30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year: 2021 Edition

Stylish Taylor Swift Outfits. Taylor Alison Swift, born in 1989, Pennsylvania, is an American singer and songwriter. Renowned for her singing and songwriting career, with her latest album ‘Folklore’ selling over 2 million copies worldwide in a week, Taylor is considered somewhat of an icon.

However, she’s not only famous for her songs and musical background, but also due to her fashion choices. Taylor has put her mark on the fashion spectrum with an array of dazzling outfits. From gorgeous gowns on the red carpet to simple street clothes, Taylor has a style to suit everyone. She is a great model for girls worldwide when it comes to fashion.

Most Iconic Taylor Swift Looks

Taylor’s wardrobe is the object of every fashionista’s envy. Her iconic looks aren’t limited to the red carpet or parties. The ensembles she has worn on her tours, music videos, and out and about, have drawn praise and appreciation from fashion critics all over. Let’s take a look at some of her fantastic outfits for inspiration.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

Taylor Swift’s Style Evolution

Taylor began her career as a country singer, and her fashion choices at that time reflected that. Her outfits were pretty and feminine, her blond hair in cute curls. As her career evolved, so did her sense of style. Taylor’s outfits became edgier and more daring as she explored pop music. With the release of each new album, her fashion aesthetic was in tune with her music.

Her outfits usually showcase her long beautiful legs, whether it’s a slit in a red carpet gown or mini skirts/shorts worn over tank tops and tees. She’s also a fan of high heels and boots. Taylor’s tour outfits in recent years have been flashy and revealing.

Her hair has gone through hundreds of transformations: funky cuts, sophisticated updos, and color changes.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition


Brands Worn by Taylor Swift

Her status as a fashion icon is, in part, due to huge names in the fashion industry. Here are some of the brands Taylor has sported over the years:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Versace
  • Oscar de la Renta
  • Eli Saab
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Levis
  • ASOS
  • Kenzo

Taylor Swift’s Clothing Line

Taylor launched her clothing range in collaboration with Stella McCartney in 2019. The clothing line was based on her then released album ‘Lover.’ The collection featured shirts and tees in pastel hues and rainbow shades. It was made with eco-friendly materials.

The merchandise of her latest album ‘Folklore’ has also been released, which includes cardigans, tees, hoodies, and phone covers and stands. Along with the album, her merch is available at her official online store. The products range from $13-$60.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition


The following lineup of Taylor Swift’s outfits includes her winter and summer outfit choices, casual and street outfits, red carpet dresses, and the ensembles she wore during her concerts and music videos.

↓ 30 – Duffle Coats and Beanies

Taylor’s winter looks feature a lot of duffle coats and beanies. In this look, she rocks a look comprising blue skinny fit jeans, brown knee-high boots, green sweater, red beanie, and a stunning yellow duffle coat. Perfect for winter.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

29 – Warm Look for Chilly Days

Grey jumper dress with black tights and black ankle boots matched with an oversized button-up overcoat. Sunglasses add a touch of attitude.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

↓ 28 – Cute Blue Winter Outfit 

Oversized blue overcoat looks terrific with black tights and contrasting white knitted beanie hat. Heeled pumps with cute bow detail suit this outfit beautifully.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

27 – Simple and Casual

Taylor shows us how even the simplest of garments can look amazing. New York sweater with white shorts and brown oxfords make for a great casual street style.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

26 – Casual Summer Style

A simple blue blouse with black leggings matched with dark brown rounded pumps looks fantastic together. Finish this style with a round black handbag and a cute patterned headband. It’s a sweet and feminine look.

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30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

25 – Student Style for Moderate Weather

Moderate weather is great because you can wear both winter and summer-appropriate outfits at that time. Here, Taylor wears a striped long-sleeved jumper with skinny burgundy jeans. The heeled boots, black trilby style hat and handbag work in tandem to complete an excellent style for students.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

↓ 24 – Funky Street Style

A blacktop with a skirt under an oversized navy blue jacket characterizes this breakout street look of the artist. Black tights, heeled ankle boots, and trilby style hat give it a spunky vibe.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

↓ 23 – Neutral Tones

Taylor’s shirt and trousers in super cute pink tones look amazing. Great outfit idea for students in spring using jeans, pink blouse, and nude tone pumps. It’s been matched perfectly with a nude tone handbag.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

22 – All-black Street Look

Going all black has never disappointed anyone. Taylor is often dubbed the queen of street-style, and this elegant dress is one of the reasons why. It’s halfway between casual and formal. The black shirt over a mini black skirt over black leggings worn over black boots is eye candy, to be sure. And of course, the handbag is also black. This is one of those ensembles of the artist, which are easy to copy.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

21 – Black and White Striped Mini-dress

It’s an excellent look for summer. The dress is striped and body-hugging. She pairs this simple yet chic outfit with stiletto oxfords and a nude tone handbag. Striking red lipstick adds a splash of colour to her monochrome look.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

20 – Summer City Style

While out in the city, running errands, Taylor looks eloquently dressed. She is seen wearing a blue sheer top and skirt with stripes and floral designs. Stunning metallic purple stilettos make this outfit stand out. Taylor’s eye-catching style is a great image for all girls.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

19 – Summertime Student Look

Taylor wears a blue and yellow combination using shorts and a sleeveless top. A practical-looking large burgundy bag looks fantastic with her school-girl outfit.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

18 – Old-Hollywood Babe

Taylor rocks this feminine look with a plaid dress. Her black boots, old-style updo, and red leather handbag make us think of old Hollywood starlets.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

17 – Off to Work Look

Taylor’s casual, everyday outfits are just as cool as her red carpet ones. The best part is, many of her choices for a casual wardrobe are affordable and easy to find. Take this outfit, for example. How hard is it to find a blue dress shirt and pair it with a black skirt or shirts? Not hard at all! She looks like a total boss babe in this getup, and you can do it too.

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30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

16 – Black Strapless Bodice with Gold Skirt

Taylor’s simple yet chic style stands out on the red carpet with her beautiful gold brocade skirt with black suede strap pumps. Black rings and black nail paint give it a punk edge. The shiny gold skirt looks great in contrast with the black. You can emulate this look with more affordable options.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

15 – Red Carpet Blue Gown

Taylor wore a futuristic blue gown with crisp strap detail to the Grammy’s. It features shades of blue blending into each other, which make it look elegant. The contrasting purple heels look amazing. Wearing something similar would be a perfect idea for parties and formal events.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

14 – Blood Red Gown

One of Taylor’s stunning red carpet dresses is this red gown with train and beaded detail. It’s a beautiful style for prom outfits or formal events.

30 Best Taylor Swift Outfits to Copy This Year 2021 Edition

13 – Edgy Reputation Tour Outfit

Reputation Era is known for the edginess and maturity it brought to Taylor Swift’s music and her sense of style. The reputation tour outfits were dark, glittering, and badass to the core.

12 – Summery Yellow Mini Dress

This adorable butter-yellow printed dress with black and pink florals is brighter than the summer sun. It brings out the singer’s bubbly persona. We love the detailing on the edge of the skirt! You can find similar affordable dresses on the internet easily. Look for warm colours, floral prints, and short length dresses.

11 – Vintage Lace Dress

It’s a luxurious dress, made with opulent lace and worn with an equal amount of grace. Her blonde hair cut and styled that way it is, the minimalist jewellery, and those sexy heels complement the dress in the best way imaginable.

10 – Taylor Swift’s Green Shirt and Shorts in “Lover”

Every music video that the singer releases are picked apart for its aesthetics, color choices, and ensembles. In one of the music video shots for her hit song ‘Lover,’ Taylor is seen sporting this punk rock two-piece: a green shirt and plaid shorts. Her green highlights are just the right kind of spunky.

↓ 9 – Dreamy Pastel Sweater and Skirt

This color palette makes us want to lie down on soft, fluffy pillows and dream about cotton candy and ice cream. Taylor wears a lot of blue, and it isn’t hard to see the colour’s appeal. This knitted cropped sweater is all shades of cute. The buttoned-up, high-waisted floral skirt is wondrous to behold.

↓ 8 – Taylor’s Iconic Performance Outfits

Taylor’s Lover era featured a lot of pretty outfits. They were incredible, to the say the least. All of them were shiny, flashy things in pastel and candy colours. Taylor stuck to this theme during all her performances, concerts, and appearances. This era is a fan-favourite, and there’s no wonder why.

↓ 7 – Taylor Swift’s Sequinned Mermaid Romper

Taylor loves sequins and bubbly, sparkly, and colourful outfits. This mermaid sequined piece she wore to an event is pretty as a picture. It shows off her long, enviable legs, which seem to be what her stylists always aim at. We aren’t complaining!

↓ 6 – Folklore Photoshoot Print Skirt

Taylor’s latest album ‘Folklore’ just released, and her fans have been growing crazy all over the world. The internet is awash with praises for the artist’s latest offering. While fans are busy devouring her music, the loyal swifties are also picking apart her looks featured in the songs and the album’s official shoot. The album was produced in the COVID-19 quarantine, and her wardrobe this time around has a ‘witch in the woods’ vibe with simplistic pieces. She did her styling and makeup, some of her clothes taken from her existing wardrobe.

In this shot, Taylor can be seen wearing a cute Gingham print shirt by Mango which costs $59.99

5 – Taylor in Pink Babydoll Dress

Taylor wore this sparkly sweet pink Stella McCartney dress to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she performed along with her costars from the movie ‘Cats.’

Outfit Details: Taylor is wearing the Stella McCartney Silk-Blend Fil Coupé minidress ($2,130) and matching Christian Louboutin Metallic Leather Platform Sandals ($952).

↓ 4 – Taylor in a Gold Sequined Dress

Taylor wore this gorgeous plunge-neck gown for her performance on Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC.

Outfit Details: Stardust Plunge-neck Sequinned Gown by Galvan ($2,164) matched with Sophia Webster’s Freya Leather and Glitter Platform Sandals ($537).

3 – Taylor’s Baby Blue Ruffled Dress

While making an appearance on the Ellen Show in 2019, Taylor wore this pastel blue dress with ombre ruffles. Her Lover era wardrobe consisted primarily of pastels, rainbows, and candy colours, so she followed the theme there. It reveals a lot of leg, but the detailing on the dress is fantastic.

Outfit Details: Jonathan Simkhai ruffled off-the-shoulder dress ($1,165) and Peachy Lace Sandals by Jimmy Choo ($995, sold out).

↓ 2Taylor’s Tulle Dress in ME! Music Video

The ME! music video is filled with a ton of fantastic outfits in various shades of pastel. This one gives cool Cinderella vibes.

Outfit Details: Taylor can be seen wearing Marchesa Notte’s Textured Tulle Tea Length Gown ($995). It’s available in light blue only. The bodice is pleated while the skirt is tiered. It has a Grosgrain ribbon at the waist. There’s a hidden zip at the back.

1 – Taylor in a Nude Silk Gown in ‘Calm Down’ Music Video

Taylor Swift’s outfits in her ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video are a dream. There’s a lot of glitter, color, and her album merch can also be seen. In this shot of the video, she can be seen wearing a lovely silk gown, silk ‘Calm Down’ sleep mask, a baby blue wrist-watch with a cat design on the dial, a pink glittery phone case, all three from her merchandise, a lace underwire bra and pink sandals.

Outfit Details: Christi Long Gown in Nude by Agent Provocateur ($2,205), Sophia Webster Rosalind Sandals ($395, sold out), and Simon Perele Citadine Underwire Demi Bra ($110, sold out). You can find a similar bra for $12 here.

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