25 Best Hairstyles for College Guys to Try This Year

Hairstyles for College Guys- Last year, there was a diversity seen in hair techniques used for men. Particularly slightly long tousled hair and designed hair and sideburns were the highlights of the last year. However, this is the season of varied dying techniques like ombre while it is also an amalgam of both long and short hair length, or you can stay mid-length hair.

The blow dryer look is still considered very appealing due to the crazy movement it gives to the hair, but the slick back shiny hair is a no-no for this year.

. More natural and fresh cuts will be preferred over the fancy ones.

 What Hairstyle to Choose for College?

This article, however, covers the 25 most stylish haircuts of the season, which can be easily adopted by teenagers and young men, specifically college going guys. Let’s go through these amazing styles.

Hairstyles for College Guys

↓ 25 – Retro Haircuts

The male vintage-ish styles are getting back with the additional mind-blowing techniques as in highlights in gold, red, and copper brown. The highlights are usually given to the length at the top while the sides are kept faded. The slick back look using the blow dryer, which gives the flamboyant movements to the hair at the top, is the classic style for boys that have just entered the hectic and wild college life. This style is perfect for proms and Valentine’s parties as well, or any parties you might end up at while experiencing college.


↓ 24 – Forward Combed Style

The forward combed style can be adapted quite easily, and it’s a perfect option for those who have thin hair and a slim face. If you naturally have a broad face or neck, try to avoid this haircut as it will make your face appear broader. This cut is both simple and stylish at the same time and is quite famous amongst Caucasian men. As you can see, this hairstyle looks great with beards, so do check out Celebrity Beard Styles.


↓ 23 – Short Sides Long Top Style

The short side and the longer top are the highlights of the year due to the cheeky look. The ombre balayage dying technique works quite well for this style. Guys with silky and thick hair usually love this style. However, it’s not that easy to keep this cut styled as it requires blow-dry techniques as well as straightening for those who have curly or wavy hair. Daily exposure to such methods of heat-based hair styling can cause permanent damage to your hair, so only opt for this look if you have hair that is naturally straight and silky, with a lot of volumes.


↓ 22 – Braided Styles for Teens

The braided style is the most style favorite nowadays. It is specifically for guys who generally like to keep their hair slightly longer. They can carry the french or Deutsch braid styles as charmingly as girls do. It gives a very sexy and classy look when your hair are dyed blonde or the trendy granny-style silver hair. This will not only keep your hair out of your face but will also make you look badass and tough. Looking to have a nerdy look? Here are Cute Nerd Hairstyles for Boys.

↓ 21 – Top Bun Style

The top bun style is very popular among celebs nowadays. Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Jared Leto, and many others have been seen with man buns. The man bun mania is taking over the hairstyles since they give you a very steamy hot look and can go perfectly whether you’re having straight or slightly wavy hair. This hairstyle requires minimum effort, zero amount of any product, and almost no heat. Hence it keeps your hair in good shape and quality while also allowing you to save time in the morning without comprising your looks.


↓ 20 – Long Curls Style

Young adults with curly hair often complain about not having enough ways to wear their hair, but what they fail to realize is that natural is the way to go when it comes to curly hair. Curly hair has been long carried with confidence by Harry Styles and Jhonny Depp. It looks very classy and charming when copper high and lowlights are added to it. Sumowax by Bumble and Bumble can be used to give a frizz and to style your curls well. If you have naturally straight hair, you can also achieve this look by using a curling iron. However, don’t forget to use the heat-resistant spray before!

↓ 19 – Cropped Fringe Style

The classic short angular cropped fringe style is quite popular among male models. College goings can also carry it in their way. ADH Dry spray can be used for a better definition and volume. Fringe style goes very well with thin hair; however, guys with thick hair can have a textured look to add a little movement at the top. This can prove to be your friend when you don’t feel like or have the time to blow dry your hair in the morning!


↓ 18 – Loose Pompadour Style

The loose pompadour style gives a very formal and enchanting look. Fashionistas like David Beckham, Zac Efron, and Justin Bieber were seen carrying this classic angular pompadour style with short sides. Pompadour blended with the undercut creates a very sexy look particularly if one has sharp features. A jawline that can cut glass, paired with this style of hair is sure to win many hearts.


↓ 17 – Textured Quiff High Fade Cut

The quiff is one of the most sophisticated haircut techniques. Textured hair blended with quiff gives a classic contemporary look. Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray added to blow-dried hair is the ultimate look with high faded sides. This way of styling your hair is perfect for formal dinners with the family or for a first date. Do have a look at 48 New Hairstyles for Skinny Boys That Are Trending These Days.


↓ 16 – Medium Low Fade Hairstyle

Medium-low fade is also cool and trendy nowadays. Ombre dyed hair tousled at the top gives a soft and young look. For this one, keep your sides shorter than the top but don’t shave them away completely. This can prove to be a great option for summers as it keeps the hair away from your neck and face.


↓ 15 – Spiky Cut for Thick Hair

Spiky haircuts are timeless and every guy’s heart favorite. Transformed with high faded sides and, slightly longer top is the ultimate choice for young guys. Keeping the top longer provides a lot of areas to work with while perfecting your spikes, while the faded sides let the spikes be the center of attention.


↓ 14 – Medium Classy Hairstyle

Guys who like to keep mid-length hair can add a low fade to the sides. The granny-style silver or metallic blue or zinc dyed hair are quite famous these days. However, this style works well only on damp hair, it will be difficult to style this way when your hair will get dry, hence use some gel to keep your hair in place and give it a nice damp look.

↓ 13 – Fro-Hawk Style

Fro-Hawk is a timeless and iconic style for black guys. If you want the classic fro-hawk style then don’t keep the length at the top, less than three-quarters of an inch. Use a rolling brush to bring all your damp hair to the center and apply some gel to the hair at the top for the finishing. This style can prove perfect for hair that has a little rough texture.


↓ 12 – Short Curls Style

Guys with curly hair can keep short spiky curls at the top with designed or faded sides. They can also add a little color to the top.


↓ 11 – Cool Undercut with Beard

Undercut hairstyles look flaming hot with beards. Highlights in gold and copper added to the longer top of the hair will accentuate the entire style quite well and will complement your beard as well. Whether you style the hair backward or towards one side, this look is sure to give you a mysterious vibe.


↓ 10 – Mid Fade with Beard

Mid faded hair with a scruffy beard is the classic look for parties and weddings. Guys with round face cuts can also carry this style quite well as it gives your face an elongated look. For this look, don’t shave the sides completely, shave the bottom half of your sides while leaving the upper half a little longer. This gives your hair a perception of continuity that makes it look proper and put together.


↓ 9 – Style for Thin Hair

High faded sides with mid-length top haircuts are just perfect for boys with thin hair since it gives volume to their hair. Guys with thin hair can go for volumizing hair sprays and blow-dried look.


↓ 8 – Tousled Thick Hair

This is a very common and traditional look for men that has been carried on for ages. It is the one hairstyle that requires the least amount of effort but also allows you to look your absolute best. Ombre dyed tousled thick hair kept slightly longer than short length hair will look very peppy on guys with slim face-cuts. Opt for this look if you prefer not to spend too much time on your hair in the morning or tend to always wake up late for class!


↓ 7 – Medium Length Wavy Style

Medium length angular wavy hair with low fade are just perfect for both thick and thin hair. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction also kept slightly angular wavy hair. Low fade can spice up the entire haircut. This hair gives you the perfect messy look, it makes you look effortlessly handsome.


↓ 6 – Wavy Slick Style

Wavy slick back blow-dried hair looks extremely handsome at formal college events or wedding ceremonies. Side parted mid fade is ideal for this style as it gives a more transformed and stylish look.


↓ 5 – Short Spikes with Mid-Fade

Short spiky hair with mid-fade is ideal for lazy young men who generally avoid styling. The short spiky hair look can be embraced by just combing the front hair when damp. It is both stylish and easy to carry. However, if you’re willing to spend some time and energy on your hair, then you can use a straightener or blow-dry to push your hair up and then use gel to keep it in place.


↓ 4 – Long Hair Undercut

Long hair undercut style is quite popular among rock stars. This look is very appealing with faded dyed hair in bold manly shades and looks amazing with beards. You can tie up the hair at the top in a man bun or let it hang down the back of your neck, both of these looks can give you the perfect, effortless messy look that will uncertainly drive the women crazy!


↓ 3 – Ultra Short Crop Cut

Ultra short crop cut with design and bald sides is the ultimate choice for guys with dark hair. It’s similar to a buzz or military cut, the only difference being the side fades. This haircut gives you a tough and strong look and it is ideal for people with slimmer faces as the short hair will make your face look broad. If you have a broad neck or face, then it’s preferable that you try out the other hairstyles.


↓ 2 – Natural Messy Style

The natural messy style is the timeless look for guys with wavy and longer hair. Whether you have darker or lighter hair, this hairstyle will look great either way. If you have a fun-loving and easy-going personality, this is the look for you as it portrays your inner self perfectly on the outside by giving off a messy and carefree vibe.


↓ 1 – Mid-Layers for Long Hair

Young guys who usually like to keep slightly longer hair can add a few layers to their hair as well as high and lowlights. The waves allow for an effortless outlook and will make you look extremely manly, like Thor. Men with a long and sharp face-cut can slay this style.


I hope this article will help you in styling your hair this year. Give your feedback and additional ideas in the comment section.

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