Frock Designs for Little Girls-17 Latest Frock Styles for Kids 2017

Frock Designs for Little Girls- Every mother wants the best for her daughter. Mummys nowadays find it really difficult to pick frocks for their little fashionistas, especially when they want their dolls to look very trendy and up to the minute at the same time.

Kids these days are the ultimate trendsetters and if you don’t trust us then you need to see these 10 Most Fashionable Kids on Instagram You Should Follow. Frocks are very modish for your baby girls. They never get out of fashion, not even the traditional ones. Different cultures have their own styles. Here are 17 trendy frock designs for kids of all ages:

How to Dress Kids in Frocks

#17- Fall Frock Styles

Frocks look very elegant when wore with leggings or stockings in winters. Floral sweaters with simple plain frocks are very trendy; particularly when they’re worn with long boots and beanies.

Fall Frock Styles


#16- Summer Frocks

Short cotton and chiffon frocks with bright and striking colors are in the limelight. They are a lot western and preferable for toddlers as well as little school going baby dolls. Their floral and patterned prints look flawless. Kids can wear strappy sandals or even flip flops with these cute garment pieces. Pigtails and ponytails go very well with them. The light and cool fabrics like cotton and lawn are best for designing summer frocks. Here are 20 Cute Holiday outfits for Kids for Different Occasions

Summer Frocks


#15- Party Frocks

The chiffon and net little frocks are perfect for parties and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even award ceremonies as seen in the picture; Jennifer Lopez with her son and daughter. Glossy pumps add up to these beautiful and classy outfits. You can either tie your princess’s hair or put some loose curls at the end to give a formal look.



#14- Tutu Style Frocks

Tutus are every baby girls’ forever favorite. You can turn it into a very graceful little frock and make your mini-me look like a princess with a tiara.

Tutu Style Frocks


#13- Angrakha Frocks

Angrakhas are specifically worn in the subcontinent. It is a popular Mughal frock style which is made up of silk, jamawar, cotton and chiffon most of the times. These beautiful outfits are ideal for all the traditional events. Glittery sandals with block heel or khussas are compulsory with these stunning angrakhas. Short angrakhas with tulip pants are very much in trend nowadays. For another traditional look, you can find great ideas in Ankara Styles for Babies-19 Adorable Ankara Dresses For Kids 2017

Angrakha Style Frocks


#12- Ankara Style Frocks

Ankara is beautiful African patterned fabric with dazzling bright colors. Little girls look amazing in these unique and stylish frocks since they’re overwhelming the fashion world nowadays. African braids highlight these adorable dresses very well.

Ankara Style Frock


#11- Umbrella Frocks

These eastern foot-length frocks with an umbrella style at the bottom are best for your little angels. These are typically worn in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh on formal events. Umbrella frocks with a long tail at the end are very popular in the fashion world. Khussas (traditional footwear) look equally amazing with them.

Umbrella Frock Designs


#10- Western Frocks

Western frocks are either knee length or shorter. Their elegance and simplicity make them ideal for you if you do not like very striking patterns. You can add beads and pearls to a very simple frock and give it a western look. They mostly have a skirt type bottom and flat pumps go really well with them. RECOMMENDED: Bollywood Celebrity Kids-15 Most Stylish Kids in India 2017Western Frock Designs


# 9- Pure Cotton Frocks

Pure cotton frocks are worn by kids of all ages. Their soft and comfy fabric is much preferred for toddlers. You can design unique and adorable frocks in pure cotton which are stylish and comfy at the same time. The soft colors and floral prints look really cute.

Pure Cotton Frocks


Step by Step Video Tutorial – Umbrella Frock Cutting and Stitching

#8- Anarkali Frocks

Anarkali frocks were also derived from Mughal style of dressing. These enchanting pieces look just amazing on occasions like weddings. Long dupattas and bangles accentuate the very well. The traditional attire is very eye-catching. Find your baby girl the perfect school outfit of the season from these: Winter School Outfit Ideas-20 Cute Dressing Ideas for School Girls

Anarkali Frock


#7- A-Line Frocks

A-line frocks give a very preppy look to your mini-me. A-line frocks in silk and chiffon with embroidered borders and sleeves can be worn on formal events. The thin waist and flared bottom give a very delicate, smart and graceful look. Air-line frocks accentuated with pearls and cut-work are very royal.

Air-Line Frock


#6- Wedding Frock Styles

Velvet and chiffon frocks embellished with ribbons give your daughters an angelic look. Pastel colors are very appealing if your kids want a western look. Tiaras made of flowers put extra spice to the whole attire. However, bright colors and eastern style frocks with churidars look equally amazing in case you want an eastern look.

Frock Styles for Weddings


#5- Christmas Frocks

Bright red and white velvet Christmas frocks are head turning. Use your aesthetic sense to spice up these cute dresses with pearls and crystals. Boots and pearl necklaces can enhance the whole attire and give a very modern look.

Christmas Frocks


#4- Baggy Style Frocks

Baggy style cotton frocks are very soft and comfy in summers. Their demand in summers is kissing the sky. Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri who is a fashion queen is slaying this cute baggy frock with baby pink polka dots. These cute garments are perfect for school goings due to their pleasant texture and casual look. They can be worn with flip flops and cute kids’ sandals.

Baggy Style Frocks


#3- Frilly Frocks

Fluffy frilly embroidered frocks are every little girls’ heart favorite. Lacy waist bands embellished with pearls look very classy on formal events. Flat pumps go really well with these amazing dresses.

Frilly Frock Designs


#2- Princess Style Frocks

Princess style frocks with an unfurled bottom and brightened up with ribbons are mostly worn on thematic parties. These outfits can be customized for your baby girl’s favorite Disney Princess. Top buns and loose curls give a very royal look. Glittery hairbands and shoes can spice up the whole attire. Ballerinas are always a plus with these adorable dresses.

Princess Style Frocks


#1- Strappy Beach Frocks

Strappy beach short frocks are an ultimate choice for wearing along the coastal side. The pastel but overwhelming shades are very charming and freshening. The light fabric gives a very comfortable feel in the heat. Your little princesses can wear slingback sandal with rubber soles since they compliment these cute little frocks very well. However, tied up hair and beautiful pearl bracelets can spice up the whole attire.

Strappy Beach Frocks


 You can make you baby girls look the cutest among all by using unique stitching designs. Use your creativity to choose the best accessories that compliment the dresses well. I hope this articles helped you in making a better choice.

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