Winter School Outfit Ideas-20 Cute Dressing Ideas for School Girls

School Fashion Outfits for Winter Season. Getting cold outside, isn’t it? Yes…but the concern not only lies with wearing warm clothes, looking fashionable and practical is worth the deal. For teenage school going girls this is always a bit of an issue; what to wear that is both stylish and practical? If you need the winter outfit ideas that are beyond the standard cozy clothes tips do consider the mentioned 20 cute dressing ideas for school girls to warm yourself up this winter with stylish looks.

What to Wear For School In Winters

Want to look stylish and trendy with cozy outfit? Follow these warm and trendy fashion trends.

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#20- Casual Sweater and Jeans Outfit

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#19- Casual Check Shirt outfit

Give your school mates some style game with a denim mini skirt, plaid shirt and a classy suede boots.
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#18- Cool Tee and Sneaker Combo

Add cuteness to your style with a funky tee and cool sneakers combo. This idea is perfect for girls who want to dress with cuteness drooling in their outfits and who want to loook extra cute and special at school or college. For this kind of outfit idea you can wear denim overall rompers with a cute looking light pink or baby pink colored shirt and then for footwear you can wear matchnig or white colored sneakers. You can also wear a cool and funky backpack for perfect cute and innocent look.

winter school outfits for girls 3


#17- Suede Dress Outfit

Be unique among your fellows with a classy fringe jacket, suede combo dress and Chelsea boots

winter school outfits for girls 4


#16- Style up with your Cardigan

Add to your outfit, an ultra cool look with plaid cardigan, graphic tee, jeans and sneaker combo at school. For this outfit combo all you need is a plaid pattern shirt which is the hero of this outfit. Go  for black colored skin tight jeans and then wear any kind of white colored tee on top which may have a cute text written on it. Choose a nice funky bag for example you can go for blue colored purse to complete the whole look. You should also wear blue colored shoes to match your bag.

winter school outfits for girls 5


#15- Casual Floral Outfit

Be a style icon with floral dress and denim jacket combo added motto boots. This outfit is perfect for countryside girls and those who want to dress in a vintage way. For this outfit idea simply go for knee length dress with cute floral pattern on it and along with it wear a denim jacket to complete your whole look. For the bag you can take any handbag in maroon color with black ankle boots.

winter school outfits for girls 6


#14- Fun Graphic Sweet Shirt Outfit

Be the cool breeze of winter with Cool graphic tee, Ripped jeans and bright coloured sneakers. Such bright and neon colours are ideal for the Winter season which appear really dull and boring at times.

winter school outfits for girls 7


#13- Bright Stripped Sweater Outfit Idea

Add shine to your look with bright striped sweater, wool shoots and Suede Ankle Boots combo at school.

winter school outfits for girls 8


#12- Metallic Temp Outfit Idea

Be attractive with the metallic tempo dress, stylish motto jacket and trendy metallic booties. Girls with gothic love can wear this outfit and feel the best while wearing it. Wear any metallic dress with a jacket that has fringes on it to give street style look to your outfit .

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#11- Metallic Black Dress Combination Idea

Give yourself a smarter look with cropped pattern sweater, black skinny tight, fashion statement necklace and shiny metallic boots.

winter school outfits for girls 10


#10- Fur Sweater and Shorts Combo

Be the apple of others eye with the ravishing combination of fur sweater with corduroy shorts and printed ballet shoes. Black and orange is the best combo ever. This is also perfect for fall because of its unique color choice. For this dress simply go for black colored shorts and then add orange colored sweater on top of it. For the accessories, you can wear black colored side bag along with black high heels.

winter school outfits for girls 11


 #9- Boomer Jacket Outfit Idea

Be a stylish teen with trendy front button skirt, boomer jacket and platform loafers combination

winter school outfits for girls 12


#8- Trendy Coat Outfit Idea – Nerdy Look

Have a nerdy look with cozy wool coat, bright knitted sweater and floral skirt in combo with knee boats. Also recommended: Cute Nerd Hairstyles For Girls-19 Hairstyles For Nerdy Look

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#7- Christmas Sweater Outfit

Be a hot chick of winters with Christmas sweaters, cord, cuff and stylish booties.

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#6- Glamorous Skirt and Tee Combo

All you need to be a glamour girl of the day is the combo of printed skirt with a graphic tee and motto jacket with trendy bold boots.

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