Sweet & Thoughtful Wedding Ideas Can Involve Your Parents In

Weddings brought about a tsunami of nostalgia and old beautiful memories. For your parents, it is especially hard to see their little child grow up to walk the aisle. To multiply the happiness of these bittersweet days you can do something for your parents.

These are little efforts which can make them feel so dearly special. Here are a few things you can do to make your parents emotional and happy.

Sweet & Thoughtful Wedding Ideas Can Involve Your Parents In

Sweet & Thoughtful Wedding Ideas Can Involve Your Parents In

1. Custom Made Dresses:

The first thing which your mum will thank you for is a custom-made dress. This means surprising your mom with a customized gown for your wedding. This gown will be tailored to her requirements and thus will flatter her on all the right places. You can get some short mother of the bride dresses created for your mum to choose from.

2. Dress Shopping:

Dress shopping is something that everyone looks forward to. It is a mini celebration where all the bridesmaids and the mother come together to pick for their beautiful bride. Dress shopping is a very enjoyable and cherished experience.

One way you can amp up the happiness is by getting your mum involved. This means after your dress is chosen you can surprise her with her own selection. You can help her pick from the several mother of the bride dresses.

3. Mom’s Old Gown:

Another very dear way to involve your parents into your wedding festivities is by revamping her old gown. So all you have to do is take out your mum’s old gown and get it fitted according to your body. You can either revamp it by adding a few more elements while keeping it vintage. As the vintage look is very trendy these days so you wouldn’t feel left out.

You can even use fabric from your mum’s gown and wrap it around your flower bouquet for ‘something old’.

4. Recreate Parent’s Wedding Photos:

Your parents must love their old wedding photographs. And I’m sure you have glared at it too. So what you can do is surprise your parents by creating some of the old favorite photographs. Pick a few pictures and find spots which look similar. Now try to re-enact their expressions and voila! You’re done.

5. First Look:

A very beautiful way to get your parents feeling super special is by giving them the ‘first look’. All you have to do is to hide from everyone and secretly do a big reveal. Plan for an exclusive reveal of your all-dressed-up wedding look to your parents. Get ready for a lot of crying, hugging and long fixated stares.

6. Something Blue:

The mother gets her fair share in the girl’s wedding. Thanks to all the dress shopping and accessories and everything. But in the midst of this, the father may miss out on precious moments. So, this one is exclusively for the father. To get something blue on your wedding cutting out a piece of your dad’s old but favorite blue shirt. Now you can add it to your bouquet or make it a wristband.


Weddings mean more to your parents than you. All of their lives they’ve waited to see their child find a good partner.

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