9 design ideas for the patio

What could be better than to take a few steps and find yourself in the cozy place near the house, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the comfort of the open air! For the time spent on the patio to fill you with strength and energy, we will analyze some ideas for its design.

Each patio should have a place where you or your guests could relax. To do this, you should choose such furniture that would match both your desires and tastes.

1. Choose furniture

It is one of the first steps. For the unity of style, it is better to choose one material for furniture. But there is no need to be afraid of careful and harmonious combinations.

The material of outdoor furniture can be of several types.


The most affordable option, but often not very aesthetic. Pretty quickly, under the sun, it loses its original color.


The elegant appearance of wicker furniture. Rattan is UV resistant and withstands temperatures up to +70℃.

9 design ideas for the patio


It consists of synthetic materials. The quality is better than plastic, but inferior to metal furniture.


Durable and reliable material. It will serve you for many years.

Solid wood

High-quality natural material made of solid wood.

You can choose outdoor furniture from various materials for the next design ideas on parasoldubai.

2. Enough lighting

Speaking of the fact that the exterior is a continuation of the interior, we must not forget about the light. Agree, who will be happy if the party ends because of the sunset? There should be enough light in the yard for a good time.

It would also be a great idea to diversify the lighting. If your patio is covered, install several chandeliers. Lamps or candles can be placed on the tables. You can also hang garlands to give the party a festive atmosphere.

3. Heat source

It will get colder in the yard closer night. So instead of moving into the house, you can add a heat source.

Decide which heat source suits you the most. Infrared or carbon heaters are the most convenient solution. A bonfire can heat a large space but requires constant attention.

9 design ideas for the patio

4. Gender

It sounds strange – the floor is on the street. But again, if the exterior is a continuation of the interior, then making a floor covering in the yard is the most effective way to implement this rule. You can use a coating of the same tones as your house.

5. Children’s playground

It will be relevant if you have children. The children’s play complex will give you time to chat with your spouse or friends, while the children will enjoy riding down the slide or climbing ropes. When choosing a site, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the wood, which, besides aesthetics, can also affect safety.

Before that, we talked with you about technical solutions. But you can also design your interior in a certain style.

6. Provencal style

Fragrant lavender thickets planted in a shady place will help you relax and unwind. Put worn rustic benches and armchairs, lay a blanket on them and put pillows, place flower pots next to them – this is the French classic.

7. Urban style

Divide the space into a meal area and a rest area. Arrange a dining table and chairs next to the house so that it is convenient to take out dishes, and place a barbecue near them. A little to the side put a sofa and armchairs with a coffee table for those who want to relax after eating. Use wicker furniture that will look spectacular.

9 design ideas for the patio

8. Coastal style

To create a bright outdoor recreation area for the whole family, decorate it in a marine theme. To do this, put white garden furniture, add accessories, for example, pillows and umbrellas, designed in a white-blue palette.

9. Modern

Do not clutter the patio with a lot of garden furniture. A compact round table with several chairs will do.

When choosing a style to maintain harmony, focus on what you already have. And of course, listen to your intuition and your heart, and your life will be brighter.

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