicit desirability
  • Its client exclusivity and celebrity endorsements make it a brand whose products everyone wants to own
  • As with many luxury products, the amount of detail and quality of work that goes into each piece is exquisite and as a result, makes it one of a kind.

Price Range: 320-1790$

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

↓ 9 – Miu Miu

A brand repositioned by the one and only Prada, Miu Miu is a distinguished high fashion brand. If you have a taste for metallic ankle boots, then Miu Miu is the brand for you. Furthermore, it takes its origin in Milan, Italy. Its price range starts at about $500 and goes up to a couple thousand. Additionally, notable features of this brand are

  • Its state-of-the-art, progressive yet flamboyant designs
  • Its unique take on fashion blurring the lines between sophistication and gaudiness to create a very different style
  • It comes with the best quality money can buy with staggering attention to detail
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

↓ – 8 Stuart Weitzman

This company and its manufacturers came to be in Spain. If comfort is a priority of yours, then Stuart Weitzman has got your back! This brand is famous for:

  • Stuart Weitzman uses one-of-a-kind materials in his shoes which is precisely what makes them so extraordinary. These materials include wallpaper, vinyl, cork, Lucite, and even 24-carat gold. Additionally, this is also a reason why the shoes rank high in the price department.
  • The shoes are carefully manufactured to elicit maximum comfort and gently fondle your feet. These shoes are known for being the softest. Furthermore, their patent leather is famous for its cozy feel.

Price Range: 95-898$ or even million of dollars

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

↓ 7 – Brian Atwood

The brand is an American brand based in Manhattan. The Brian Atwood shoes manufacturing site is in Italy. After that, the shoes reach the United States and other countries. The starting shoe price is $600. Moreover, this brand has a sub-branch called “B Brain Atwood” for a more affordable line of shoes. In this brand you can look forward to:

  • High heels with suede and snakeskin
  • Bright, bold, and fun colors
  • A “Cinderella Factor” that will smake their clients’ relationship with their shows magical
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List


↓ 6 – Alexander McQueen

There is barely anyone in the fashion industry who doesn’t know about the work of Alexander McQueen. He’s the pinnacle of what one can achieve through tailoring, and he is blessed with this amazing gift for being able to bring imagination to life! Alexander McQueen’s shoes are unique, and the designs take inspiration from the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The best things you can look forward to with this brand are

  • Expert Tailoring, the designs of the items are so beautiful and well-made, it’s hard not to fall in love with the craft
  •  An eye catching and impressive collection to choose from
  • Well structured shoes that are built to keep their shape and not crease 

Price Range: 480-1950$

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

Oversized Sneaker-$540

↓ 5  – Walter Steiger

This brand is especially known for its colour range together with its gorgeous designs. Their specialty in designing is their curvy heels. The range starts at $500 and lasts upto thousands. With clothing from this brand, you can expect:

  • Innovative  and spectacular designs
  • Fluorescent leathers, the first horseman boots with a heel, and color transparent plastic are great examples of the ingenious work of this brand.
  • Following this, different characteristics and shapes, soft unlined boots, and sandals with zippers are other great achievements of this brand
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

↓ 4 – Christian Louboutin

Who doesn’t know this brand revolutionized the fashion market with its trademarked red bottoms. This brand created an emblematic fashion icon for their luxury shoes which has not even leveled up to a status symbol. The best things about Christian Louboutin are:

  • Expert craftsmanship together with quality materials
  • Furs and feathers, crystals and rhinestones, and other exotic materials used in the production
  • Widest range of heels goes up to 6 inches!

Price Range: 695-6000$+

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

↓ 3 – Jimmy Choo

You will often see a lot of celebrities wearing Jimmy Choo at the Red Carpet ceremonies. Another famous fashion designer widely known for their high-end glamourous women’s shoes, Jimmy Choo, has a mesmerizing collection of luxury shoes. At the same time, the price varies from design to design. Based in London, here’s all you need to know about this brand’s shoes

  • It has classy and elegant heels that will make you feel like royalty!
  • There are some designs inspired by Fukushima craftsmen from Japan
  • Their heels are so comfortable they can be worn for surprisingly long periods of time without and pain

Price Range: 421-4818$

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List


↓ 2 – Manolo Blahnik

Buy Now-Black Suede Pointed Toe Pumps-825$

Famously regarded as “the greatest shoemaker of the 20th and 21st century” together with “the emperor of shoes,” it’s no surprise that Manolo Blahnik ranks high on our list. The most expensive Manolos were made out of alligator skin. Moreover, they can be purchased for about $4,600.

  • This brand is known to use exotic materials like snakeskin and alligator skin.
  • They have intricately designed lightweight stiletto heels that are not only very classy but also insanely sexy.
  • They’re known to embellish their shoes with luxurious add ons like chains, feathers, furs, ribbons, silk brocade, and rings.

Price Range: 825-3,165$

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List


Shop Now

↓ 1 – Louis Vuitton

And finally, the top contender on our list, Louis Vuitton, a brand that has been famous for shoes, bags, etc. A brand so big that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it has become a household name. In addition to its extravagant history and heritage, it also has the world’s most exquisite designers crafting its products. Many of their products are also limited edition, and they stop producing them once their sales target is met. Furthermore, the brand is very exclusive and avoids wastage and mass production. Production occurs in Europe and America, and only the finest quality materials are selected for their products.

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List
10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

Honorable Mentions for Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands

It’s too difficult to sum up all the luxury brands in one list. Thus, here’s a list of some luxury brands that were a close second to the ones on the list

1.Yves Saint Laurent

with a price range of about 395-6500$, Yves Saint Laurent is another luxury shoe brand with stylish shoes and their iconic YSL heels 

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

Runway SAINT LAURENT Opyum Pumps Shoes YSL Heels


Another big Italian brand with prices for their shoes ranging from 395-1195$ on their website

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List


Shop Now- La Medusa Naplak Pumps-795$

3. Balenciaga

A French luxury brand whose online prices range from 325-1550$

10 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands 2023 List

Shop Now- Balenciaga Triple S sneaker-995$

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the most expensive shoe in the world?

A. The Passion Diamond Shoe takes the crown for being the most expensive shoe globally, ranking at 17 million$ a pair. This stiletto was created by a United Arab Emirates brand called Jada and is made from real 24-karat gold encrusted in hundreds of diamonds.

Q. How many pairs of shoes is enough?

A. Although, indeed, a woman can never have enough shoes, there is a recommended number of shoes one must own, and that is seven to twelve. If you’re well off and can afford it, go right ahead and get more but if you have to watch your spending habits is ok to take a break at a maximum of twelve shoes.

Q. What shoes go with everything?

Shoes with a simple, minimalistic style with nude or subtle tones and shoes with black, white, and grey hues universally match with pretty much any outfit.

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