20 Most Beautiful Female Politicians In The World

Most attractive Female Politicians. Politicians are people who are known to have crazy-busy schedules. They are supposed to be dishonest, unreliable and pessimist. However, we also get to know politicians who, in spite of these facts, have managed to break all norms and are successful in making themselves appealing to general public.

The active inducement of females in the field of politics has proven that young women are no less than men politicians. Enlisted below most attractive female politicians prove that they are just a perfect combination of beauty and brain. These young yet hot women have been impressing the world by not just their powerful political statements but with their killer looks too.

Hottest Women in Politics

These women are from different parts of the globe but what makes them completely unique from the rest is their alluring and ravishing beauty. Here we present to you top 20 most sexy lady politicians in the world.

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#20. Hina Rabbani Khar – Pakistan

Being the youngest and first-ever female Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani is a fashionista to the core. After attaining a Masters Degree in Business Management from the US, Rabbani followed the footsteps of her father by entering politics. However, she has a unique fashion sense. Whether it’s trendy or fancy, Rabbani has rocked every look and made heads turn around the globe.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (15)

#19. Sarah Palin- USA

This former Governor of Alaska is famous for her catchy outfits. Being an athlete and a beauty pageant winner, she brought two of her qualities to her political endeavors, style and vogue.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (13)

#18. Julia bonk- Germany

Julia Bonk is a German politician who is famous for being the youngest person to be elected as a member of German Parliament at the age of 18! Those red curls can drive anyone crazy.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (3)

#17. Queen Rania – Jordan

Considered by the world as the most beautiful first lady, Queen Rania has the grace and beauty of her won. Whether it’s the expensive evening gowns or traditional hijabs, Queen Rania always “dress to impress”.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (18)

#16. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner – Argentina

Cristina Fernandez is the former Prime Minister of Argentina. After the death of her husband in 2010, she kept wearing black clothes for about 3 years but still she’s considered as one of the most powerful women in the world.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (9)


#15. Vanja Hadzovic – Serbia

This Serbian beauty has thousands of admirers and she never fails to make a scene.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (1)


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#14. Carla Bruni – Italy

Carla’s a European beauty and a singer-songwriter too.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (2)


#13. Sethrida Geagea – Lebanon

Lebanon’s attractive lady is becoming more beautiful as she ages.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (8)


#12. Vera Lischka – Austria

Vera Lischka is also a former Austrian swimmer, but it’s her beauty that never fades.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (17)


#11. Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukraine

She had been appointed as the Prime Minister of Ukraine not only once but twice. Her signature crown braid makes her distinctive among her contemporaries.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (12)


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#10. Orly Levy – Israel

Former model and host, Orly Levy is Israel’s most attractive politician. Daring in her words and actions, she is considered Israel’s most beautiful political personality.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (14)


#9. Anna-Maria Galojan – Estonia

34-year-old Anna-Maria is the most famous politician in her country. She has also posed for Playboy.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (6)


#8. Luciana Leуn – Peru

Luciana Leyn belonged to a political background but made her own way by being the youngest Parliament member of the country. She is pleasing, pretty and at the same time, glamorous.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (16)


#7. Joanna Mucha – Poland

This Polish beauty has an ever-green elegance and there’s no other female politician who can rock a bob like her.

Hot female politicians (1)


#6. Eva Kaili – Greece

Engineering, politics or economics, this Greek lady has done it all. And when it comes to beauty, she has her own level.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (7)


#5. Alina Kabaeva – Russia

Alina is Russia’s most famous gymnast. But it’s a perfect combination of intellect and beauty that makes her appealing.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (10)


#4. Mara Carfagna – Italy

Although she graduated in law, she pursued a modeling career before coming in politics. However, that gave her the edge for becoming Italy’s most gorgeous female politician.

Gorgeous Female Politicians (4)


#3. Angela Gerekou – Greece

Gorgeous Female Politicians (11)


#2. Yuri Fujikawa – Japan

Hot female politicians (3)


#1. Joanna Kabaeve – Poland

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