Things To Remember For Your Gender Reveal Party

Are you and your partner in angst expecting the new addition of your family member? Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy, learning about the early stages of childhood is always a special and impactful occasion. Soon you’ll have your hands full with sending out invitations, doctor’s appointments, stocking up on baby necessities, and baby-proofing the house. But there’s one special event that sometimes takes as much importance as the other, the gender reveal! Today it’s becoming more and more popular to host a gender reveal party! You can surf the web and see thousands of pictures of soon to be parents expressing their joy of letting their friends and family in on the secret! It’s the perfect way to prepare family and friends for the arrival of their little one. You can celebrate this huge moment in your pregnancy with a giant gender reveal party or you can opt-out and go for a more reserved and personal reveal with just the mommy and daddy to be.


How do you plan the perfect gender reveal celebration? We have decided to bring you a guide on how to do just that! Keep reading to discover each section of this informative journey on how to plan your gender reveal. Every gender reveal party celebrates differently and there is no one way to have yours! Some come for the announcement while others attend for photos and fun memories. Many pregnant couples have combined their baby shower with gender reveals to really have one big moment! These gender reveal parties have seriously upped their game throughout their years with their creativity and passion to showcase their little one to the world! It all starts by setting up t hat first appointment with your doctor. Most parents can learn the gender of their little one within 18 to 20 weeks depending on the position of the baby. It is important to remember each mother is unique so the time may differ slightly. Doctors will typically ask before revealing the gender to you, but letting them in advance helps ensure they won’t forget or show you the gender in the ultrasound by accident. We always suggest you bring an envelope with you to this visit so the doctor can put the gender of the baby which then you can give it to the keeper of gender! What is the keeper of the gender? This is the person who is in charge of organizing the gender reveal and setting up the big surprise!


Once the gender results are acquired comes the creativity aspect of the gender reveal party. Some of the most popular ideas include gender reveal smoke bombs, confetti cannons and sports reveals. Yep for all of you sports lovers you can reveal your gender with a slam dunk or touchdown! Below we have included the two most popular reveal options.


  • Gender Reveal Football – We all love football on the weekends and can’t wait to put on our favorite team colors. Now you can use a Gender Reveal Football to break the news of the gender of your little one. Every reveal football allows dad to punt or throw and watch as a cloud of pink or blue smoke takes over the sky! Don’t stress about keeping it in perfect condition as the exploding gender reveal footballs can be accidentally dropped and it won’t shatter before its ready for showtime!
  • Basketball Gender Reveal – For those that love the game of hoops your covered as well with a Basketball Gender Reveal! Now you can make a 3 point shot or slam dunk, letting dad go out with a big blue or pink smoke bang! Each gender reveal basketball includes two shells with the correct color powder selected and specifically designed tape. All you need to do is carefully add the pink or blue powder into the middle and close to basketball together with tape. Now step on the court and create a show for all of your gender reveal guests.

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