Dossier Perfumes: premium fragrances and luxury scents to (re)discover and shop!

Dossier Perfumes: premium fragrances and luxury scents to (re)discover and shop!

Discover the Paradox of Luxury and Affordability with Dossier Perfumes

Dossier Perfumes offers high-quality fragrances at an affordable price, which is the brand’s primary mission. Due to the high price markup on perfumes in the market, this New York-based company decided to create an alternative (premium brands make almost 95% profit on their hyped prices). The result is a luxury fragrance brand that has eliminated expensive packaging and celebrity endorsements in favour of ethically sourced, high-quality, and long-lasting perfumes.

Most Dossier fragrances are inspired by well-known designer label perfumes in the market. For example, Ambery Vanilla, one of their most popular scents, is inspired by Black Opium Perfume. While some Dossier perfumes may be similar to high-end perfumes, since they are inspired by them, they are still unique in their own way.

Smell Great for Less

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how superior and long-lasting Dossier perfumes are, as they often exceed expectations. Dossier’s scents are similar to their designer counterparts, and some even last longer. Best of all, Dossier perfumes cost less than their equivalent designer perfumes (same quality for less).

In addition to the lower price tag, Dossier perfumes are cruelty-free, 100% vegan, colorant and UV-filter-free, and paraben and phthalate-free. This means you can smell good without sacrificing your wallet or wellness. As a first-time user, you can take a short quiz to help identify your signature scent. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it for a full refund, thanks to the risk-free process.

Maintaining Affordable Prices: Dossier’s Strategies

As consumers, it is normal to buy premium perfumes and colognes at a costly price. High-end perfumes are considered luxury products and not a regular grooming routine. Therefore, the first thing most consumers consider when purchasing a new product is its price. So, how does Dossier make high-end perfume affordable?

The first strategy used by Dossier is the direct-to-consumer model that ensures no huge retail markups. Also, the brand uses generic packaging material hence reducing the cost of production which in turn will result in low perfume prices. A good example is the bottles and cardboard boxes used: they are 100% recycled glasses and boxes.

However, the biggest cost-saving technique used by Dossier is its generic branding. The brand is not linked to any luxury brand name. Therefore, when you buy a Dossier perfume, you’re simply getting the same high-quality fragrance used in designer brands.


Nothing beats a fragrance that not only stockpiles compliments but also costs less than half of its designer counterpart. Dossier creates fragrance blends inspired by designer brands with the same top-notch quality. This means customers can now enjoy their favourite scents without draining their finances.

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