Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan & Their Packages

Top Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan. In Pakistan, weddings are beyond extravagant.  Calling Wedding Day as the”Big Day” here is kind of an understatement. And so for that, the preparations are equally magnanimous. Don’t we all put our hearts and souls together in wishing that this magical day comes together as the perfect one of our lives?

Or maybe we are planning the marriage of a beloved sibling, friend or relative. From saving the date to shopping for beautifully embellished dresses, choosing the perfect venue and picking the best wedding planner, your efforts can, unfortunately, go in vain if you don’t find the right eye behind the lens to capture your biggest day’s memories. Yes! We are talking about you finding the perfect, most amazing photographer to cover your wedding. Photographs help you cherish the enjoyable and at times, the emotional instances and take you down the pleasing memory lane. Honestly, as sacred for the wedding is the tradition of having a heavy wedding album, it is entirely justified. I mean just imagine, not having any memories of those beautiful moments from your wedding is a little sad.

Best Pakistani Female Photographers For Weddings

Photographers are the people who help you with collecting all those memories in an artistic manner. Trust me, having a good photographer to cover your wedding is extremely, I repeat EXTREMELY important. Especially, these days Pakistan has some ultra amazing female wedding photographers doing wonders in the field.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

What Should You Be Looking For In A Wedding Photographer?

Good photographers are easy to find but it’s definitely not so easy to have them come to your wedding. More so, for female photographers, the numbers are increasing but the best ones are still difficult to book if you don’t do so timely. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, make sure of a few things:

  • Make your bookings very timely, around 6 months prior to the event, as good photographers’ calendars fill quick.
  • Visit Instagram and Facebook pages to get a better idea of the photographer’s style.
  • Ask for packages to get your wedding covered for a better price.
  • Go through different photoshoots and profiles to have an understanding of what poses look best on desi brides and if you’re not comfortable with any particular type of poses, let your photographer know that beforehand. For some cool ideas, have a look at these Pakistani Bride and Groom Photo Shoot Ideas & Pakistani Wedding Poses.

Why Choose A Female Photographer?

Female photographers in Pakistan are very fine and highly professional with their work. Having female photographers is actually very comfortable for the brides in particular. Not every lady is fine posing in front of men which is completely understandable. Female photographers provide the solution to that problem and one can have as many posey pictures taken as they like. Many Pakistani families also have segregated functions for the men and women in the family and in such functions, it is always good to have a female photographer who can cover the women’s section.

To make your job a whole lot easier, here is a list of the Top 10 female wedding photographers in Pakistan.

↓ 10 – Xyra’s Photography

Finesse, professionalism, and attention to detail are what we basically want to see in our wedding photographs. Wedding photography trends have changed so much and are still continuously evolving. Candid and daylight shots are a buzz in the photography world. Xyra’s Photography offers you the wedding photographs of your dreams. Based in Islamabad, Xyra is simply impeccable at her job. From bridal shoots to casual events coverage, Xyra does it all and she does it all so well. Her wedding packages start at a price of 35,000 PKR.  Choosing her for your big day can be one of the best decisions of your life. Plus she is very responsive to queries through her social media handles which go by the same name; Xyra’s Photography.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 9 – Hira Iqbal Photography

Having Hira Iqbal cover your wedding can be an amazing experience. The woman is hardworking and passionate. Let’s be honest, brides can sometimes turn into “Bride-zillas” because of those high expectations and the desire to just get everything done perfectly without even a tad bit going wrong. If anyone of you knows someone that can be this sort of a bride in Islamabad, quickly suggest her to get Hira Iqbal to take her wedding photographs. Being very considerate towards her clients’ expectations, Hira performs her job in an utterly sweet manner without getting irritated. The best part is, her friendly nature helps her clients feel extremely comfortable. Starting at a price of 30,000 PKR, the attention to detail in her photographs is definitely something to vouch for as she successfully captures every minor but important instant very nicely. To make your big day even more spectacular, here are 20 Must-Have Accessories for Pakistani Brides.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 8 – Sophia & Fatima Photography

This one is a powerhouse of photography run by a beyond amazing female photographer, Sophia Mustafa. This person is simply excellent at her job and clicks such fine and aesthetic photographs. If you wish to look at your wedding photographs and feel like they are pictures from a fairytale, have her do the job for you. The photographs are just so dreamy and elegant, you might not need to think twice before making up your mind in her favor. As any professional photographer should, Sophia makes one feel so comfortable in front of the lens and the “poser” trapped within the person suddenly finds all the confidence to get some remarkable shots taken. Highly talented, the photographer works with fine craftsmanship and a friendly demeanor.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

Just so you know, Sophia was also the photographer who was hired by the previously Pakistani TV actress and model Ayesha Khan for her own wedding. So just imagine how great she must be at her work. We can all agree that Ayesha Khan’s entire wedding was covered beautifully in the photographs. I mean every picture spoke for itself about the skill of the person behind the lens. Those of you who are clueless about it, check out the Instagram and Facebook pages of Sophia & Fatima Photography for the celebrity wedding pictures. You will surely fall in love with them!

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 7 – Palwasha Minhas

Photographs with a hint of vintage tint have a class of their own. The subtle colors and romantic tones of such photographs that make you feel like a part of an old age era are an absolute beauty. The bride and groom looking like South Asian royalties, and the wedding, seemingly a high life classic affair; such are the photographs with exceptional elegance. If you wish your wedding photographs to be one of those and luckily you live in Lahore, then Palwasha Minhas is your go-to girl. The ethnic touch in Palwasha Minhas’ photography is to die for. Her photographs are so ethereal, almost surreal. She can actually make your wedding dreams come true through her photography, her work is that exquisite. Her photographs are basically evergreen, never getting out of style and whenever you take a look at one of them it feels like you are living the moment all over again. The glory and supremacy of her photographs are bound to make you nostalgic. If you want your big day to be memorable which of course anyone would, then she is the one to go for.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 6 – Rammal & Nabia M’s Photography

The dynamic duo of two sisters, from Islamabad, Rammal and Nabia Mehmud is the perfect pick for couples who want a contemporary approach towards their wedding photographs. The sisters use the phrase “Visual Storytellers” to define themselves and they deserve to do so. They focus on being creative and bringing out the best potential in their clients’ who are actually in front of the lens by making them feel very comfortable in their spots. Their photographs depict how enjoyable the Pakistani wedding festivities are and indulge all that is going around at a wedding in their films as well. The women are dedicated and vigorously strive to meet their clients’ expectations. With a starting package of 25,000 PKR, from basic casual events coverage to extravagant and special descriptions, the sisters do it all.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 5 – Fatima Tariq Photography

Magnificent is the word to be used for this girl’s work. Her work can basically leave one awe-struck every single time one sees a masterpiece of hers. The photographs and films basically sing for the immense amount of skill the photographer possesses. Each and every wedding that is covered by Fatima Tariq is a beauty in its own. The photographer has also been the Pakistani TV actress, model, and host, as well as Mahira Khan’s official photographer. Her photographs are so charming and sublime, and honestly, there aren’t enough words to define the excellence of her work. The photographs appear to be taken even of the most minute details. The elements of candidness and surprise are evident in each and every picture and that is the unique artistry offered by Fatima Tariq Photography. The tones of the photographs are pleasing to the eyes and almost every intimate detail of a wedding is captured through her lens. Isn’t that exactly what anyone would wish for their wedding photographs to look like. Well if you are someone who lives in Karachi then you should definitely try to get Fatima to take your wedding photographs. Do check out these Top 10 Beauty Bloggers in Pakistan to Follow 2019.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

P.S. If you are really eager to have Fatima Tariq cover your wedding personally, then make the bookings very timely even up to a year prior to the event. That because the photographer is currently a student in London and can only be on the field when she is here in Pakistan so getting her dates is not very easy. Be sure to do that on time. Otherwise, her team does a great job too and you can totally rely on them for your wedding photographs.

↓ 4 – Aliza Waqar Photography

Lahore is basically a stunner when it comes to cities in Pakistan and so is everything else related to Lahore; the food, history, culture and of course the weddings. And what is a good wedding without a good photographer?  Well if you are someone from Lahore then your wedding can turn into a great one if you have Aliza Waqar as your wedding photographer on your team. With a mix of the traditional and natural contemporary styles of photography, Aliza Waqar’s photographs are built on simplicity. In her case ‘less is more’ is the approach and it serves her just fine. Making wonderful use of the supreme architecture in Lahore, Aliza Waqar’s photographs prove to be a work of excellence and utter skill. The blend of old-school and modern is found in the perfect amounts in her pictures. All of that at a very affordable price; her basic packages start at 10,000 PKR and one-day coverage cost is about 35,000 PKR. Pretty affordable, ain’t it?

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 3 – Umbreen Ibrahim Photography

Making it to the top 3 of our list is Umbreen Ibrahim Photography from Lahore. Initially, when the photographer came forward with her work on her Facebook page, it took the Pakistani wedding culture by a storm and it was all through the excellence of her work. Her photographs are graceful and traditional, depicting the basic rituals and festivities of a Pakistani wedding, giving a hint of the old school feel of photographs through customary poses. Such pictures never get old and are always a pleasurable treat for the eyes and stir up the essence harmonious memories.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 2 – Waliya Najib Photography

Waliya Najib from Islamabad is the best female photographer from the city, that incorporates the natural beauty and modern spirit of the town and brings out a unique dimension of it through her lens. It is always the eye and the mind behind the camera that brings out a beautiful photograph and Waliya has got both the necessities in her skill set. She captures colors, emotions, and expressions in their ideal settings just through a single click. The photographer is a master at her work and her photographs tell the same story.

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

↓ 1 – Maha’s Photography

Making it to the top of our list, this female wedding photographer from Islamabad is absolutely the best in Pakistan. Maha’s work encompasses finesse, grace, and ethnicity. Every photograph is flawless. The natural tones, candid shots and seized expressions within the photographs are what makes her work stand out. The photographs are mostly taken in the rawest instances of moments when the person in front of the lens has no shred of a facade and is simply enjoying being their own self and all that is going on around. The photos are simple yet exceptionally beautiful because of the signature detailing, which is why she is the preferred photographer for all Pakistani celebrities these days including Ayesha Omar and Aiman Khan.

If you want the best female photographer in Pakistan to be there for your wedding you will have to do that for a little higher price point. The signature couple shoots start at 50,000 PKR and standard event shoots at 45,000 PKR. But after all, she is the best!

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers In Pakistan Their Packages

So now you have the top 10 female wedding photographers shortlisted for you. Just find the ones in your city and enjoy an amazing wedding photography experience for memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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