22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

Convocation Dress Ideas for Pakistani Girls. Every student has a dream of rocking their university life with the best appearance and look even more alluring on the day when they are about to get their degree, and that is convocation.

Boys are mostly not so excited about what to wear, but when it comes to girls, it has to be picture perfect. Starting from their hair till their shoes, everything has to be up to the mark, and for which they begin to plan it weeks before about their look, and the most important thing to girls is their outfit. It should be classy modern and unique at the same time and make their grad photos look astonishing.

What To Wear For Convocation?

Life isn’t perfect, but your convocation outfit can be! Your outfit tells alot about your personality, and therefore girls tend to choose a perfect outfit for themselves. Also, their heartfelt and smiling pictures are the cherry on top for making them look perfect. Talking about Pakistani fashion trends, it is all about keeping it both modest and exceptional. Occasions like these are for women where they can flaunt their beauty and express their personality by choosing what they wear. If you need some fashion inspiration about convocation dresses then hold tight and keep scrolling down the post below:

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

What To Consider While Choosing a Convocation Dress?

There are a few things you should keep in mind before glamming up for your big event

  • Dresses according to the weather: Make sure to choose your outfit according to the season. In winters, prefer wearing outfits of dark material like maroon, deep purple, midnight blue, etc. and thick as well. In summers, light colors like yellow, lime green, and baby pink are ideal because of the heat and sunlight; it would reflect back and not absorb it, unlike dark colors.
  • What time of the day is it: The question arises, day or night? If your event is in the day time, you should favor wearing dresses with little or less embroidery and work with light jewelry as you don’t want to overdo yourself.
  • Your physique: There is no doubt about the fact that your body structure plays a vital role in deciding what you wear, but it is the self-confidence that makes you look eye-catching. But if you have a short height, avoid wearing long dresses as it will dim your appearance a little.
  • Hairdo: Functional hair styling is like putting stars in the sky; it will pump up your clothes, and your makeup will look better with it. You can go for a messy bun, a sleek ponytail, a loose braid if it is too hot for your hair to be left open, or you can give them loose curls. You should prefer going for a gel back if it is a night event look as it is in fashion. It all depends what is the texture of your hair is it thin or thick curly wavy or frizzy.
  • Makeup- a perfect finish: Add a finishing touch with the right makeup, which, of course, will be decided according to the time of the day, and your clothing colour scheme. You should prefer wearing dark lip colors and more eye shadow at night time and vice versa. Make sure you are not wearing a dark lip colour with dark eye makeup.
  • Be Confident: It is without a doubt that confidence is your best outfit. Make sure you are self-confident enough to pull out any look you choose to wear. Do not go for a look that looks good but is uncomfortable once you wear it, it will shatter your confidence.

Here are few pictures of Pakistan’s leading celebrities and bloggers on their convocation, keeping in sight every little detail, from apparel to being self-confident

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

Check out these 22 different types of attire you girls can look stunning in on your convocation and rock your grad pictures!

↓ 22 – Ankle Length Red Wrap Around Dress

Mawra Hocane wore an attractive yet decent dress on her graduation; after all, who does not want to be the eye-catcher on their convocation? She chose a Gucci Belt and coat shoes to complete her look. You can select a colour as bright as red on this occasion. Put a full stop to the look by wearing minimal jewelry.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 21 –  A Sophisticated Printed Tulle Dress

Happiest girls are the prettiest, and who wouldn’t be happy on their convocation day? And even more, thrilled when she is wearing what she loves. This floral mesh net skirt will make you look majestic in the crowd with minimal print on it. Pair it with long earrings and a messy bun but if you are hijabi you can complete this look with any pastel-colored hijab that goes with your dress.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 20 –  Saree: Pure Grace And Glamour

This clothing is entirely traditional, and whoever likes to keep it close to their culture would choose this over several other choices. It’s wholly a 6 yard of elegance, which would only need a smile and minimal to no accessory for all the cameras flashing at you. This dark green sari with a shimmery blouse is all you need for your event but only if you can carry it comfortably under your gown!

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 19 –  Kurta With Pants- The Desi Style

This outfit never goes out of style. Girls have worn it in different forms over the period. Short shirts, long shirts, cigarette pants, palazzos all are were in fashion back in the ’80s and 90’s golden era, and these charms are all back in this decade as well. You can pair it with whatever it suits you, stilettos or flats.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

Moreover, jewelry can be decided depending on the work on the dress. If there is light embroidery/ sequence work/ pearl work, you can wear long earrings and a small pendant. Nylah raja, a Pakistani influencer, went for this simple all-white look on her convocation.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 18 – Velvet: Perfect For Winters

It can be pretty challenging when it gets to getting dolled up in winters. You need to look striking and not feel cold as well. For that, velvet material will be the safest option to go for, since it is warm and thick and impressive as well. You can wear a velvet jacket with bell-bottoms or a simple velvet shirt with cigarette pants, as shown in beautiful Sania Masktiya’s ensemble. Looking for winter clothing brands for women? Have a look at 10 Best Pakistani Winter Clothing Brands For Women In 2020

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 17 –   High Waist Pants With A Coat

This sophisticated look can never go out of style and still looks elegant whenever you wear it. Whether it is night or day, you can still rock this look with a simple plain shirt inside if your coat has print on it, and if not a floral shirt can be worn with it, under a plain jacket and high waist pants.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 16 –  Jumpsuits- All In One Outfit

Let your style speak for yourselves and let everyone jaws drop, and eyes stare as you enter your convocation by wearing an elegant jumpsuit. Pair it up with stilettos and sleek earrings, and you are good to go. This light grey jumpsuit is perfect for girls with a dusky complexion, and if you have slightly fair skin, you can go for vibrant colors as well.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 15 –   Long Ethnic Dresses

Keeping it desi with a simple long angarkha style dress paired with small jhumkis and nagras/ khussa. In short, keeping it desi from tip to toe. Here is one look in a midnight blue angarkha style that you can get inspiration from.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 14 –  Front Open Design

This fashion never goes out of style. A front open long tail shirt paired with cigarette pants is a perfect outfit for your convocation. You can either wear a plain shirt with a printed pair of pants or vice versa. Make sure the choice of your colors is according to the weather. Here is a photo inspiration of a beautiful ensemble worn by Maya Ali, she wore this light-colored shirt with a dark jamawar pant and stilettos in an award function, you can also rock this style in your grad photos as well.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 13 – Cape Style Trend

This trend is short-lived and comes back in every decade for a short period but looks fantastic to wear. Some people call it a poncho as well. Your cape can be short or long. Made of net chiffon or silk, it can have sleeves or not, depending upon your preference. It can be a high low style or knee-length. In this picture, you can see a lovely fawn cape with a simple inner with it, which will look best for your event!

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls


↓ 12 – Mahira’s Vibes

As discussed earlier, Saari is 6 yards of complete elegance, and every woman can look beautiful in one, all you need to do is decide how to wear it. Spark up the creative person and decide like Mahira khan wore this beautiful sari with western fusion involved in it. Here you can see her draped in a white floral print with a camel-colored coat. You can go with a dark colour sari and a light-colored coat. This can be a perfect look for winter.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 11 –  Peplum Style Outfit

People with a slim physique would look good in this as it gives an excellent shape to your body and looks modest too at the same time. You can wear it alongside bell bottoms or straight pants and a pair of coat shoes. This photo inspiration speaks for itself, and this white outfit is an example of simplicity, and anyone who wears it will definitely rock this one.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 10 –  Solid Colored Chiffon Dress

Chiffon is the picture-perfect material to be worn in summers as it is light, and you can choose any colour you want to according to the time of your event. Girls with a good height who are tall and lean will look good in these kinds of dresses. You can pair solid-colored dresses with heavy necklaces, and a small clutch will do your thing. If it’s night time, you can go for a dark color as well.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 9 –  Mirror Work Suits

If you are a type of girl who does not like western dressing and wants to keep it modest in a desi way, then mirror work shalwar qameez is just the perfect suit for you. You can wear it in any colour you wish to wear. This subtle pink ensemble is ideal for any skin complexion as well. You can do some right shimmery eye makeup with it to glam up the look.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 8 –  Slay That Purple Blouse Like Kate Middleton

Chiffon solid colored blouse with boot cut high waist pants are definitely a thing to be worn, rock it on your grad day and be the center of attention. Just like Kate Middleton was the epitome of perfection in this Gucci blouse. She kept it simple with no jewelry; you can pair it with a delicate necklace and earrings.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 7 –  Side Slit Outfits

This is a new trend in 2020, and a lot of girls love wearing these varieties of shirts because this is unique and looks striking as well. Your shirt can be of any material, silk, linen, or any other fabric. You can pair it with cigarette pants or palazzos, whatever suits you best. This side slit outfit has a floral print on it and its perfect for summers as it is not too dark for the hot weather. You can also pick colors like yellow and baby pink.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 6 –  Skirt With A Shirt

A good skirt always makes a girl look classy and elegant if worn correctly. You can wear it in any weather and in any colour. It will be plus point if you go for a floral print skirt with a solid-colored blouse. You can select a skin fitted or a loose blouse depending upon your wish. Pair it with coat shoes, and you are good to go.

22 Best Pakistani Convocation Outfits For Graduating Girls

↓ 5 –  Wear That Dress The Minaal Khan style

This lime green ankle-length dress is perfect for occasions like your convocation. It is simple and stylish simultaneously. You can go for bold colors if it is for night time like midnight blue or black. You can wear any type of jewelry you like, especially that one necklace that you keep for special occasions, now is that right occasion! Take it out and slay it!

lime green dress

↓ 4 –  Flaunt A Maxi Dress 

Dresses like these always look good on girls who are a little bulkier because of the flare in the dress. One thing you should be crystal clear about is that your material of the dress should be light if you go for stitching because the lighter the fabric, the more flare it will have. You can also wear dark shimmery maxis if your event is in the evening, mix it with long hanging jewelry, and everyone would wish to look as chic and comfy as you are!

long maxi

↓ 3 –  Kimono Dress for Convocation Event

The word kimono means a piece of clothing and it is a traditional Japanese dress. Although it goes back hundreds of years, it is still widely recognized as a modern garment, it mainly has a belt or wrap around and may or may not have long sleeves.

kimono dress

↓ 2 –  Palazzo Suit With A Coat

Get inspired by this look from Shilpa Shetty’s wardrobe. This white palazzo suit with a black coat is fabulous for your convocation. This look is perfect for winters; depending upon your complexion, you can select the colour scheme.

palazzo suit with coat

↓ 1 –  Shalwar Qameez- Perfect For All

This look is everyone’s all-time favorite. It looks good; it feels good when worn, this type of outfit is the modest of all and anyone can look good in it. You can select any colour of your choice. Since its convocation, try keeping it light with less embroidery or sequence work because less is more!

Searching for some Shalwar Kameez Fashion inspiration? Check out: 15 Modest Ways for Women To Wear Shalwar Kameez Fashionably

shalwar qameez- the perfect style

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