Fashion and Hairstyle Tips to Rock like a Celebrity

Besides entertaining us and gracing our screens time and time again, there is one thing about celebrities that impacts our lives. They have a solid influence on fashion, beauty, and style. Perhaps due to their success and glamour, they inspire how we dress, act, live, and do things. We get so attached to them that we want to be like them if not better.

Well, most of us may not afford those fancy clothes, accessories, and jewelry they rock, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot rock celebrity looks. From the shoes you wear with jeans to how you blend your tops and bottoms, sometimes it’s the little details that count. It’s all about the statement you make with the overall look. So, you wanna rock like your favorite celeb? Here are some fashion and hairstyle tips you could borrow from some of the most popular personalities that grace our screens and gadgets every day.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Being a celebrity comes at a cost, which many are willing to pay. These people do extraordinary things and go to extravagant extents to stay relevant, especially their lifestyles. If you are a fan of celebrity gossip, you know Kim K and how she is a fashionista. She is a curvy lady who is always ready to brag and showcase her physique using a dress code. All the credit goes to her tailor, who makes sure her hourglass is manifested in all her outfits. The sassy reality TV star has a tiny waist, which she loves to make a statement. If you keenly look at most of her pictures, you will realize that she adds a belt as an accessory to polish her look. When she has to wear jeans, sources have shown that her favorite brand is Levi’s.

She also has a fashion line of her own, which she recently renamed from Kimono to SKIMS after controversies emerged. All the same, it has been successful for as long as we’ve known it and assuming you asked her what her success secret was, she’d probably tell you one thing. To do all you can to promote your brand but don’t forget to use a great custom hang tag to showcase your work. Well, she’d probably say something different in her own words, but one thing is for sure. The folks at Dutch Label Shop reveal that to stay on top of the game in today’s highly competitive fashion industry; your work has to stand out!

KK West advises ladies to choose great tailors that ensure the outfit is proportionate to your body and fits perfectly. She’s a fan of shortened hemlines for dresses and in her own words, a “shortened hemline can make a huge difference.”

  1. Taylor Swift

She is one of the biggest superstars we have today, and one thing for sure is that she loves to show off her long, lean legs. Mini dresses are her signature, but that does not mean that she doesn’t go a bit wild. On some days, she will rock a tomboy look that will leave you raiding your brother’s wardrobe. Whoever said she is the queen of tomboy chic was in their right senses. She takes oversized shirts and scalloped shorts to another fashion level.

The Picture to Burn hitmaker can transform an outfit from casual to chic with a touch of red lipstick and a cat-eye liquid liner. If you are the casual kind of lady and want to take your sense of style a notch higher without changing your wardrobe, this superstar should be your ideal icon.

  1. Gigi Hadid

Let’s give applause to Gigi for bringing the casual sense to fashion. She outwardly expresses her fashion style in jeans and jackets, and you know what, she kills it! Let us call her the queen of denim. Gone are the days when a lady would wear jeans and still look awkward. Gigi’s style is laid back and ultra-glamorous. Pip into her IG profile, and you will spot a lot of leather jackets from brands like La Detresse paired with uncle boots.

Wait a minute. Have you seen the other side of Gigi Hadid? Meet her on those red carpet events, and you will drop your jaws. She loves revealing body outfits. For a moment, she kills her denim style and brings a whole new concept in style. That makes it so hard for people to predict your next outfit in an event.

  1. Grace Jones

There is something about black women and having their hair short. Grace co-starred in the movie A View To A Kill (1985). She brought out the heroine in her with her manly moves. It is close to zero finding a black woman starring as a hero in the movie world. Grace had this box cut afro that was not only for the shoot but also for her appropriate signature hairstyle. Her style is unique and geometric.

  1. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o will not be left out either when it comes to women with short hair. The Kenyan-born black beauty that made it to the big screen in the white man’s land also likes having her hair short. One thing in common, Grace and Lupita both have very “serious” faces. Or is it a recommendation for ladies with short hair? That was on a very light note, though.

  1. Bob Marley

What comes to mind when you hear his name? The reggae icon, besides being one of the most popular music legends, wore dreadlocks. The dreadlocks trend has, over time, gained huge popularity in society all over the world. Dreadlocks are hairstyles you will notice are common for people who love this genre of music, but people are embracing it tightly nowadays. This hairstyle was passed on to his generation. All his children have dreadlocks. What a way to keep his legacy going, not only through music but the hair culture has also been passed on.

  1. Michael Jackson

Among other things, MJ had moved crowds with his charming dance moves and unique style of fashion. Besides these, however, there was something about his hair. He started with an afro then settled on a curly look. He switched styles from time to time in his career. He modified his hair in such a way that it would stand out and make statements. Whichever way, MJ had his hair at length. He was very innovative about his hairstyles so that you would not make a correct guess of what he would show up with when performing next.

And that’s pretty much it. There are tons of other celebrity-inspired hairstyles and fashion trends out there. The above are just a few worth exploring for that unique look depending on your needs and gender.



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