Women’s Necktie Outfits – 35 Ways to Wear Tie Neck Blouse

Stylish Tie-Neck Blouse Ideas. Did you know that neckties have been around since the 1700s? Men and women from that period could be seen sporting the garment accessory in various forms. It was made famous by big fashion names like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent in the early 20th century and has come to symbolize femininity, demureness, and power for the modern woman.

Every wardrobe needs some staples that can spice it up now and then. The Tie-neck blouse is timeless and can be used with every kind of dress and on any occasion.  Whether it’s a power-suit, a simple dress, or worn denim jeans, a necktie can liven your ensemble up and make it meaningful.

How To Wear Tie-Neck Blouse

Neckties have been called several names over the years: neck bow, floppy bow, pussy bow, bow-tie, and neck scarf, to name a few. Blouses with tie-necks have been featured regularly on the cover of fashion magazines like Vogue and inside sewing pattern books. Fashion moguls, celebrity models, and actors alike have worn this accessory in its long history.

Brief History of the Women’s Necktie

The earliest recorded history of the necktie begins in the 18th century.

1700-1800s: A number of publications from that period printed illustrations and gave information on how to wear neckties for men and women. Old photographs from the period clearly show ladies and gents sporting the accessory.


The 1900s:

  • The illustration of the ideal American woman called ‘Gibson Girl’ gained fame. She wore a tie-neck blouse. Fashion brands and publications latched on to the concept and thereafter, tie-neck blouses were named after her.
  • Neckties gained the name of ‘Pussy Bow’ during that period. It is believed that their similarity to the bows tied around a cat’s neck leads to the naming.
  • Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent furthered the burgeoning popularity of the garment. The former was seen wearing and designing tie-neck blouses for years. YSL’s couture fashion from the 1950s consisted of models wearing neck-tie blouses.
  • Sewing books featured necktie blouse patterns heavily.
  • Film and TV stars like Lucille Ball, and then later, Diane Keaton popularized neckties. Princess Diana also wore a pussy-bow blouse during her engagement photo shoot.
  • A best-selling book called A Woman’s Dress for Success advised ladies to wear neckties in the office.

The 2000s:

You find this classy accessory being featured on films, TV, red carpet events, and runway shows!

How to Tie a Pussy Bow on a Blouse

Here’s a helpful Youtube video explaining how it’s done:

Ways to Style a Tie Neck

Let us unveil some exciting tie-neck styling ideas for you to try at your next tea party.

  1. The easiest styling method is to leave the ties undone and hanging loose.
  2. Make a low bow, i.e, tie your bow as low as your chest.
  3. Do a side-tie. This means tying your bow to the side instead of at the center.
  4. Tie your bow on the back, making a back-tie.
  5. Take one side of the tie and drape it across your shoulder while the other hangs loose.
  6. Make the traditional pussy bow, at the front of your blouse and center of your neck.

Best Places to Buy Tie Neck Tops

You can check out the following places to get some cool necktie blouses:

  1. Shein
  2. Fashion Nova
  3. H&M
  4. Neiman Marcus
  5. Macy’s
  6. Nordstrom

DIY Bow Blouse Pattern

If you’re a sewist and believe in buying a dozen materials to DIY something instead of buying it outright, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a free blouse pattern for you to try featuring a necktie.

You can find more non-free pattern options here if you’re looking for variety. Or you can check out this video:

↓ 35 – Forever 21 Neck Ribbon Blouse

This dope Forever 21 blouse with a ribbon necktie is classy and sleek. Paired with artfully ripped denim jeans, cool shades, and hoop earrings, this is your go-to outfit for formal events like meetings and a day at the office. A big designer bag with all your essentials and a wrist-watch will complete your boss lady attire.


↓ 34 – Pink Silk ZARA Necktie Tunic

The fast-fashion brand ZARA isn’t globally consumed and universally appreciated for nothing. This delicate silky blouse with puffed sleeves and a contrasting black necktie is beautifully feminine and soft. We absolutely love how the pinks and blues of the blouse look in contrast with the plain black pussy bow and black trousers. It’s something that must be tried!


↓ 33 – Back-tie Halter-top Blouse

As we mentioned previously in our styling tips, you can tie your pussy bow at the back of your neck, making it a back-tie. This gorgeous bow tied at the back of a luxurious red halter-top is all kinds of seductive. You can wear this blouse with a black pencil skirt, mini-skirt, flowing skirt or black trousers.


↓ 32 – Sleeveless Floral Patterned Shirt with a Pussy Bow

This adorable sleeveless blouse with a floral design in muted and soft shades is truly the loveliest thing ever! The bow is tied near the chest rather than at the neck, as we’ve mentioned before in our styling tips.


↓ 31 – Full-sleeved Chiffon Necktie Tunic

This outfit has such earthy tones, it’s calming to look at! The necktie detail is exquisite: actual ties instead of wide sashes of fabric. The voluminous long bishop sleeves look wonderful. The rich brown skirt worn underneath complements not only the color tone of the blouse but the tone of the outfit as a whole.


↓ 30 – Vintage Patterned Floppy Bow Blouse

Who isn’t a sucker for all things vintage? This handsome plaid blouse in grey features cuffed sleeves and a creatively tied bow.


↓ 29 – Bow-tie Dress

Instead of a blouse and a skirt, try a necktie dress combining the two seamlessly. The dress is enchanting, to the say the least, owing to the gentle colors and patterns.


↓ 28 – Emerald Green Bow-tie Top

Bring a taste of the 80s and 90s fashion to your wardrobe with this matching blouse and headband made from emerald green silk! Knee-high black boots and a black mini-skirt are just the right touches the outfit needed.


↓ 27 – Stylish Diva Neck-bow

This leopard printed blouse with a big black bow is sultry and stylish. The red lipstick looks fantastic.


↓ 26 – Casual Winter Blouse

Whether it’s piping hot or freezing cold outside, work needs to be done. Wear this simplistic white necktie blouse with a grey overcoat and black pants to a casual day at the office.



↓ 25 – Posh Floppy-Bow Outfit

The color scheme of this outfit is something to be admired. The creamy white of the blouse and soft nude shade of the coat look splendid together.



↓ 24 – City-girl Necktie Look

A branded girl look in the flesh. Everything, from the blouse and skirt to the jacket, bag, and heels looks high-end and sophisticated. The combination of navy blue and white never fails to impress.



↓ 23 – Elegant Heiress Outfit

Appearances can fool even the wisest of minds. Dress sensibly, and no matter what your financial status or social standing, you will command respect. We’re dubbing the outfit shared below, the ‘heiress outfit’ because it’ll make you look like one. A flared skirt is a must-have with a white tie-neck blouse.



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↓ 22 – Aesthetic Pussy-Bow Shirt

For the ones with wild imaginations and artistic sensibilities, we present this expressive bird patterned blouse. The all-over print would make this blouse pop against a pair of light, vintage-washed jeans.



↓ 21 – Neck-bow Blouse for Boss Ladies

It’s a super-elegant blouse in a soft, creamy white. A must-have piece for all working women, you should pair it with wide grey pants or trousers or an ankle-length flared skirt.



↓ 20 – Bubbly Heart Tie-neck Shirt

We love the black and white print, the mini black hearts stealing ours completely! The necktie is delicate-looking, and the button detail is smashing.



↓ 19 – Top with a Silver Bow for Older Women

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a black coat over this sparkly silver blouse with a stylish bow. She pairs them with a royal blue pleated skirt and Louboutins. For a 40+ woman, she looks stunning. It’s proof that necktie blouses are timeless and look good on all ages.



↓ 18 – Cute Street Style

Re-create this ladylike look with cap-toe flats and a trendy bag for your next brunch date. It’s good inspiration for a summer outfit: the chiffon blouse is airy and breathable, the white pleated skirt is short and allows ample ventilation and the flats are comfortable.



↓ 17 – Date-night Silk Tie-Neck Blouse

Women always fret over what to wear on dates. Those with an impeccable sense of style will love this outfit inspiration. It ticks all the right style boxes. A tie-neck blouse is a dressier alternative to the typical button-down shirt and much more feminine too.



↓ 16 – Necktie Mini-Dress for Plus Size Women

If you have curves, never underestimate yourself. A modernized 70’s throwback is a must-try. A peach necktie dress with dainty lace detailing will give a spark to your personality.



↓ 15 – Tie-Neck Outfit for Skinny Girls

Stark white high-waisted skinny jeans with a bow blouse in hot pink are perfect for summers. The strappy sandals add a touch of crispness and severity. Finish the look off with hair in a mermaid-like fishtail plait or in loose, carefree waves. A good-looking teacher has an easier time controlling her class.



↓ 14 – Plaid Skirt Suit For Women

Plaids can make you look strong or soft, depending on how you style yourself. In this matching plaid skirt and jacket over a creamy pussy-bow blouse, the pixie-haired lady looks prepared to show everyone who’s the boss.



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↓ 13 – Plaid Holiday Shirt

When you live in colder climates, dressing up requires a lot of thought and careful consideration. There are several layers to wear and many options to inspect. This combination of black, white, and red is giving us a winter holiday vibes. Everything is precise and perfect. The warm plaid blouse with a white collar and cuffs and black bow is magnificent.



↓ 12 – Chic School-Girl Blouse

An excellent blouse inspiration for teenage girls, this monochrome ensemble is groovy and will mark the beginning of your fashionista days. The little bow adds a cute detail to the outfit. It’s appropriately stylish for all age groups, and you should definitely try something like it.



↓ 11 – Smart and Sexy Dress With Blazer

Me Gusta! Everything about this ensemble is making us drool! This young fashionista has wooed us with her impressive styling skills. Her pencil skirt, blazer, and bag, all in navy blue look stellar in contrast with the nude pink of her bow blouse. The soft pink satin bow is luxurious and smart-looking. She tops it all of with dashing nude pumps.



↓ 10 – Tie-neck Blouse for Middle-aged Ladies

This opulent blue blouse with a magnificent bow is an outfit transformer. You can pair it with jeans for a modern and casual look, or wear a pleated knee-length skirt like in the picture for a formal effect. It gives a more sophisticated and feminine feel. The chocolatey brown skirt, heels, and bag look fittingly delicious with the blouse.



↓ 9 – Businesswoman Winter Outfit

The many layers one has to wear in Winter have to be arranged cleverly. Below is a fantastic example of such an arrangement. The various garments are lavishly aligned in cut, pattern, and color schemes. The pale pink bow-tie blouse is to be coveted.


↓ 8 – Summer Pussy-bow Blouse

Beat the summer heat in this elegant combination of blouse and shorts. Pay special attention to footwear.


↓ 7 – Simple Neck-Bow Outfit with Printed Accessories

We absolutely love this styling idea! The model has taken a plain necktie blouse and matched it with printed garments and accessories!

Tie-Neck-Blouses16 via

↓ 6 – Casual Look with a Floppy-bow Blouse

When you think of blouses, the mind immediately thinks of skirts but that’s not always the case. See how fantastically this white blouse has been matched with a sky blue coat, denim jeans, and black boots.



↓ 5 – Taylor Swift’s Take on a Floppy Bow

If Taylor Swift can do it, that means it has to be done!


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↓ 4 – Jazzy Formal Two-piece

It’s a classy feminine rendition of the traditional men’s tie and suit.



↓ 3 – Sophisticated Spring Blouse

The blouse is stunningly paired with a dark bubblegum pink blouse.



↓ 2 – ‘May I Have Your Attention Blouse’ from Fashion Nova

This blouse from Fashion Nova is the solution to all your problems!


↓ 1 – The ‘Better Now’ Tie-neck Blouse

Also, available on Fashion Nova, the $30 blouse is affordable and desired by all blouse-loving ladies!



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