2020 Jewelry Trends from Beauty Influencers and Runways

Jewelry Trends in 2020. Diamonds may not be a girl’s best friend, but every girl adores jewelry to varying degrees and tastes. A little touch of bling spices things up considerably, so it is totally okay if you’re low-key obsessed with jewelry.

If you tend to favor garish and bold jewelry, 2020 is definitely going to be your year. From mismatched earrings and layered piecing to dripping crystals and wild beauty of seashells, everything points towards more freedom, fun, and maximalism in the jewelry domain. We’ve collected the most outstanding jewelry trends from runways and beauty blogs from social media. If you are up to updating your wardrobe with some hot ornaments, here are the jewelry trends that are going to make you fall in love.

Blogger and Runway-approved Jewelry Trends of 2020

Bloggers, influencers, and content creators on social media run the world’s empires now. If they’ve got a large enough following and they support something, you can bet thousands of people will flock to get their hands on the same thing. On the other hand, fashion shows and runways are where the magic happens. Fast-fashion businesses work on overdrive recreating the trends and styles shown on a larger, consumer-friendly scale.

We’ve thus compiled a list of some popular trends in the realm of jewelry from these two factions. That will give you a taste of what luxurious, yet attainable jewelry looks like.

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Layered ear piercings

Multiple ear piercings will be a leading trend this year letting you endlessly experiment by arranging elements in rows. A tip: jewelry pieces should be thematically related or if you decide to go with a high-lobe piecing, opt for smaller and flatter elements that deliberately accentuate your main piercing without creating a chaos effect.

Dripping crystals

After a dramatic appearance on spring 2019 runways, nostalgic crystal drop earrings took Instagram by storm. If being extra is all about you, don’t pass by this bold and chic piece of jewelry that suits just great both a night-out dress and jeans.

Layered necklaces

Beauties loved messy necklaces because they give so much room for experiments and a personalized style. This year, try combining thin and thick chains adding pendants of different sizes to achieve a fresh modern look.

Reimagined pearls

Pearls are always in trend, but the way they are arranged in jewelry changes. This year, it’s time to enjoy some freedom with these precious mollusk products. Look closer at modern pearl hoops, sculptural bracelets, and pear-incrusted ear cuffs.


The time of birthstone jewelry is gone, and its place it occupied with good luck charms that give so much room for styling your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with personalized and meaningful pendants and amulets.

Seashell craze

The shell jewelry will probably never go out of style completely, but it gets reconsidered by designers from year to year. This summer’s hottest update sees seashells of varying lengths, sizes and bold colors layered in oversized necklaces and earrings.

Mismatched earrings

The fad of wearing two huge matching statement earrings fades making room for experiments with mismatched jewelry pieces. A new trend in a trend suggests combining different styles of earrings in one look, such as, for example when one earring is party-style and another one is work-style.

Dermal and oral piercing decline

Although beautiful, bold, and sometimes shocking, oral and dermal piercings are no longer requested as often as it was in the past. The trend keeps fading as more and more people realize the risks and temporary nature of these body modifications.

Gold chains and coins

Gold necklaces and bracelets with huge, often asymmetric links were ultimate eye-catchers on spring 2019 runways reminding us of those retro chains popularized by hip-hop idols. The new fresh rendering gold chains got this year, especially in combination with coins of all colors and sizes, makes them even truly chic and worth giving them a try.

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