Best Celestial Wedding Decoration Ideas-20 Moon And Star Wedding Themes

Best Celestial Wedding Decoration Ideas- Certainly, everybody wants to make his wedding stand out. In order to throw a unique wedding party, it should be more personalized with a theme of your choice. Themes are usually important to put together various wedding elements into a singular vision. When drafting your wedding theme, you need to think about the reception hall, decorations, menu, wedding dress, and many more items. All of the elements should be coordinated to give a true sense of accordance.

Although many wedding theme ideas are available on the internet. However, one of the most trending and contemporary themes is the Celestial wedding idea. Here we will be discussing all Celestial Wedding Theme Decore Ideas and how to organize Moon and Star Wedding Themes.

What Does A Celestial Theme Represents?

A celestial theme is usually characterized by the moon, stars, planets, and other astronomical objects. No doubt, it is the ideal choice for some astronomy-obsessed couples. To achieve this theme, all decorations are made with moon and star-shaped things.

Evidently, the celestial theme is known to represent an Everlasting Promise Of Marriage. In addition, it symbolizes that the marriage will last forever even in the heavens.

20 Celestial Wedding Ideas To Try This Year

Here in this article, we have covered the 20 best celestial wedding ideas for you all to try in 2021. We hope this will help you arrange your dream wedding because we have enlisted all the essential items that you’ll be needing along with decor ideas and a lot more! So keep on reading!

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Best Celestial Wedding Decoration Ideas

↓ 20 – Lunar Invitation Suite

The first and foremost step of a wedding is to invite your loving guests to your special day. For a celestial wedding, a lunar invitation suite is a perfect and complete choice. Select a card that shows all lunar stages throughout the month. Otherwise, a card with printed planets can also match your wedding decor.

One can get his customized card or many lunar invitation wedding cards are also available online.

↓ 19 – How To Choose A Celestial Wedding Dress For The Couple?

Certainly, at the wedding, all the sights are focused on the bride and groom. Hence, the couple’s dresses have supreme significance to make a wedding special.

For a celestial wedding theme, the bride should choose a dress embellished with glittery stars. although white wedding attire is a custom, however, the bride can experiment with colors like black and blue also. The groom should wear a galaxy printed bow and handkerchief to match his partner.

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↓ 18 – What Are The Best Celestial Accessories For The Bride?

The bride’s look is incomplete without some matching hair accessories and jewelry. The type of hair accessories depends on your hairstyle. However, it is decided to be in moon and star shape to match your wedding theme.

In the same way, a lot of options for jewelry are available too. You can select little sparkling earrings to heavy diamond necklaces according to your taste.

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↓ 17 – Moon Star Hanging Lights

Lightening specifically governs the aura of a wedding function and helps create an ambiance of the whole venue. Proper wedding lights not only enhance the beauty of the event but also highlight the centerpieces along with other decorative elements.

In order to conduct a perfect celestial wedding party, there is no better option than the moon and stars-shaped hanging lights. You can create a sky full of little stars glowing around the crescent moon.

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↓ 16 – Galaxy Inspired Nail Paint Idea

Are you really fond of creative nail art? If yes, then this plan is all made for you. Besides chic wedding attire, beautiful nail paint is also an important part of the wedding. A galaxy-themed nail art idea is an ideal choice for bold brides who wants to stay elegant.

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↓ 15 – How To Organize A Special Couple Appearance For Starry Wedding Reception?

Evidently, the wedding event should represent both of you together as a couple. You can surprise the guests with a special couple appearance at the venue. For this purpose, arrange a planner to turn your dreams into reality.

For a celestial wedding theme, the couple should enter the venue sitting on the hanging half moon surrounded by glowing stars.

↓ 14 – Planets Inspired Goodi Bags For Guests

Although it has become rare now, however, some people continue to distribute wedding favors among the guests. These wedding favors include chocolates, candies some other sweet items.

Goodie bags with a starry wedding theme is easily available in the market. One can get the goodie bags with stars, moon, or inspired by other planets too.

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Best Celestial Wedding Decoration Ideas 20 Moon And Star Wedding Themes

↓ 13 – Celestial Wedding Themed Cardboard Decorations

Celestial wedding decoration is not confined to any specific decorations. One can go as far as he wants. To add some extra detail to your venue, you should creatively turn cardboard into something fabulous.

For this purpose, cut the cardboard into moon and star shapes. Secondly, paint them with luminous gold and silver colors to give an aesthetic look. In addition, you can write quotes or wishes on them. Lastly, hang them to the ceiling with the help of strings.

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↓ 12 – What Is The Perfect Celestial Wedding Cake Idea?

The tradition of a wedding cake comes from old Roman times when a piece of cake was tumbled down the bride’s head. The act was symbolized as luck and prosperity along with fertility. However, wedding cakes are still the main element of a wedding.

For an astronomy-based wedding party, a galaxy-themed cake would be the ideal choice. You can specifically ask your baker for a blue-black cake with stars detailing on it.

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↓ 11 – Show It In The Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photography is crucial because it not only captures the dresses and shoes but people and emotions too. certainly, these photographs will be a reminiscence of your big day. You can relive your special event, can share them with future generations, and remind those who are no longer with you.

Specifically, a celestial background has the ability to emulsify the beauty of a wedding photoshoot. For this idea, you should choose a specific time, for instance, sunset or a clear sky with thousands of twinkling stars.

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Best Celestial Wedding Decoration Ideas 20 Moon And Star Wedding Themes

↓ 10 – Amazing Moon And Star Dessert Ideas

Sweets are one of the salient elements of a wedding. Surely, you won’t regret having some cupcakes and pastries decorated with edible moon and stars to compliment your celestial wedding decorations. Moreover, you can place some chocolate cookies or soft pretzels.

However, don’t overwhelm the guests with more options. 2-3 dessert options are enough.

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↓ 9 – Warm Celestial Welcome Decor

Welcome signs are the first thing to see when entering a wedding venue. They greet, direct, and inform your guests about the atmosphere. In addition, a welcome sign should be designed in such a way that it fully complements the theme.

For example, a black-blue poster with the bride and groom’s name in between the sparkling planets.

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↓ 8 – How To Make Zodaic Based Guest Book For Starry Wedding Theme?

Evidently, guestbooks are used to save the emotion and blessings of the guests on a wedding day. Guestbooks are still in trend, however, the idea has become more contemporary. Nowadays, guest boxes are becoming more popular among couples.

For instance, a celestial wedding guest box consists of a box and stars. Ask the guests to sign a star and put it in the box. In addition to this, you should estimate the number of stars according to the number of expected guests.

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↓ 7 – Sparkling Shoes To Match The Celestial Wedding Theme

Choosing the perfect bridal shoes is as crucial as wedding attire. Although the shoes are mostly hidden under your long wedding gown, however, they can peep out when walking. Due to this reason, the shoes should complement her gown as well as the wedding theme.

For a moon and stars wedding theme, a pair of heels adorned with sparkling stones would be perfect to give a starry look.

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↓ 6 – Atronaumy Based Table Numbers

One of the most unique ideas for a starry wedding is to place astronomy-based table numbers. On the contrary, you can simply place a table number that is glowing among thousands of twinkling stars.

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↓ 5 – Starry Night Wedding Theme Centerpieces

Centerpieces are definitely the central and most focused part of wedding decorations. If correctly placed, they can augment the decore and set the theme mood. As apparent by the name, the centerpieces must be placed in the center, on stages, and close to the tables.

For an astronomy-inspired wedding, shiny moon and stars along with other plants can be used as center decore.

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↓ 4 – Night Under The Stars Wedding Theme

If you are arranging your celestial wedding party at night, a starry roof can turn the venue into a mesmerizing place. In order to achieve it, create a starry roof with hundreds of twinkling fairy lights. Undoubtedly, everybody will love the idea.

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↓ 3 – Celestial Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you going to accompany your loved one as a bridesmaid? If yes, you must try to go along with the selected wedding theme. For a starry theme, a knee-cut frock with star detailing is the best dress. Otherwise, a ball gown with shiny stones can also serve the purpose.

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↓ 2 – Siver And Gold Cutlery Set

It is impossible to arrange an ideal wedding theme without some synchronized cutlery. However, when it comes to setting the table for guests, many wedding antiques must be followed. Silver and gold cutlery sets are enough to multiply the beauty of your celestial wedding decore.

Moreover, keep guest’s comfortability in mind. All the spoons, forks, and plates should be accessible at hand, Don’t bother your guests with distantly placed cutlery.

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↓ 1 – How To Organize Romantic Starry Night Wedding Theme?

Do you want to organize a romantic starry night wedding? For this purpose, you can conduct the function under the open sky. Outdoor night weddings are capable of making the venue most romantic. Adorn all the surrounding trees with fairy lights. Moreover, the furniture and decorations should be in gold color.

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Q: What Is A Celestial Wedding Theme?

A: Celestial wedding theme is the one which is inspired by stars, moon, planets, and astronomy. In this case, all the decorations are made to convert the venue into a galaxy. Moon and stats hanging lights, celestial wedding cakes, and starry wedding canopy are the highlights of this theme.

The theme is an ideal choice for star-obsessed couples to turn their dreams into reality.

Q: Which Items Are Essential For A Galaxy Themed Wedding?

A: Since the celestial theme has a large altering capacity. You can experiment with this idea as far as you want. However, there are some essential elements to create a perfect starry night wedding.

1- A venue decorated with celestial wedding centerpieces.

2- Moon and stars hanging lights

3- Celestial wedding dress for the couple

4- Galaxy Inspired Cake to match your wedding theme.

5- Zodiac-based goodie bags for the guests.

6- A celestial wedding theme photoshoot

Q: How Should I Style My Celestial Wedding Dress?

A: A wedding dress is surely a sign of the innocence and purity of the bride. Moreover, it is a remembrance of your special day which you should keep with care and love. However, the styling of a wedding dress becomes more important in case of a special theme.

Evidently, the dress should openly represent the theme of the wedding. The same goes for your celestial wedding dress. You should choose a dress that is embellished with sparkling beads and glowing stars.

Q: Which Lights Are The Best For Celestial Wedding Function?

A: The selection of lights depends if you are organizing your function during day or night. However, some commonly used lights for starry wedding functions are hanging moon and stars lights. In addition to this, sparkling fairy lights can help give a sense of a star roof.

Moreover, all the trees and surroundings should be decorated with lights in case of a celestial wedding outdoor.

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