Pakistani Celebrities Snapchat-25 Pakistani Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Pakistani Celebrities Snapchat. Snapchat is practically a home for all those who love to capture special moments of their lives and add a bit glitter to it through wondrous filter available and then flaunt it over their social media peers! Looks like, celebrities too couldn’t help but feel awed by making daily snaps and glamorizing it.

So for all the Snapchat fellows who love to take peeks into the daily happenings of people, this post is for you to follow ids of Pakistani celebrities on Snapchat and lighten up your Snapchat feed like never before! Gear up, some thrilling Snapchatters are to come. 

What Pakistan Actors Snapchat Should You Follow


These coolest celebs include the everlasting stars of Pakistan who don’t only rule the screens but social media as well!Here are the snapchat usernames of pakistani stars.

#25 – Urwa Hocane

No doubt, that the glamorous Urwa Hocane is surely the most fabulous celebrity to have ever been in the industry! Her angelic looks and cheery temperaments rock her Snapchat account and the fans could help themselves being awestruck! RECOMMENDED: Pakistani Actresses without Makeup-Shocking Photos of Actresses with No Makeup

Username: Urwatistic



#24 – Marwa Hocane

Mawra Hocane is no less when it comes to the game of glamor. Her gorgeous looks also step out of the ordinary and glitter her social media everywhere. You would not want to miss out on the actress’ daily endeavors which include a wholesome of dressing up, makeup tips, hairdos and everything glam! Check this out now!

Username: mawra



#23 – Aiman Khan

The new TV star sure knows how to get the most out of snaps. The star snaps about all of her daily adventures and cool moments including every great meal she has, new travel spots, snaps of her drama sets, press meets, to everything else that include her celebrity life. If you’re a fan, follow her at aimankhan2 on Snapchat! Do have a look at Top 10 Pakistani Clothing Brands for Women 2017


#22 – Minal Khan

If you already are following her, you would know that Minal fantastically uses all the cool filters and brings about her cutest features to her snap followers! If you would love to know a bit more about the adventures of Minal, you can easily follow her at Minalkhan9! Plus, she will always bring about something pretty in your Snapchat news feed so you won’t ever get bored there. 



#20 – Sanam Chaudhary

Sanam is probably one of those celebs who love maintaining a friendly spot with their fans and this is why she is so likable! You will some of her greatest moments on Snapchat, her craze for pets, for fashion and accessories and her snapping small shots of her drama work! sanamchuadhary is her username.


#19 – Sohail Ali Abro

Sohail Ali Abro knows how to keep her fans updated and sizzled. sohailaliabro is to be noted if you want to follow her!



#18 – Mahira Khan

The Humsafar star, who’s bigger and better with every passing year, impresses her fans further by giving them a look on the big star’s daily tactics! All Mahira fans, don’t forget to follow her at mahirahkhan. 



#17 – Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain never ceases to inspire her fans by showing how well she apparently manages her work life and her personal one. If she impresses you too, this is where you will find her on Snapchat: nadiahussain_nh! Happy snapping.


#16 – Sanam Saeed

Even the most professional and workaholic star in the industry could not get enough of the Snapchat’s adventurous approach and seem to be getting used to it. She amuses fans by trying some of the coolest filters and flaunting some sides that fans were not aware of! RECOMMENDED: Pakistani Bride and Groom Photo Shoot-Pakistani Wedding Poses


#15 – Anoushey Ashraf

Anoushey is the jauntiest possible celeb who rocks her social media no matter what. She puts every bit of fun into her snaps and amuses fans with her daily adventures at work and at traveling! Don’t miss the craze and follow her right now @anoushey.


#14 – Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan was ranked in one the celebrities who are absolutely obsessed with Snap chat filters in an article published in Express Tribune of Pakistan. And this is undoubtedly true because this is how the star kills time when get bored between shooting breaks.


#13 – Sabeeka Imam

The celebrity snap chatter is the queen of fun snaps and amuses her followers with her funniest moments. Her generosity sheds how much she considers and respects her fan following and keep them close to her life. 

sabeekaimam is where you will find her!



#12 – Mehreen Syed

Mehreen’s snaps are bound to make you all teary because most of her snaps cherish personal relations where she captures moments of family and peers and this is what she usually snaps about in her spare time.

username: Mehreensyed


#11 – Faryal Makhdoom Khan

Faryal Makhdoom’s snaps are mostly about some serious couple intimate moments which will absolutely thrill all her fans and followers! If you too adore the couple (Faryal and Amir), then this is the place to search for: Faryalxmakhdoom.


#10 – Aiza Khan

The elegant beauty of Pakistan’s industry, thrills and amuses her snap followers with some gorgeous makeup moments and depicting how absolutely pro she is in applying top-notch makeup, so there is so much to learn if you are following her at ayezakhan.



#9 – Sajal Ali

This one is always on the verge of posting about her glamor-induced life and fans could not help bombarding their feeds with her everyday luxurious moments. 

SajalAly is her username.



#8 – Nooray Bhatti

The one who’s adored by all, the ‘all good’ kind of celebrity who is everything nice and even her fans know that! Don’t miss out 5 Most Affordable Pakistani Fashion Brands you Must Know About

username: nooraybhatti


#7 – Daniyal Zafar

username: DanyalZafar

Have a look at Ali Zafar’s Hot Young brother and tell us how one can resist following him!

#6 – Uzair Jaswal

If you aren’t following him yet, we can assure you this will be worth it, because there are no snaps as joyous and fun as Uzair’s!


#5 – Hareem Farooq

#4 – Imran Abbas


#3 – Hania Amir


#2 – Maya Ali

#1 – Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka, who is practically all we used to watch in our childhood and could not help but feel a bit moved by his approach of, Living on the edge! Looks like, he’s carried it to shake the social media! If you are not already following him, you should because most of his crazy snaps are all about promotions, his eccentric adventures and everything else! 


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