18 Most Popular Unilever Online Stores In Pakistan 2021

Famous Unilever Online Stores In Pakistan 2021. Unilever is a multinational company that deals with consumer goods. Unquestionably, it owns all the leading companies in Pakistan including those of personal care, cleaning agents, beauty products, food, etc. There are almost 400 brands under Unilever with a 51 billion euros turnover. Furthermore, it was founded on 2 September 1929 by the Lever Brothers and has been serving the people since then.    

The vision of Unilever is to not only develop a sustainable and healthy market but also have a positive impact on society. Their purpose is to improve the health and hygiene of the country through the supreme quality of their products. Also, they believe that a business only succeeds when it contributes towards the betterment of society. Thus by working on these principles Unilever’s online stores are not only popular but also trusted by everyone. 

Why are Unilever Online Stores Admired and Approved by the People?

Certainly, everyone in this world recognizes and knows what Unilever is. To date, about 2.5 billion people are using their products. They not only ensure the quality of their products but also keep their services top-notch. Moreover, all the top brands such as Lipton, Lux, Sunsilk are proud to be a part of Unilever. They have been a part of everyone’s daily life for a long time now and no one has ever been unsatisfied.

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Unilever Online Stores

↓ 18 – Lipton

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: All kinds of tea 

Unilever Online Store Link: Lipton

Where to buy: The products can be purchased from their official store on Daraz.

Sir Thomas Lipton is the founder of a British brand, Lipton. It is owned by Unilever and was launched in Pakistan in 1948, following the year of Independence. Certainly, it introduced a great variety of teas to the people at very reasonable prices. Surely, its slogan “direct from tea garden to teapot” grabbed a lot of attention. Moreover, they not only maintained the quality of their tea but also sustained the taste.

↓ 17 – Dove

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Personal care, specifically toiletries.

Unilever Online Store Link: Dove

Where to buy: The products are available at the flagship store on Daraz and can easily be bought from there. 

In particular, Dove deals with facial care, hair care, and body care products. They are for everyone including men, women, and babies. Through their slogan “Beauty is for everyone” they ensure that everyone gains confidence in the way they look. Also, it gives a message of love and peace while selling its products in over 150 countries along with Pakistan.

↓ 16 – Comfort

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Fabric softener  

Unilever Online Store Link: Comfort

Where to buy: Their products are at hand on multiple online stores such as Daraz, Naheed, and Carrefour

Comfort is a renowned brand of Unilever for fabric conditioners. It not only offers a variety of scents but also has an exclusive range known as Comfort Crème. Evidently, the product quality is top-notch as their conditioners are three times more concentrated than others. Adding on, the biodegradable packaging decreases the contribution towards global warming. Certainly, the shine and fragrance stay in the clothes for a minimum of 7 days so that the customers stay satisfied.

↓ 15 – TRESemmé

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Hair care

Unilever Online Store Link: Tresemme

Where to buy: You can purchase the product either directly from its official link as it redirects you to the store through the zip code or on Daraz.

Unilever also owns an American brand, Tresemme. It has a wide range of products including conditioners, shampoos, etc. Moreover, their formula is also suitable for all hair types. Surely, its tagline “Professional. Affordable. Used By Professionals” depicts why it is considered among the best. Previously, it was only used in hair salons but is now available in local stores too.

↓ 14 – Walls

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Ice creams and frozen dessert 

Unilever Online Store Link: Walls

Where to buy: You can buy Walls ice cream from online pages like Hum Mart and Nafees online. Also, do not forget to instruct them to deliver before the ice cream melts. 

Walls is a well-known ice cream brand of Unilever. It was founded in 1786 by Richard Wall. Unquestionably, their heart brand logo grabbed a lot of attention around the globe. They have not only been successful in making the customers excited by their slogan “here there’s a joy!”, but also have satisfied them with the taste and quality of their ice cream.

↓ 13 – Lifebuoy

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Toiletries

Unilever Online Store Link: Lifebuoy

Where to buy: The products can be purchased from their store on Daraz

Lifebuoy is the world’s leading hygiene brand. They only made soaps before, but now have all kinds of personal care products including shampoo, hand wash, sanitizers, etc. Certainly, the red color and the carbolic aroma are the characteristic features of lifebuoy. In addition, in 2006 it started a mission called ‘Healthy Hoga Pakistan!” to promote hygiene practices among the people.

↓ 12 – Knorr

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Food

Unilever Online Store Link: Knorr

Where to buy: All the products of Knorr are at their official store in Daraz and you can easily purchase them there.

Knorr is a German brand that Unilever owns since 2000. Their noodles were the first item to grab attention. Adding on, they introduced dehydrated soups, sauces, seasoning, and much more. Not only have they maintained the taste but also ensured the quality of all items.  Surely, with its €3 billion annual sales it is one of the highest selling brands of Unilever.

↓ 11 – Clear

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Shampoo 

Unilever Online Store Link: Clear

Where to buy: All the products can be purchased from Daraz

Clear is known all over the world for their anti-dandruff shampoos especially. Their “Nothing to Hide” tagline gives confidence to the customers to flaunt their hair. They not only have unisex products but also offer a wide range in terms of scents. Evidently, they have incorporated much more into their shampoo to make them apt for all hair types. Also, their shampoo deals with other scalp conditions such as dryness, itchiness, etc.

↓ 10 – Magnum


Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Ice cream

Unilever Online Store Link: Magnum

Where to buy: Anything from the entire product range of Magnum can be bought from Carrefour or Super meal

Magnum is a premium brand of gourmet ice cream that is not only made with Belgium chocolate but also high-quality ingredients. The goodness of their ice creams never fails in giving a royal feeling. Adding on, they have a wide variety ranging from mini ice creams to non-dairy desserts. Surely, it has become a no. 1 brand through endless efforts.   

↓ 9 – Domex

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Household cleaning

Unilever Online Store Link: Domex

Where to buy: You can buy the products from its official store in Daraz

Domex was launched with a motive to make all the toilets of Pakistan clean and germ free. It is not only called “The Germ Kill Expert” but also proves to be one. Certainly, the hypochlorite formulation of Domex kills all the germs in every corner. Also, they have a wide range of products including Domex Germ Blaster, Sink and Pipe Unblocker, Thick Bleach, etc with numerous fragrances.

↓ 8 – Glow and Lovely 

Product type: Cosmetic products 

Unilever Online Store Link: Glow & Lovely

Where to buy: The products can be purchased from their flagship store in Daraz

To target a greater audience, the name of Fair and Lovely was changed to Glow and Lovely in 2020. Adding on, they have almost all the skin products, from face wash to face creams that help target different skin conditions. Surely, their multivitamin face cream and moisturizing lotion are a favorite of many. Recently they have launched free online certification courses for deserving ones. Undoubtedly, it is a great initiative by such a high-end brand.

↓ 7 – Cornette

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Ice cream 

Unilever Online Store Link: Cornetto

Where to buy: Cornetto ice cream can be purchased from online services like food panda and Shoppingum.

Cornetto is becoming a leading brand of ice cream for Unilever and was launched in Pakistan in 1995. Certainly, the best thing about them is the variety of flavors that they offer. Now and then they introduce something new for the customers. Moreover, it is not only the ice cream at the top but also the frozen chocolate plug at the end that makes it an absolute delight to have.

↓ 6 – Surf excel 

Unilever Online Stores

Brand type: Laundry detergent

Unilever Online Store Link: Surf Excel

Where to buy: The products can be purchased from Daraz and Chase.

Brand type: Laundry detergent

Unilever Online Store Link:

Where to buy: The products can be purchased from Daraz and Chase. 

Surf Excel is the largest brand of detergents in South Asia and was launched in Pakistan in 1948. Surely, it has now become a national icon because of its deep rooted heritage with the country. In addition, their tagline “ ‘Daag tou achay hotay hain” has quite a philosophical meaning to it. Evidently, it focuses on the fact that the mind of children develops better through tactile learning. Thus, the stress of removing stains should not hinder the process.

↓ 5 – Ponds

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Beauty products 

Unilever Online Store Link: Ponds

Where to buy: Ponds has an official store on Daraz with all its products to make online shopping easy.

Ponds is a brand of beauty products such as creams and face wash that was invented in 1846. Previously, it was called  “Golden Treasure” because of its properties. Their white beauty range tops the chart when it comes to being the favorite of all. The tulip logo not only symbolizes beauty but also revises the brand’s promise of radiant skin. Certainly, the products never fail to give spot-less skin with minimal effort.

↓ 4 – Sunsilk

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Hair care

Unilever Online Store Link: Sunsilk

Where to buy: The entire range of Sunsilk products is available at Pakistan mart and Daraz for easy purchase.

Sunsilk is one of the most widely available hair care brands that is trusted by a large audience for the longest time. The fuchsia logo epitomizes the triad of beauty, style, and femininity. Certainly, they provide products for all hair types so that no one stays back from experimenting and exploring new things. Furthermore, they deal with all kinds of hair conditions and provide shampoo and conditioners, both to achieve thick, long, and shiny hair. 

↓ 3 – Vim

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Dishwashing 

Unilever Online Store Link: Vim

Where to buy: Vim products can be purchased from Naheed and Shopsy.

It did not take long for Vim to become a leading dishwashing brand in Pakistan. The degreasing formula made Vim a must in every household. The one wipe cleaning technique grabbed attention from all over. Moreover, they also won a Guinness World Record by washing 15,300 plates with only 500 bottles. Also, the low pH gel and bar are gentle on the skin and keeps the hand safe. Unquestionably, the concentrated lemon removes all the grease without much effort and struggle.

↓ 2 – Rafhan

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Processed food 

Unilever Online Store Link: Rafhan

Where to buy: The products of Rafhan can be purchased from Daraz and Qne.

Rafhan is one of the biggest food brands in Pakistan that is owned by Unilever. For years people have been using their corn oil and pre-packaged dessert. They not only have complete trust over it but also prefer the taste. Certainly, their custard and jelly are a necessity of every grocery list in the country. Adding on, they have a complete food range including ice cream powders and high quality corn flour.

↓ 1 – Lux 

Unilever Online Stores

Product type: Personal care

Unilever Online Store Link: Lux

Where to buy: You can purchase the products from Daraz.

Lux is a brand of shower gels and beauty soaps exclusively. Through the power of their fragrances, they inspire every woman to stand out with confidence and show whatever they have. Lux has its customers all around the globe to whom it has been serving for the last 96 years. In addition, its products are infused with the goodness of multiple vitamins and herbs. They are not only a treat for the skin but also never fail in making it smooth and glowing.


Q.Is Unilever really sustainable?

A. Unilever owns almost 28 Sustainable Living Brands which includes Domex, Dove, Knorr, Lifebuoy, etc. These brands not only have grown over the years but also maintained their standard.

Q. Is Unilever a good company?

A. Undoubtedly, Unilever is a safe company with a great diversity in its products. It is a multinational British company that owns numerous brands from all over the world. These brands are not only top-notch but also considered among the highest earning ones. 

Q.Is Unilever a good stock?

A. To date, all the companies that are owned by Unilever have never seen a decrease in their stocks. Since their alliance with Unilever, their shares have only been increasing. Surely, Unilever gives a good name to the brands which have a direct impact on their sales.

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