Kids Halloween Costumes Ideas-30 Homemade Halloween Babies Outfits

2015 Halloween Costumes for Babies: We know Halloween is here and you want your baby to look different but in affordable price. Do not forget we all have such things in our home which can be used to make a perfect Halloween costume.

Homemade Halloween outfits for Toddlers/Kids

You just need to wake up that inner artist of yours and use these DIY ideas for perfect costume can save you.

#30- Baby in EGG:

These adorable kids look lovely in these devilry eggs. Just use their white rompers and some soft yellow ball to make the egg yolk.


#29- Cotton Candy Girl

Some card board, pink dress and leggings along cotton and pink spray. Your doll is ready as a cotton candy.


#28- Million Dollar Outfit

This one is an easy catch. A white pillow cover, monopoly game money and black tape can do it all for you.


#27- The Old Man Carl Dress

Dress your toddler in an old man dress, attach some balloons with strings and that walking stand from painted pipe, will turn him into the adorable cartoon character Carl.


#26- Lightning Cloud Costume

A toddler with some odd make up, strings attached with cotton balls, is an easy to make struck by lightening costume.



#25- Anabelle Doll

She just needs an old outfit to be crafted on white dress along a wig and creepy make up. Is she cute or not?


#24- The Old Lady Cute Costume

Your baby girl need that walking stand of her grandma, an altered skirt a long white hair wig. Here you go my Old Lady.


#23- The Adorable Mummy Costume

This one is the easiest and cheapest outfit. Just wrap up that baby in white bandage. I’m scared to see this Mummy.


#22- The Baby Popcorn

Mamma Baby can easily get into this costume. You just need to craft your dress a bit.


#21- The OctoBaby

Stitch some extra stuffed legs into your baby’s romper and his Halloween outfit is ready.


#20- Cute Spider Baby Web Mom Dress

Your black web skirt and baby’s black dress along stuffed spider legs is perfect for this Halloween.


#19- My Sweet Pineapple

Few colored papers pasted on headband and on yellow romper is your baby’s Halloween dress this year. Save him from being eaten. You can also dye your baby’s hair green for this look, check out [highlight]Latest green hairstyles-these 23 shades of green hairs are irresistible[/highlight].


#18- Mr. Strong Baby

Your old Cheetah print skirt and some paint will turn your baby into StrongBaby. Try it.


#17- Most Adorable Dalai Lama

A rosemary and solid color cloth along round frame glasses, your little one really looks like Dalai lama.


#16- I’m a Mooo Baby

This Halloween your little one will look cut in this cow romper. Stick his extra nipples on tummy for a real look.


#15- The Prince

A small curly hair wig with a studded jacket and some dark skin color is your prince’s costume today.


#14- The Walking Bathtub

This is the most easy outfit. Some balloons and cotton with a shower cap stick to your kid, and he is ready for the Halloween party.


#13- The Mad Scientist

His Father’s shirt and a laboratory coat with a mad looking wig and make up will give you this look.


#12- The Bean Bag

This can be made for all ages of kids and even toddlers.


#11- The Wizard Family

The witches and ghosts, all has some place in this wizard theme outfit.


#10- Adorable Olaf

This character outfit is easy to make. This can be made just by a knitted Olaf face cap and a romper.


#9- The Cute Joker Halloween

Indeed this joker is cute and with some split lipstick and messy hair will give this look. You could even give your baby girl some nice nail art, have a look at [highlight]Easy DIY textured Nail Art Design-Step by step tutorial[/highlight].


#8- The Despicable Family

On this Halloween Party, despicable family theme is perfect for your whole family and little babies.


#7- Lovely Pumpkin

Make some space in your pumpkin for the baby.


#6- The Little Mermaid

A knitted mermaid dress is all your princess need this Halloween.


#5- Baby Monsters

Mothers hold your sewing machine ans stitch these monsters dresses for your baby.


#4- This is Fresh

A Subway printed wrapping sheet and some veges on paper, your Halloween baby is ready to attend the party.



#3- Grandpa Look

This Grandpa’s Cigar and and old school outfit is the best for your kid.ha;32


#2- The Grown Men

Easy to get this look with simple clothes and mustache.


#1- I’m Einstein

Simple and cute look for the Halloween.



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