Top 15 Jeans Brands For Girls In Pakistan With Price

Top Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan – In the last few years, the people of Pakistan have become increasingly brand conscious and this has promoted the entry of many great international brands in the Pakistani market. At the same time, many equally good local brands have emerged that are producing great stuff at much lower prices.

Fashion trends have in Pakistan never remain the same. Over time, Pakistani women have been keen on adopting the western fashions of clothing. No longer is it a taboo to wear jeans with a top, it is more like an everyday routine for many girls in Pakistan. Initially, there weren’t a lot of local brands that worked for the matter and more or less very few international brands were available in the field of jeans for women such as Levi’s. The growing demand and adaptation of western fashion have allowed for Pakistanis to cash this opportunity to produce wide varieties of good quality jeans so every girl can find something that she likes and that too within her budget.

What Are The Best Brands Of Jeans For Pakistani Girls

Let’s take a look at all the places to look for the perfect pair of denim. For that today we will share with you fashionistas a list of the best jeans brands for Pakistani women and this list includes the top International as well as local brands who are sure to meet your standards. Let us know what you think and what your favorite jeans brand is.

15 – Chen One

14 – Splash

13 – BTW

12 – Quiz

11 – Mantra

10 – Stoneage

9 – Cross Roads

8 – Outfitters

7 – Next

6 – Khaadi

5 – Breakout

4 – Diesel

3 – Pepe Jeans

2 – Levi’s

1 – Mango

How Did We Decide?

The decision for the best jeans brands is essentially based on the quality and feel of the denim material. No one enjoys wearing a pair of jeans that are coarse, heave and untidy in its stitching. The brands that offer the best styles and stuff for jeans are a part of this list. Other factors such as the availability of stores and pricing play an important role too.

Which Style For What Shape?

Girls always wonder what style jeans would suit them the best. Well, it is actually difficult to decide since the simple jeans have so many different cuts and styles to it. Here is a little guide to help all of you out with what style jeans go on what body shape so that you know exactly which jeans to buy the next time you go shopping.

  • For pear-shaped girls – Body shape where you have weight on the hips, rear, and legs it is better to go for moderate skinnies or boot-cuts that make your legs look longer and shift the focus from the curvey areas. You can choose to wear skinny jeans too every now and then but high-waisted jeans are a big no.
  • For apple-shaped girls – Body shape where the weight resides on the waist more than other parts of the body, it is better to go for straight cut jeans so the entire body below the waist looks leveled without making the waist look too prominent.
  • For curvy girls – Curvy bodies are the new black because they’re all over the internet for their rare unique shape. Well if you are blessed to be someone perfectly curvy, high-waisted jeans are best suited for you as they would cling around your body perfectly. Also, it is always a plus if curvy ladies get jeans that have a little stretch to it; that always helps for the perfect fit.
  • For petite girls – Girls with thin and frail physiques are the perfect candidates to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will make you appear taller and will flatter your shape even more.

What To Wear And How To Wear It?

Now that you are well aware of what style jeans will look the best on you, let’s move on to the colors. While the basic blue jeans are the king of all denim colors and the first choice when buying your first-ever jeans there are many other colors of denim that look pretty amazing and can make for great outfits. Here are a few tips of wearing the different denim colors to their best.

  • The basic mid-blue denim works for all kinds of styles. Wear them with any color polos or button-down shirts and you’re sure to look a 10/10.
  • White denim is also a very profound style statement. If you are someone who in addition to being fashion-forward is also into the trendy hip styles, white ragged denim is just the right thing for you. Wear your white ragged jeans with folded till the ankles. Wear a colorful basic tee or a smart fit blouse with white sneakers for the perfect look.
  • One major bomb look is all black. Black jeans worn with a button-down black shirt is just beyond amazing. You can also wear your black jeans with light blue shirts because that makes a great outfit too. Black shoes are a must.
  • Blue denim with greenish tint also makes a very unique pair of jeans. Skinny or boot-cut greenish-blue jeans are worn best with a white button-down shirt or any white chiffon blouse. Add on a pair of white or tan wedges and damn!
  • Faded jeans are the representation of ultra-casual fashion so slip into your favorite pair of faded denim and pull over a colorful tee shirt and you’re good to go. Flip flops or sneakers, both would do for a super fun summer style.

Now that you know exactly what to look for when buying your jeans.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 15 – Chen One

Chen One is a brand that every Pakistani is more than familiar with. For most of us, it’s a household name that we have been hearing since childhood. Even though it’s been known traditionally for its household products and especially bedsheets. But in recent years, Chen One has really brought up the style game by providing good quality western wear options for both men and women. The price of their jeans, jeggings, and trousers ranges from PKR 1500 to 3000. Shop Chen One pair of jeans online. Here are 20 Indian Celebrities Ripped Jeans Styles to Copy This Year.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 14 – Splash

Middle-Eastern fashion brand Splash is currently running its retail stores in most renowned malls of Pakistan. The quality of their jeans is exceptionally well, exactly what anyone would expect from international products. Their stores are located in Ocean and Lucky One malls in Karachi and DHA Y-Block in Lahore. If you get lucky as in with a sale, Splash jeans can cost you around PKR 1500 and can go as high as up to PKR 8,000. Take a look at their products here.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 13 – BTW

Lahore’s original fashion house BTW is a strong contender in the jeans competition. The brand has multiple outlets in Lahore and one in Karachi and Islamabad each. Other than that you can shop for their jeans here.

BTW jeans can range from PKR 1,790 to PKR 3,000.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 12 – Quiz

The renowned British brand Quiz is now having outlets in Lahore and Islamabad but if you’re not from these cities, you can still shop online and get free home delivery of your favorite items with cash on delivery option. When it comes to jeans, this brand currently has the greatest variety as you can find everything from ripped to skinny to embroidered jeans. The price of their jeans ranges from 5000 to 8000 but they have yearly sales of up to 75% where you can get these jeans for as low as PKR 2400! Shop amazing pairs of jeans online from Quiz.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 11 – Mantra

Mantra is another women’s leading fashion brand that is great at offering quality denim products. Mantra jeans can be for anywhere between PKR 2,000 to PKR 4,500. Shop their products here.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 10 – Stoneage

A popular Pakistani brand that can fulfill all your western wear requirements. Their outfits are trendy and recently they’ve been more towards the street style trend. They also have a good collection of vintage stuff and a good variety of denim. The brand has been around since the year 2004 and its products truly compete with that of International brands. You can easily get good quality denim jeans from here for around PKR 2500. Shop online from Stoneage now! Here are 24 Ways to Wear All White Outfits Like Pakistani Celebrities.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 9 – Crossroads

This brand initially came to be known for its amazing collection of sweaters but pretty soon it mastered every other clothing item as well. Established in 2002, Crossroads has set itself apart by ensuring that it fills the vacuum that exists in the Pakistani western wear clothing sector. Today, you can find a huge range of both formal and casual outfits here. From time to time, they have also amazed us with some unique and fun collections such as the junkie collection or the more formal ‘Noir” collection. The price of jeans here usually starts from around PKR 1500.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 8 – Outfitters

This is another one of the very few Pakistani brands that offer good quality western wear at affordable prices. Since 2003, Outfitters has been the most popular local brand for western wear, mainly because of its emphasis on quality. Today, its success has allowed it to open stores in all the major cities of Pakistan and its sales can drive the whole town crazy. The price of denim jeans at outfitters starts from PKR 2290 and non-denim ones are available at a starting price of 1999. Shop denim products online here.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 7 – Next

Here’s another British multinational clothing brand that is available in hundreds of countries around the world, including some major cities of Pakistan. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the prices are much higher than what you can get from International stores of the same brand for example in the Next, United Kingdom. But if you’re willing to spend the money, they have some really good quality stuff that will last for many years. Moreover, they have a huge range of jeans that are in line with the latest trends. One of their most popular jeans products has been the Next 360 skinny fit jeans and wearing them will make you feel the difference as they make one look fit by holding in the tummy and give your legs the shape that you’ve always desired. And at the same time, you’ll also feel the softness and comfort of the fabric so you’ll be able to have a nice and relaxed day. The price of jeans starts from around PKR 6000 to 8000 in stores but you can get much better deals online.

 Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 6 – Khaadi

Khaadi recently introduced a limited collection of jeans in many of its stores. The denim jeans were simple in look but they were comfortable to wear and came at a good price of around PKR 2000. Moreover, they looked great when paired with one of their Kurtis or pret shirts. Shop for Khaadi jeans online. You should check out these Latest kurti designs 2019 from top 15 kurti designers these days. 

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 5 – Breakout

One of Pakistan’s very own fashion retail brands is Breakout. Competing with all other local fashion brands, breakout offers quality products. Their jeans are also updated with the latest trends and are worth the cash. Breakout stores are situated in every reputable mall such as Dolmen City Mall and Lucky One Mall in Karachi, Packages Mall Lahore and Centaurus and Giga Malls in Islamabad. In addition, you can shop from Breakout through their online store here. Breakout jeans can cost you anywhere in between PKR 1,990 to PKR 3,290.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 4 – Diesel

Famous international denim brand, Diesel is offering Pakistani customers with their high-quality denim products. The brand currently has only one operating outlet in Pakistan, located in Packages Mall, Lahore.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 3 – Pepe Jeans

In 2015, Pepe Jeans London launched its first store in Lahore followed by one in Karachi. These jeans are again of an international brand with excellent quality but prices are on the competitive side as they range from PKR 6000 to 10,000. But when on sale, you can get them for as low as PKR 2500 and they’ll truly make you feel all pepped up. Shop online here.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 2 – Levi’s

This brand is known throughout the world for its denim jeans. In Pakistan too they have a really good collection of jeans available stores for as low as PKR 5000. Shop for the amazing Levi’s jeans online.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

↓ 1 – Mango

At the top of the list, we have a brand that’s loved throughout the world for its high street western clothes that are of the best quality and remain unmatched when it comes to style. You can find anything here from casual wear to formal and even work outfits or special occasion ones. If you’re a true fashionista who stays up to date with the latest trends then this, of course, is a brand that you can not miss out. Coming towards their jeans, their sizing is really reliable, the skinny jeans have a very slimming effect and they are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them. The price of their jeans starts from PKR 3790 and can go up to PKR 9990. This is one of the most expensive jeans brands in Pakistan, but you can find some pretty good deals during their sales. Shop online at Mango.

Top 15 Jeans Brands for Girls in Pakistan with Price

Now you all know exactly which places to head to the next time you plan on buying a pair of jeans. Do check out these stores for your favorite styles so that you can dress up to look fabulous.


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