5 Must-Have Women’s Fall Wardrobe Pieces – What’s Trending

With fall fast approaching, the days of wearing sandals, shorts and sundresses are coming to a close. And while you prepare to pack them up for next year, it’s worth taking stock of your existing fall wardrobe so you know where you’re lacking. There are several styles and trends that are popping up in women’s fall fashion, many of which can work beautifully with your existing pieces. Here are five trends that should be on your must-have list for fall.

5 Must-Have Women’s Fall Wardrobe Pieces – What’s Trending

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Shackets Are the Perfect Transitional Piece

As fall approaches and the temperatures start to cool off you can be left wondering how to make the transition in terms of outerwear. It’s not cold enough to warrant a heavy winter jacket, but a spring jacket probably won’t cut it. That’s exactly why you’ll want to pick up a couple of women’s shackets that are ideal for transitioning into a new season.

A shacket is a combination of a shirt and a jacket, providing extra warmth and style without being too heavy and hot. You can find some that have a casual vibe perfect for weekend wear and running errands, or something a bit dressier that could be perfect for day dates or hanging out with friends. Choose a print, pattern and fabric that works with your existing wardrobe so the shacket is versatile.

Embrace the Season’s Hot Colors

Each season brings about new trending colors giving people the perfect way to update their look. Fall 2022 has some rather beautiful and exciting colors being used by the top designers which include bright red, hot pink and violet. Each of these will add interest to basic staples in your wardrobe and help to bring life to your face.

It’s All About the Big Fluffy Knitwear

Knits are always a fabulous fabric choice for fall, as they can keep you warm and cozy on crisp cool days. The good news is that knits are trending this year, but you want to choose textured and fluffy options to be stylish. If these knits feel a bit too boxy or puffy for you, you can belt knit dresses and sweaters, or tuck the sweater into your pants.

Faux Leather Adds Edge to Any Outfit

If you like the edgy vibe and want to add a little grunge to an outfit, faux leather is the way to go. You’ll find a variety of faux leather options including the classic motorcycle jacket, bustier, shirts, skirts, pants and even dresses.

The Oversized Button-Up Is Having a Moment

Then there are oversized button-up shirts that are as trendy as they are comfortable. These can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and the other clothing pieces you pair the shirt with. Roll up the sleeves for that casual elegance that is also extremely trendy right now.

Each of these pieces can be mixed and matched with your existing fall wardrobe giving you a way to update your look that’s simple and stylish.

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