Top 16 African Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Top African Beauty Bloggers to Follow: African beauty bloggers definitely form a big chunk of the beauty community in the world. These dark-skinned beauties are admired by almost everyone who follows them for the valuable and quality content they post on their blogs, Instagram feeds, and YouTube channels. It would not be wrong to say that those days of white supremacy are long gone and forgotten. It’s high time that equality prevails in this world full of diversity. The right time has come for our black beauties to rock and outshine everyone. 

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks to keep yourself maintained? The African beauty bloggers are undoubtedly the best with that. The recommendations they provide for your hair, skin, nails, and clothing are definitely commendable. They all have come up with such great beauty hacks that are going to leave you completely speechless and mesmerized. All you need to do is just tune in to their content, and you will be showered with tones of valuable knowledge about the world of beauty.

Some Beauty Tips by the African Beauty Bloggers

  • If you shower with a washcloth instead of a loofah it will act as a gentle exfoliator. It will help you in removing your dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth healthy and supple.
  • Vaseline is your best friend. Keeping your body and face plump and moisturized will keep your curly black hair shiny and frizz-free. 
  • Sleeping with your hair covered in a satin bonnet locks in the necessary moisture in your hair. It will also prevent unnecessary breakage of hair follicles. 
  • Braiding your hair is the way to go if you don’t want heat-damaged hair. It will also save you from the hassle of daily hair styling.
  • Customize your foundation. If you’re a black queen and unable to find the right shade for your skin tone. You definitely need to try customizing it for yourself. You can also mix the two nearest shades to match your skin.
  • If you have purple undertone, try using Orange shades in your makeup products. It will help in cancelling out the bluish hues.

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Top 16 African Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Why Should We Follow African Beauty Bloggers

We are well aware of the recently started movement for the safeguard of people of color, that is, “Black Lives Matter”. This movement has the noble purpose of educating the upcoming generation about the history of blacks and the injustices they get to face due to the prevailing white supremacy to date. We are in dire need of putting an end to this racism in this century. 

One of the most effective ways to show support to our people of color is definitely through social media. It has become a great tool in putting your opinions, likes, and dislikes out there. What we need to do is diversify our news feeds by following the African beauty bloggers and show massive support for the businesses owned by our black people. 

Who are the Best Beauty Bloggers from Africa?

We have listed the top African beauty bloggers based on their engagement and popularity among the public. These African beauty bloggers are the most trusted ones and are successful in what they do.

  • Jackie Aina
  • Raye Boyce
  • Nyma Tangs
  • Alissa Ashley
  • Omabelle TV
  • Ellarie
  • Dimmah Umeh
  • Tabitha Laker
  • Lovette Jalow
  • Love Halssa
  • Shalom Blac
  • Uwani Aliyu
  • Peakmill
  • Chanel Ambrose
  • Kangai Mwiti
  • Cydnee Black

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↓ 16 – Jackie Aina

She is one of the biggest YouTube content creators in the beauty industry. Having a Nigerian heritage Jackie always despised the fact that some brands showed reluctance in providing for the people of color and she never hesitated in voicing her opinions. Jackie also came out with the series of “ditching certain trends” in order to educate people about makeup, skincare, and hairstyling. Jackie is what she is today due to her consistent efforts and patient nature. She worked hard in silence and let the universe make the best decisions for her. 
Instagram handle: @jackieaina
Number of followers: 1.8m

↓ 15 – Raye Boyce

Raye Boyce is definitely a makeup enthusiast and can walk you through the best products if you are a beginner or a bit tight on your budget. With her recommendations, you can look snatched in every picture at any event. You
can see her testing a number of drugstore foundations, highlighters, and blushers. In her makeup reviews, she spits nothing but facts and that is what makes her an actual Queen!
Instagram handle: @itsmyrayeraye
Number of followers: 1.5m

↓ 14 – Nyma Tang: 

Nyma Tang originally has a South Sudanese heritage currently based in Texas. This melanin-rich beauty won the hearts right after she started her YouTube career with her sweet nature and relatable conversations. Nyma’s honest product reviews are much appreciated by her subscribers because she doesn’t hesitate in calling out the brands which have a very limited range of shades in foundations and concealers. 
Instagram handle: @nymatang
Number of followers: 509K

↓ 13 – Alissa Ashley

Is there an upcoming event in your family or friends and you do not know how to style yourself? Alissa is there for your rescue. With a number of flawless makeup looks on her Instagram feed and YouTube channel, she is rocking with her style. With brutally honest opinions about the shade ranges of big brands, she’s become the mouthpiece of every melanin-rich woman. She also has a twin sister who’s equally talented with amazing makeup skills.
Instagram handle: @alissa.ashley
Number of followers: 1.1m

↓ 12 – Omabelle Tv: 

Omabelle is of Nigerian heritage and is currently based in New Jersey. All her life she had suffered from acne so her content revolves around how to prevent your acne-prone skin from breaking out time and again. From skincare tips to
makeup hacks (specifically to cover the acne marks, scars, and blemishes), omabelle always knows what she’s talking about. 
Instagram handle: @omabelle
Number of followers: 154k

↓ 11 – Ellarie:

One of the top Instagram beauty influencers, ellarie has made her impression on millions of minds with her short, to-the-point videos. We personally love to binge-watch her 50-sec videos with her cutest daughter Yoshi. She also owns
a personal Instagram account on which her mom shares her adorable photos and videos that can make anybody’s day for sure.
Instagram handle: @ellarie
Number of followers: 1.2m

↓ 10 – Dimmah Umeh: 

We have a lot of Nigerians on our list today and dimmah is one of them. Her signature makeup look consists of a flawless foundation and a Smokey eye that makes her and her followers look iconic and flawless on any occasion.
She also recommends the best products for beginners so if you’re starting out with your makeup exploration journey, we would definitely suggest you follow Dimmah and her recommendation series.
Instagram handle: @dimmaumeh
Number of followers: 169k

↓ 9 – Tabitha laker

This beauty is from Uganda and loves to talk about her experiences with life. Her blog is full of interesting stories of the past along with some financial tips, travel hacks, and beauty-related stuff. You can check her blog out here: Moreover her Instagram and Youtube channel consists of everything that you’ll need to know but being a traveler her travel stories are quite interesting and you all will love to watch. Do have a look. 
Instagram handle: @tabithalaker
Number of followers: 2k

↓ 8 – Lovette Jallow

This 36-year-old lady hails from the city of the Gambia located in Nigeria. Along with being the largest dark-skinned influencer on youtube, she is a successful entrepreneur as well. Her makeup skills for women of color are commendable. Lovette is among the most important voices against racism and discrimination prevailing in society. She condemns all such acts that emanate even hint of social injustices.
Instagram handle: @lovettejallow
Number of followers: 32.6k

↓ 7 – Love Halssa:

This channel is owned by a Somalian beauty, Halima. She’s a Muslim by religion and majorly blogs her lifestyle in the big city of London. Halima recently deleted all her videos and pictures from her YouTube channel and Instagram and started a new journey with a great scarf (Hijab) on. Her everyday makeup looks are the best to follow.
Instagram handle: @halssaa
Number of followers: 256k

↓ 6 – Shalom Blac

Shalom a beautiful black woman who is also a burn survivor displays her love for art beauty, and makeup on her YouTube channel. The way she confidently carries herself gives courage and strength to a number of burn survivors who watch her and look up to her. She never hesitates to show the scars that are covering most of her face and shoulders and embraces them as her identity. This is what makes her beautiful in her own imperfection. Shalom rocks a bald head look and is completely confident in her own skin. 
Instagram handle: @shalomblac
Number of followers: 763k

↓ 5 – Uwani Aliyu

Uwani belongs to a Hausa tribe located in the Kaduna state. This black beauty influencer is famous for her amazing makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and skincare rituals. Recently she opted for permed hair once again and it became one of the most-watched videos on youtube. People were initially shocked but lived for this transition of hers and appreciated the new looks she created with the new hairstyle. Uwani’s eyeliner is the most famous. The on-fleek wings accentuate her eyes and make her look snatched.
Instagram handle: @uwanii
Number of followers: 30.7k

↓ 4 – Peakmill:

Peakmill is owned by another black beauty. Her name is Khadijat Sanni. She has a following of millions with just reviewing wigs and hair care products. The tips and hacks she provides to her followers are extremely valuable and can make any wig look luxurious and hot. After some time on her YouTube channel, she also started showcasing her makeup skills that were equally loved by the people who follow her all around the globe.
Instagram handle: @peakmilll
Number of followers: 672k

↓ 3 – Chanel Ambrose:

Ambrose is a 33-year-old entrepreneur and a single mom of two boys. She dominates the plus size fashion industry that is the reason why her most popular video is titled “fat girl fashion hacks”. Ambrose is always sending out her love and support to the single mothers out there who are in dire need of motivation and mental strength. In 2015, this black beauty influencer launched her very own makeup line that was a great success for her.
Instagram handle: @chanelambrose
Number of followers: 92.8k

↓ 2 – Kangai mwiti:

Kangai belongs to the Kenyan heritage and is one of the top Youtubers in the beauty industry. She is a great makeup artist and people definitely learn a lot from her techniques. She prefers doing makeup on model’s faces in order to
illustrate things better for women of color. Kangai is also a content strategist and has built various digital brands from scratch for the people of Africa. This shows her love and compassion for her people.
Instagram handle: @kangaimwiti
Number of followers: 21.8k

↓ 1 – Cydnee Black

There are a number of reasons to follow Cydnee. The top one would be her having a set of mesmerizing blue eyes that compliments her dark skin tone so well and leaves people in complete awe. She posts a mix of quality content for People of color including makeup reviews, product unboxing, hair, and makeup tutorials. She connects with each and every follower of hers on a deeply personal level. That is the reason why she doesn’t hesitate in sharing her life struggles and stories with the world. Her optimistic and positive approach towards life is what we adore the most.
Instagram handle: @cydbee
Number of followers: 366k


Q.1: Who is the Richest African Beauty Blogger?

Linda Ikeji is the richest African beauty blogger with a net worth of about 40 million dollars. She’s a former model and is known for her controversial publications as well.

Q.2: Who is the Most Beautiful African Beauty Blogger?

There’s no doubt about he save that Every person is beautiful in one way or another. So choosing one gets quite difficult. Kiitana A is one of the most beautiful African beauty bloggers in the industry. With the brightest smile and
the prettiest eyes she is also a great supporter of the ongoing movement known as “black lives matter”.

Q.3: Which Male African Blogger is Followed the Most?

Terrell Britten is one of the most popular African beauty bloggers in the community. He’s a licensed aesthetician and encourages people to focus on self-love and self-care.

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