Longest Hair Women-22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

Longest Hair Women-22 Girls with Longest Hair In The World- Hair is the most precious and charming element of someone’s personality. Healthy and long shiny hair can make you look beautiful even in a simple outfit. It may seem unbelievable or even impossible to some, peculiarly the girls with short hair, like myself – who do not simply fancy long hair, let alone Rapunzel sort of long hair.

But what harm is it to just look around and fascinate yourself by some of the women around the world who have managed or somehow master the art of keeping the longest hair and that all too very well? So here are the top 22 girls and women around the world with the prettiest, the coolest, and the most unique long hair.

Ultimate Tips For Faster Hair Growth

  • Regular Oiling: Evidently, oiling is the foremost element to get shinier and longer hair. Proper oiling helps your scalp to breathe which in turn increases hair growth. Moreover, oil is necessary to relax your hair too.
  • Use Mild Shampoo: Always avoid chemical shampoo on your hair. It can cause damage to your hair and can make them rough.
  • Add Conditioner And Hair Protein Mask In Your Routine: Never take conditioning light and add it to your hair care routine. Conditioners are known to have all good ingredients for the hair. Moreover, a lot of hair masks are available in the market to help grow the hair.
  • Have A Keratin Treatment Weekly: A keratin treatment is actually one that contains keratin protein. Keratin is in fact, present in our hair and gives a shier look to the hair.
  • Visit Hair Salon On A Monthly Basis: Never compromise on a budget when it comes to the treatment of your hair. Make a routine to visit your hair stylist once a month. Get some hair shining treatments. Have a rimming every three months to avoid split ends.

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Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 22 – Abril Lorenzetti

Abril Lorenzetti once held the title of longest hair teen in 2017. However, the record was broken by Keito Kawahara in 2018 and now Nilanshi Patel is the current Record holder. In 2017, her hair measured as 4 feet 12 inches long.

Actually, she wanted to get a cool haircut but the stylist ruined it all. She was so overwhelmed that she made a decision to never touch scissors to her hair.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 21 – Naomi Elizabeth Romero Huaman

A 24-year-old lady, Naomi Elizabeth Romero is ambitious to break the record of the world’s longest hair. With more than 6 feet of hair locks, she is very confident to achieve her target soon.

As far as hair care is concerned, she says it is a genetic gift from her ancestors. Naomi finds it easy to bind it into braids.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 20 – Lister Phiri

49 years old Lister Phiri from Zambia decided not to cut her extraordinarily long hair. She gets help from neighbor women and children to keep a check on her hair.

In order to prevent it from tangling, she binds it into ponytails.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 19 – Andrea Colson

Married to her love of life, Andrea Colson gets a hand from her husband to maintain her ankle-length hair. She owns super shiny straight hair that gives her a cute Repunzel look.

She credits nut butter as the only secret of such gorgeous hair strands.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 18 – Monika Shah

With 5 feet 4 inches hair lock, she just looks gorgeous and happy. Monika claims that she has never visited any hair salon for the last 20 years.

However, it is just a tough time to wash and dry the hair as the whole process takes about 3 hours.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 17 – Keito Kawahara

Keito once held the title of longest hair teen in 2018. She never cut her hair in her entire lifetime and managed to grow 5 feet long healthy hair,

Nevertheless, she made a big decision and got a shoulder cut before going to university.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 16 – Malgorzata Kulczyk

Born in Poland and raised in Britain, stunning Malgorzata Kulczyk never cut her hair since she was 7 years old. She only trimmed her hair throughout her life and now her hair just touches the ground.

She even uploaded a picture wearing her hair as a dress.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 15 – Balvinder Kaur

An Indian woman, who has been growing her hair for more than 30 years. It would be a surprise for you that Balvinder does not spend more than 15 minutes brushing it.

All she uses is to massage her scalp with a mixture of different not oils that is traditional in India.

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Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 14 – Lianne Robinson

Lianne Robinson has definitely inherited some amazing hair genes from her parents. Her hair started to grow rapidly at the age of 11 years. Now, it can touch her ankles and she loves to model with it.

Lianne only allowed her personal hairstylist to experiment with her hair.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 13 – Anastasiya Sidorova

Have a look at a stunning Russian Repunzel with shiny red hair. Can you imagine that she suffered from Alopecia at the age of 18? Alopecia is a condition in which a person loses all his hair.

However, with proper treatment as well as luck, she managed to grow such long hair.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 12 – Frankie Cluney

Frankie always fantasized about being long hair mermaid. In order to make her dream come true, she stopped cutting her hair at the age of 6 years. Certainly, you will be surprised to know that the last time she washed her hair was at the age of 13.

This British citizen is surely blessed because her hair doesn’t need too much to manage due to its structure. However, detangling can take about half an hour. That’s a lot of work! The current length of her hair locks is 6 feet.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 11 – Alena Kravchenko

Alena Kravchenko has been awarded the title “Ukrainian Repunzel” and it is also true to some extent. She claims that she never cut her hair in the past 30 years. Her golden blonde hair reaches the length of 6 feet 5 inches.

The motivation behind this struggle was her mum’s words “Feminine beauty is directly linked to the woman’s long and shiny hair”.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Alena told them that she feels honored when people call her Repunzel. Well, who doesn’t want to be compared with a Disney princess!

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 10 – Nilanshi Patel

The next woman on the list is actually a teenager, Nilanshi Patel who belongs to Gujarat, India. As a young girl, a stylist ruined Nilanshi’s hair and she was so grieved that she couldn’t trust other hairdressers anymore. She continued to grow her hair and now at the age of 16, her hair is 5 foot 7 inches long.

Her voluminous hair earned the 2020 Guinness Book title of “Longest Hair On A Teen In The World”. However, Nilanshi cut her hair in 2021 and got a bob haircut.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 9 – Asha Mandela

Have you ever imagined Repunzel as a Black woman with long dreadlocks? If not, just have a look at Asha Mandela’s long dreadlocks that measures about 55 feet. Her locks are so heavy and long that it is impossible for her to carry them. Therefore, she keeps it in a bag.

Despite the doctors’ warning of being paralyzed due to such long hair, Asha says she can’t let her hair go. She considers it as a spiritual journey.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 8 – Ni Linmei

61 years old Ni Linmei made her mark by setting a record of 10 feet gorgeous hair strands. Moreover, she owns quite shiny and silky hair strands.

She credits nut milk as the sole source of nutrients to her hair. In addition to this, Ni Linmei says that she has never dyed her hair in her entire life.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 7 – Jiang Aixiu

No doubt, straight long hair was the specialty of Jiang Aixiu’s personality. ut after 24 years of extensive care, she felt exhausted and let the stylist cut her hair. Her hair measured 11.5 feet at the time of cutting.

Later on, Jiang decided to get a beautiful embroidery made of her own hair strands. In this way, she kept it in her memory forever.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 6 – Aliia Nasyrova

Aliia Nasyrova is a young Russian lady that has grown her hair for the past 20 years. Her hair reaches up to 8 feet and touches the ground. She usually carries it in a high bun that is manageable and stylish at the same time.

It takes her a complete hour to brush her hair and even she has to sacrifice a whole day to wash and try it. Surely, it seems like a luxury!

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 5 – Dashik Gubanova

Dashik Gubanova got popularity all thanks to her social media networks where she used to upload her pictures while modeling with her extra-long shiny hair. Dashik said no to cut her hair 14 years ago.

She has more than 211 thousand fans that admire her beauty. Her followers call her “Real-Life Repunzel” due to her long hair that reaches her mid-calf.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 4 – Aimee Chase

11 years old cutie Aimee Chase had flawless long brown hair that added more to her beauty. Although her 3 feet hair was way less long than other competitors it was longest than any other child of her age group.

Her mother never cut her hair. But in the end, Aimee donated her elegant hair to a charity that helps children battling cancer. What a big-hearted girl Aimee is.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 3 – Natasha Moraes de Andrade

Many of you are certainly willing to have long voluminous hair. However, it could be a nightmare just like Natasha Moraes de Andrade from Brazil. Natasha is naturally blessed with thick wavy hair that grows quite faster.

But it was a challenge to wash and detangle her hair because it gets tangled just in seconds. in addition to this, she was even deprived of participating in sports.

And guess what? She decided to cut and sell her hair in order to buy a new home for her family. Natasha is definitely a business-minded girl.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 2 – Dai Yue Qin

No matter in which field you are working, there is always competition between candidates. The same goes for long hair women. Another Chinse woman, Dai Yue Qin is eager to compete with her country lady Xie Quiping.

Her hair length in total is 13.5 feet. Although it is quite less than Xie Quiping. However, she is very zestful to beat her with a healthy competition.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World

↓ 1 – Xie Qiuping

At the age of 13 years, Xie Quiping made a decision to become the Chinese version of Repunzel. In order to achieve her target, she never touched scissors to her hair.

Moreover, she practiced some ancient Chinese hair care remedies that are known to give shine, length, and volume to the hair. With the help of natural ingredients, she managed to get 18.3 feet long hair strands.

Xie Quiping held the Guinness world record title of “Longest Hair Woman” in 2004.

Longest Hair Women 22 Girls with Longest Hair In the World


Q: Who Is The Longest Hair Woman In The World?

A: Xie Qiuping is the woman who currently holds the Guinness World Records title of Longest Hair in the whole world. She has been the title holder in Guinness Books of World Records since 2004 and in 2021, she is still maintaining it. Her hair length was officially measured in 2004. Moreover, her hair is also the straightest in the world.

Q: Does Genetics Affect The Growth Of Hair In People?

A: Evidently, growth of your hair is primarily controlled by genes. For example, if someone’s parents had long and shiny hair, the offsprings are more likely to inherit the genes from their parents.

However, it does, not mean that you cannot grow your hair. There are many other factors that play a role in defining your hair. For instance, proper oiling, care of your hair as well as habitat conditions also affect the texture and shine of the hair.

Q: Does Rice Water Helps Grow Your Hair?

A: Rice water is famously known to help grow your hair faster. Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green says that rice water is certainly rich in vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the speedy growth of the hair.

Proper and regular use can definitely make hair shinier and healthier. The present nutrients help improve the volume of hair, straighten the hair follicles as well as make them appear beautiful.

Q: Which Oil Is The Best For Thicker And Longer Hair?

A: Different oils have different benefits for your hair health. However, the best oil for healthier, longer, and shinier hair is Fenugreek seed oil. There are some specific steps to make this oil.

  • Firstly, grind the seeds into fine powder.
  • Select an oil of your own choice, for instance, coconut oil, sesame oil, or argan oil.
  • Mix the powder into oil and leave it to infuse for 2-3 days.
  • At last, the oil is ready to use.

Q: How To Use Onion Water For Long And Shiny Hair?

A: Onion water is believed to contain enough sulfur and extra collagen. Sulfur is known to support hair growth and thickness, hence prevent hair loss and damage. On the other hand, collagen helps produce healthy skin cells and promote hair growth. Moreover, onion water can also help in the blood circulation of the scalp.

  • Take a medium-size onion.
  • Simply blend it in a blender.
  • Take out the onion paste in a cloth and squeeze all the water out.
  • Apply the water onto the scalp with a cotton ball and massage gently.
  • Cover it with a shower cap and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse it with a fragrant shampoo and you are all set now.


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