30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 – Updated List

Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Being a girl, we always want to be adorned and it’s our natural desire to look beautiful as well as stylish. Though there are several options to instantly elevate our girly charm. But the most important element in this regard is none other than “Jewelry”…!

Someone has rightly said Beauty is who you are. Jewelry is simply the icing on the cake.”

As it can be easily noticed that jewelry is an essential accessory for females. So, all the notable brands around the globe are manufacturing trendy jewelry continuously. Moreover, besides gold jewelry artificial and handmade jewelry is also globally in demand.

What Are Top-Notch Pakistani Jewelry Brands?

As we know, Pakistan is the hub of different and rich cultures. In light of this fact, Pakistani jewelry is also one of the most beautiful aspects of our traditions and culture as well. To summarize, here is an updated list of all prominent Pakistani jewelry brands for you. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List

How Did We Decide?

In this case, due to continuous changes in the demand and supply of jewelry items, it is definitely not easy to create a 100% accurate list of jewelry brands. But, we have tried our level best to produce an unbiased and well-researched list in this regard. 

As far as the criteria is concerned, we have followed these steps:

  • Firstly, researching the online as well as off-line market trends in jewelry shopping by the customers.
  • Secondly, examining the product display of different jewelry brands. 
  • Thirdly, the promotional campaigns of brands and the net-worth of their brand embassadors surely. 
  • Lastly, the comparison of variety and price-level of the products of these brands as well.

Now, let’s check out the list of the top 30 Pakistani Jewelry Brands here:

1. Afzal Jewelers

2. Ali Javeri Jewelers

3. Almas Jewelers

4. Damas Jewellery

5. ARY Jewellers

6. Zee.sy Jewellery   

7. Kashees Jewellery

8. Bukhari Accessories

9. Hanif Jewellers

10. AK Collection

11. Mekari by RK

12. Shafaq Habib

13. Vceela

14. Etsy

15. K's Jewel Galleria

16. Alara.pk

17. Seengar.com

18. Mekari

19. Allure By MH

20. Pure Gold Jewellers

21. MB Collections

22. Ottoman Jewels

23. Alita Accessories

24. Blumoon.pk

25. Hamna Amir

26. Znms.pk

27. Meenar Jewellers

28. Bijou.pk

29. Tesoro

30. Zaheen Kamran

↓ 30 – Finest Designer Jewelry: Zaheen Kamran

Not to mention, Zaheen Kamran is one of the leading jewelry brands in Pakistan. This brand has been offering the finest jewelry collections from time to time. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Zaheen Kamran

↓ 29 – What are the Options to Have Ethnic Jewelry Online in Pakistan?: Tesoro

Tesoro is a quite good option if you are looking for an ethnic jewelry collection. In brief, 145 products are displayed on their website with the price range of PKR 1500-42500 altogether.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


You can Buy Ethnic Jewelry Collection from TESORO

↓ 28 – Where to Buy Artificial Kundan Jewelry Online?: Bijou.pk

From Kundan Jewelry to Ethnic, Bijou.pk is the one-stop solution for all your fancy jewelry needs. If you need something in jewelry with a party dress, or to attend the wedding of your loved one, or simply if you want to uplift your casual style. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Here is Your Perfect Artificial Kundan Jewelry Stop- Bijou.pk

↓ 27 – Best Pakistani Bridal Jewelry Brands 2022: Meenar Jewellers

Choosing wedding accessories that satisfy a bride’s dreams takes some effort after all. In Pakistan, bridal jewelry comes in a variety of styles and colors. You need to make sure you are buying from a quality brand eventually.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Best Place to Buy this Type pf Green Bridal Jewelry Meenar jewellers

↓ 26 – Pakistani Meenakari Jewelry Brands: Znms.pk

Meenakari jewelry or more commonly known as enameled jewelry is traditional gold jewelry. It is encrusted with brightly colored enamel likewise. Znms. pk is among the finest online jewelry brands of Pakistan. So, If you are a meenakari jewel lover, you can buy it from Znms.pk easily. Moreover, this jewelry brand is offering free shipping on all orders above Rs. 999.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Buy Similar Meenakari Jewelry from Znms.pk

↓ 25 – Diverse and Versatile Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Hamna Amir 

This jewelry brand offers perhaps very different and versatile collections to its customers. These include sets of diamonds, bracelets, pearls, diamond earrings, bridal sets, diamond rings, gold necklaces, bracelets, and much more. Furthermore, the inclusion of fine stones in their work is appreciable.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Hamna Amir

↓ 24 – Artificial Gold Plated Jewelry in Pakistan: Blumoon.pk

To sum up, due to such a tremendous rise in the prices of gold since the last decade, the demand for artificial gold plated jewelry is continuously rising in our country. After all, it’s affordable as well as stylish at the same time. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Get Beautiful Artificial Gold Plated Jewelry From Blumoon.pk

↓ 23 – Pakistani Instagram Jewelry brands Update: Alita Accessories

Explicitly, Instagram has become the most accessible app for everyone until now. As a result, most of the girls like to buy jewelry and other accessories from the Instagram based pages now. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


 Alita Accessories

↓ 22 – Online Turkish Jewelry Stores in Pakistan: Ottoman Jewels

In Pakistan, there are many varieties of synthetic jewelry designs, from Kundan to Meenakari, and so on. Then, obviously, there is Afghan and Turkish jewelry. Such type of jewelry is very popular especially after the famous Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi was broadcast in Pakistan.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Ottoman Jewels

↓ 21 – How to Buy From Tribal Jewelry Outlets in Pakistan?: MB Collections

Indeed, Tribal jewelry is trending not only in Pakistan but also in western countries for the past few years. Hence, the most compelling evidence of this fact is the rise in online tribal jewelry brands consequently. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


MB Collections

↓ 20 – Pakistani Gold Jewelry Designs Images: Pure Gold Jewellers

We all know this fact that in order to give the bride a perfect look on her wedding day, gold jewelry plays the most significant role, particularly in Pakistan. Hence, it must be remembered that regardless of the popularity of artificial jewelry, gold jewelry has its own place even now.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Buy Latest Gold Jewelry Collection from Pure Gold Jewellers

↓ 19 – Classy Pakistani Jewelry Brands:  Allure By MH

For classy and unique jewelry lovers, Allure by MH is absolutely the best place. Furthermore, their designs are so beautiful and trendy that you want to have all of them as soon as possible. Without any delay, check out this brand as everything is available at a decent price.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Allure By MHT

↓ 18 – Balochi jewelry Designs: Mekari

Balochistan’s civilization is a prominent aspect of the cultural richness of Pakistan obviously. And in summary one of Balochistan’s most famous landmarks is its ancient jewelry designs and gemstones. And not to mention the tourists love to buy such jewelry items particularly. Ultimately, it is time to revive the Balochi culture and add such jewelry to our wedding stylings too.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


You Can Shop Such Beautiful Balochi Jewelry from Mekari

↓ 17 – Antique Pakistani Traditional Jewelry Brands: Seengar.com 

For the most part, it is quite obvious that people are liking the ancient and traditional jewelry trends again. Eventually, Ethnic style jewelry has become very popular. Pieces like chaandbaalis, chokers, neckpieces, and jhoomars are back in fashion instantly. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List



↓ 16 – Finest Pakistani Jewelry Brands With Prices: Alara.pk

The Alara store should be the next page you come to if you are a light and stylish jewelry lover truly. Generally speaking, Alara is very popular with celebrities because of its trendy designs. comparatively, they have more bold designs that make a fashion statement. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List



↓ 15 – How to Carry Traditional Kashmiri Jewelry?: K’s Jewel Galleria 

Although traditional jewelry is the preferred choice for females, jewelry designers are open to exploring and offering traditional pieces with a unique twist of modernism as well. At the present time, traditional Kashmiri jewelry is also gaining fame and acclamation by jewelry designers on the whole. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


K’s Jewel Galleria

↓ 14 – What are Pathani Jewelry Items?: Etsy

One of the traditional jewelry collections is called “Pathani Jewelry” in Pakistan. This glamourous and unique collection belongs to the mountain side. Straightaway, such type of jewelry is getting the attention of brides presently. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List



↓ 13 – Funky Pakistani Jewelry Brands Online: Vceela

Generally speaking, funky jewelry is also interestingly known as fun fashion jewelry. Such fashionable jewelry can bring a radiant effect to your personality. By wearing such funky and trendy jewelry, your beauty is made more personalized.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List



↓ 12 – What are the Most Famous Jewelry Brands in Pakistan?: Shafaq Habib

In the first place, it is appropriate to call Pakistan a country blessed with talented individuals. And these individuals are contributing generously in the development of every field of life. Especially, Pakistani jewelry artists are truly an inspiration and Shafaq Habib is the finest of the lot.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Buy Such Statement Jewelry From Shafaq Habib

↓ 11 – Latest Asian Tikka Designs 2021: Mekari by RK

Nowadays, the wedding season is in full action. We can clearly notice that the big Asian tikka is a trending jewelry item nowadays. As a matter of fact, you can rock your wedding look just by adding a tikka as a noticeable jewelry piece.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Mekari by RK

↓ 10 – Artificial Pakistani Jewelry Brands: AK Collection

As a matter of fact, AK Collection can be easily called a pioneer in the case of the online jewelry business. Not to mention, they are among one of those jewelry brands that introduced online jewelry shopping trends in Pakistan chiefly. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Shop Now from AK Collection

↓ 9 – Pakistani Statement Jewelry Brands: Hanif Jewellers

With clothes being designed in an orderly fashion these days, a Jewelry statement will be the best decision for you in this case surely. As a statement Jewelry is distinct, it will upgrade your personality and will give you a bold look definitely. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


For Statement jewelry Click Here Hanif Jewellers

↓ 8 – Latest Jewelry Trends in Pakistan 2022: Bukhari Accessories

These days, the most trending jewelry is earrings and bracelets. Markedly, wearing full jewelry sets is becoming rare. The most trending earrings are currently jhumkas. Even on Eid-ul-Adha this year, many celebrities were seen wearing jhumkas only.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Bukhari Accessories

↓ 7 – Affordable Vintage Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Kashees Jewellery

The first thing to remember is that many jewelry articles are embodied in vintage designs and styles particularly. So, clearly wearing a nice, elegant vintage jewel item will suit you well ultimately. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Kashees Jewelry

↓ 6 – Leading Artificial Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Zee.sy Jewellery

In a word, this online jewelry store is the ultimate hub of high-quality jewelry now. Henceforth, you can see the most impressive as well as beautiful jewelry in their collection.

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Buy these Gorgeous Earrings from Zee.sy Jewelry

↓ 5 – How to Select Walima Bridal Jewelry Set in 2022?: ARY Jewellers

In order to get a perfect walima look, you can certainly buy best as well as stylish jewelry from many online jewelry outlets surely but ARY Jewellers is the perfect place for bridal as well as casual jewelry shopping markedly. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


ARY Jewellers

↓ 4 – Where to Buy Economical Jewelry Online in Pakistan?: Damas Jewellery

By and large, like all other fields, Damas Jewellery is the ultimate place to buy the best economical gold and diamond jewelry. From necklace to rings, and from studs to sets this brand has a lot of options for jewelry lovers. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Damas Jewellery

↓ 3 – How to Style Latest Pakistani Jewelry?: Almas Jewelers

Of course, diamonds are the first priority of females in jewelry but it’s really a task to find real diamond jewels in our country. Almas Jewelers is one of the top jewelry brands of Pakistan especially their diamond collection is a game-changer definitely. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


To Buy Such Sophisticated Jewelry Click Here Almas Jewelers

↓ 2 – Fusion Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Ali Javeri Jewelers

To enumerate, we don’t have many fusion jewelry options in Pakistan right now. But this type of jewelry is captivating the attention of people with the passage of time definitely. As a matter of fact, Ali Javeri Jewelers is such a fusion jewelry brand of Pakistan. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


Ali Javeri Jewelers

↓ 1 – Most Popular Pakistani Jewelry Brands: Afzal Jewelers

Afzal Jewelers is a well-known brand in Pakistan. They are the winner of the Best Jewelry Award in 2017 at IPPA London. This product should be your first choice if you are looking for high-quality diamonds or bridal gold sets especially. 

30 Top Pakistani Jewelry Brands 2022 Updated List


You Can Shop Best jewelry Online From Afzal Jewelers


Q. What is the best brand for jewelry in Pakistan?

A. It is important to realize that it’s never easy to categorize the brands of any article including jewelry too. The most compelling evidence of this fact is that the meaning of the word “Best” is different for different people. However, on the basis of surveys, we can create a list of some of the best jewelry brands of Pakistan such as:

  • Afzal Jewelers
  • Ali-javeri
  • Almas
  • Damas 
  • ARY jewellers 

Q. Which city of Pakistan is renowned for Jewellery?

Ans: In the case of Pakistan, the beautiful traditional Multani and Bahawalpur Jewelry are very famous specifically. Multan is a beautiful city in the heart of south Punjab. Moreover, in essence, Balochi and Kashmiri jewelry are also well-known across the globe.

Q. What brands sell real gold jewelry?

Ans: Although, several jewelry brands are manufacturing gold jewelry in Pakistan but it’s really challenging to find out the real gold jewelry especially. However, some of the reputable pure gold jewelry brands are Afzal Jewelers, Hanif Jewelers, Almas Jewelers, etc.

Q. Which jewelry item is trending in Pakistani weddings in 2022?

Ans: As it can be seen clearly that a lot of new as well as experimental things are becoming a part of Pakistani weddings nowadays. On the positive side, this addition is good so far because it is refreshing obviously. For instance, heavy jewelry is no more in fashion even among brides. above all, single statement jewelry items for example jhumkas, tikka, matha Patti are gaining attention surely.

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