Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Names

Adorable Last Names for Girls. While given names identify a person and surnames indicate their heritage, there is another class of names, middle names, that come between these two. These are provided regardless of whether one person needs to be distinguished from the other or not.

Middle names tend to be confused with surnames or last names most of the time. A person with a middle name is almost always called with both the given name and the middle name together. An exciting example of this is none other than the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. ‘Cruise’ is Tom’s middle name. His full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He adopted his middle name as his last name when he decided to become an actor.

What Are Some Good Last Names for Girls?

Naming a child is a unique opportunity for parents. It’s their hopes and dreams condensed into a few letters. They can call their baby girl or boy after any attribute or attributes they wish their child would grow up to possess. Adding another name, then, makes this easier. You can choose one name just for its aesthetics and another for its meaning. If all the names, given, middle, and surnames, are in sync with each other, either in terms of purpose or phonetically speaking, even better!

Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Names

The driving factor these days, when it comes to naming children, its uniqueness. It must be virtually unheard of or rarely used. Recent trends have shown that people gravitate towards names that are outside the norm. Therefore, names with tricky spellings, meanings, or even made-up names have been used in recent years. However, this isn’t such a great or even crucial deciding factor. For one, a confusing name is harder to pronounce, and people just end up making nicknames for it. For another, if everybody decides to choose a ‘unique’ name, pretty soon those names won’t remain unique.

Things to Consider Before Naming Your Child

So here are a couple of things you should consider before naming your child:

  1. Meaning: The first and foremost is that the name you choose has the right meaning. A name with a significant purpose is a reminder for the child to grow up and strive to have those qualities.
  2. Heritage/Ethnicity: If you wish to honor your family and your roots, choosing a traditional name that reflects where you’ve come from is an excellent place to start.
  3. Religion: Religion dictates people’s lives in significant ways. Being a person of faith and wishing to imbue those same values in your children, you can choose names with religious significance, like the names of famous religious figures.
  4. Family Names: Pay attention to the names of your family tree if you want your baby’s name to sound similar (in meaning, spelling, or spirit) to the names of your relatives.

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Categories of Last Names

Millennial parents come up with a creative way to name their children. There are specific categories you can choose middle names from, such as:

  1. Adventurous names (Hunter, Quest)
  2. Names that reflect an occupation (Ranger, Sailor)
  3. Celebrity names (Lincoln, Solo) from actors, politicians, fictional characters, etc.
  4. Artistic names (Art, Matisse)
  5. Names that reflect virtues (Truth, Bliss)
  6. Mythical names (Hercules, Hero)
  7. Inspirational names (Saint, Kismet)
  8. Animal names (Wren, Bee)
  9. Single-syllable names (Beck, Dot)

Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Names


Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Namesvia

Unique Last Names for Girls with Meanings

Here are some of the cutest and most unique middle names from different regions, with meanings which can suit with your first name, and act as your last name:

  1. Annesley: The name Annesley is a variation of Ansley. It means “clearing with a hermitage”. It sounds soft, fresh, and feminine, and is an excellent last name.
  2. Bloom: It means a flower or a blossom. It also means the growing or blossoming of a flower. It’s a cute and girly last name.
  3. Crassus: Crassus comes from Marcus Licinius Crassus, an old Roman general and politician. He, along with Julius Caesar and Pompey, are called the first Triumvirate. It’s an unusual name, but strong and rich in history.
  4. Fawn: It means a young deer. It has sweetness and innocence and is closer to nature.
  5. Ice: A cool last name, ice means frozen water. While it doesn’t mean anything too special, it has been made famous by rappers such as Ice Cube and Ice T.
  6. Joy: A virtue name it means ‘pleasure,’ ‘delight’ and ‘happiness.’ It comes from the old French word ‘joie’. You can give it to your child in the hope that she spreads it wherever she goes.
  7. Love: A sweet last name for a girl, it’s actually a unisex name that means tenderness and warmth.
  8. Mayhem: Meaning chaos and mischief, it’s the ideal name for someone who causes trouble.
  9. Raven: Raven can refer to a bird, a large crow with black plumage, or a color, a glossy black. It’s a dark and mysterious last name which is also popular because of its ties to a superhero. Raven Darkholm is the real name of Mystique, one of the X-men.
  10. Rose: A famous and often used name for a girl but excellent nonetheless. Refers to the rose flower.
  11. Star: Because you are a star, no matter who you are. Literally, it refers to ‘a luminous astronomical object in the night sky’.
  12. Violet: A pretty last name for a pretty girl, violet can refer to the color or the flower.
  13. York: It means ‘from the yew estate’. A short and sweet name.
  14. Verbeck: It’s a variant of Vanderbeek. It’s an ancient family name and sounds classy.
  15. Tremaine: It’s a Celtic baby name that means ‘from the town encircled by stone’.
  16. Aliz: It’s a Hungarian name. It means noble, graceful, and honest.
  17. Bijou: Means jewel or jewel-like, and is pronounced as bee-zhoo. It’s of French origin.
  18. Chante: Means being sung in French. It’s a charming name for a girl.
  19. Cher: Of French origin, Cher means darling or beloved.
  20. Deja: Deja means once before, already, or remembrance. The name is of French and Spanish origin. It’s pronounced as day-hah as a girl name.
  21. Esme: Beloved one, esteemed.
  22. Aquila: It means an eagle, it’s also the name of a constellation.
  23. Alecia: Also spelled as Alicia, is a variant of ‘Alice’. It means noble or nobility.
  24. Bo: It means ‘to live’, and is of Swedish/Danish origin. Bo can also be short for something like Bonnie or Beaufort.
  25. Helen: It’s a Greek name made famous by Helen of Troy. It means torch,  shining light, or bright one.
  26. Ashanti: Undefeated, divine, aggressive. It refers to an African tribe of people that lived in Ghana.
  27. Juliet: The French name, meaning ‘youthful’, was made famous by the heroine of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  28. Ilaria: It is derived from ‘hilarius,’ meaning cheerful and humorous. It’s the equivalent of the name Hilary.
  29. Tiara: Crown, Jeweled Headdress.
  30. Ai Love, affection. It’s a Japanese feminine name.
  31. Bao: Gem, treasure, precious, rare. It’s a Chinese name.
  32. Chin: When someone lived near a ravine or chasm, they were called ‘chin’. Hence, the names mean ‘dweller by the ravine’.
  33. Fa: It’s a Chinese name that means ‘beginning’.
  34. Fang: It’s a famous Chinese name that means ‘square’ or ‘four-sided’.
  35. Guo: Another Chinese name, it means fortification or ‘a wall that surrounds a city’.
  36. Vanda: A German name that means ‘wanderer’.
  37. Vera: Means truth, faith, or summer. It’s similar to the name ‘Verity’.
  38. Veronica: True image or honest image.
  39. Vivian: Meaning living, lively, life, the name is also famous from legends and fables.
  40. Alva: White, brightness, exalted one.
  41. Aban: An Arabic name of a mountain.
  42. Arel: Angel of fire, sprite, the lion of God.
  43. Bella: It’s a derivative of Isabella or Isabelle, and it means ‘beautiful.’
  44. Autumn: A very feminine and beautiful name, it has been popular in the US for decades.
  45. Mila: Gracious, Dear
  46. Kylie: An American popular baby name that means intelligent, graceful, and beautiful.
  47. Maya: It has different meanings in different languages like an illusion, good mother, and water.
  48. Bell: Can be the short form of Isabel.
  49. Bellamy: Of French and English origin. It is probably derived from bel ami, meaning “beautiful friend.”
  50. Ayala: Hebrew name, means gazelle or doe.
  51. Valencia: Means brave, firm, or healthy. Derived from Valentinus, a saint’s name.
  52. Valentina: Same meaning and derivation.
  53. Rojas: Spanish name means red.

    Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Namesvia

  54. Quinn: Irish and Scottish in origin. Popular as both a girls’ and boys’ names, means counsel.
  55. Anastasia: Greek word, means resurrection.
  56. Angelica: Latin name, meaning angel.
  57. Antoinette: Antoinette is derived from the Latin word Antonius. It’s a given name in many languages, including French, Dutch, and Swedish. Means praise or praise-worthy.
  58. Caledonia: Of Latin origin, it means hard or rocky land.
  59. Candida: It’s a beautiful Latin name meaning dazzling white, bright, glowing light.
  60. Estefania: Spanish/Greek name, feminine of ‘Stephen,’ means crown or garland.
  61. Evangeline: It’s a Greek name. It means good news or a bringer of good news.
  62. Francesca: It’s an Italian name derived from the word ‘Frances.’ It means French or ‘free.’
  63. Gabriella: It’s the feminine of Gabriel, which is a Hebrew word. Gabriel means ‘God is my strength.’ Gabriel was one of the seven archangels in the Bible.
  64. Enna: Enna is Irish in origin. It means awe, fear, or terror.
  65. Opal: The word has Sanskrit origins; it’s derived from Upala, which means “gem.” It’s also the name of a gemstone. Opal is the gemstone of October.
  66. Eva: This is a Latin name, a counterpart to Eve in English. It has several similar meanings, such as means to breathe, life, living one, mother of life, etc.
  67. Emma: Emma is considered the short form of every name that begins with them’ such as Emmaline and Amelia. It’s derived from Ermen, a Germanic word that means whole, universal, or complete.
  68. Olivia: Oliver and Olivia, male and female names, are derived from Olive, a Latin word. It means a symbol of peace. It’s one of the top names given in the US to babies.
  69. Jamille: It is an African given name. It means beautiful.
  70. Kenna: Kenna is Scottish in origin and is considered the feminine form of the name ‘Kenneth.’ Depending on the word it’s derived from, it can mean born of fire or handsome/attractive.
  71. Lana: The name is Slavic in origin, and is the short form of Svetlana. It means ‘light.’
  72. Belinda: It either comes from Belle, meaning very beautiful or Betlinde, which means a bright serpent or bright linden tree.
  73. Tabitha: Biblical name from the Old Testament meaning “gazelle, beauty, grace.”
  74. Amity: Friendship, harmony, it’s a Latin name.
  75. Nadia: Meaning hope, Nadia is the French version of the German name Nadya.
  76. Irene: It’s a Greek word that comes from ‘Eirene.’ It means ‘peace.’
  77. Linnea: A Swedish name that means a twinflower or lime tree. The name comes from a famous botanist Carl Linnaeus, who was also Swedish.
  78. Orianna: Means dawn, golden. It’s a Latin word.
  79. Kaya: Kaya may be the short form of Kakahoya. The name refers to a person who is wise beyond her years. It’s also a Japanese name that means ‘yew.’
  80. Rachel: Rachel is a Hebrew name that is pronounced as RAY-chel. It means innocent lamb or female sheep.
  81. Reveka: It means captivating in Hebrew.
  82. Shayna: It comes from the Yiddish name Shayna which means beautiful.
  83. Diana: Diana means heavenly or divine. Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, and childbirth. Her Greek counterpart is Artemis.
  84. Celine: Sky, heaven, the moon.
  85. Darlene: Dear or loved one. It comes from an old English word darel-ene.
  86. Davina: It’s a Scottish name that means beloved or friend. It’s the feminine form of David.
  87. Shirina: This is an American name meaning love song.
  88. Penelope: This is a Greek name that means weaver. Famous people bearing the name include the actress Penelope Cruz.
  89. Althea: This name is found both in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry. It means ‘wholesome.’
  90. Faye: It means fairy or loyalty and belief.
  91. Eleanor: It is a Greek name. It means shining light or sun rays.
  92. Della: Noble, of the nobility.
  93. Clara or Claire: It’s the feminine form of the Lain name Clarus that means famous or brilliant.
  94. Sofia: Sofia or Sophia is a Greek name meaning wise.
  95. Agustina: It’s the feminine form of the Latin name Augustus. It means grand, majestic, etc.
  96. Lucia: This name is used in several different languages. It comes from ‘lux,’ a Latin word meaning light or illumination. It’s the feminine form of Lucius.
  97. Julietta: Meaning Jove’s child
  98. Milagros: It’s derived from the Spanish word Milagro, and means miracle or wonder.
  99. Camila: This Latin name means ‘young ceremonial attendant.’ One famous bearer of the name is the pop star, Camila Cabello.
  100. Ines: It’s a Portuguese name meaning chaste, pure or virginal.

Cute last names for Girls – List of 100 Best Last Names


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