Top 10 Most Influential Teens Changing the World

Most Inspirational Teen In World. No, it’s not just Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who have stepped on to the road to dynamically change the world – but some less recognizable teenagers as well who are absolutely unstoppable and have managed to accomplish beyond their ages. These teenagers have been boldly taking on the causes and social issues that hinders human rights and have brilliantly sorted out the alternative for them.

Most Influential Teenagers to Follow These Days

Some of these individuals include:

Top 10 Teenagers changing the World

#10 – Malala Yousufzai

Ever since her unfortunate incident, Yousufzai has been absolutely unstoppable and also the youngest education activist to date. Apart from her consisting denoting of utmost effort for girls’ education and rights, she also is the youngest noble prize winner in the history.

#10 - Malala Yousufzai


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#9 – Julia Bluhm

Her motive was basically how abnormally and absurdly female models are photo-shopped where they cross the limit of human perfection and this leads to low self-esteem, complexity and eating disorders like Bulimia among the youth. So Bluhm, took a stand and started a petition against this.

#9 - Julia Bluhm


#8 – Tavi Gavinson

The former fashion blogger initiated her own magazine ‘Rookie’, a girl-to-girl discussion platform to talk boldly and excellently about causes that need attention like Feminism and other social issues.

#8 - Tavi Gavinson


#7 – Jules Spector

Also quite a prominent figure in the feminist movement and have been recognized by her progressive and influential blog – The Teen Feminist which has been serving as a platform for broad feminist issues.

#7 - Jules Spector


#6 – Zhan Haite

At just about the age of 15, Haite has been notable due to her education activism that challenged China’s traditional and long-standing policy of Hukou. This policy restricted migrant workers from supporting their families economically.

#6 - Zhan Haite


#5 – Rasia Khepra

Rasia Khepra had always wanted to address the rampant violence plaguing his home city of Chicago – where more than 500 people were killed by attempted firing in 2012 – but the death of his close friend is what motivated him to take a stand.

#5 - Rasia Khepra


#4 – Kelvin Doe

Doe’s background is unimaginable inspiring and phenomenal. Kelvin never was held back by his circumstances and continue to rise high. At 11, he rummaged in garbage to search electronics that could fix local issues. At 13, he made battery, which saved a lot in financial terms.

#4 - Kelvin Doe


#3 – Zea Tongeman

Being in her early teens, she initiated an app called Jazzy Recycling that would enable users to find places to recycle, tell them what can be recycled, and also enable them to scan, share and get rewards for their efforts at the end.

#3 - Zea Tongeman


#2 – Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka, 16, is the most recent grand prize winner of the Intel international science and engineering fair – where he introduced a brilliant approach to detect pancreatic cancerous cells.

#2 - Jack Andraka


#1 – Allyson Ahlstrom

Ahlstrom, is a successful fashion philanthropist who have been dedicating her intellectual efforts into her new initiative – which is to donate branded designer clothes to homeless teenagers or the middle class who may not be able to afford them. She basically has turned her hobby into a mission.

#1 - Allyson Ahlstrom


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